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  1. Mine is the same, I’ve used my test light and there are several different colored wires that indicate power on parking lamps.
  2. Factory headlights just need to know what the wire colors are for running lamps and blinkers. I’ve tested the connector with a test light and there were several that lit up for the running lamps. TIA
  3. Need help in figuring out what color wires control blinkers and running lights on a 20 Silverado 1500. have tested the wires with a test light, and seem to get several indications for 12 V power. If anyone knows what color the wires are that control these, it would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Would anyone know the size of the female spade that fits the posts in the fuse/relay box behind the brake pedal? Having a hard time finding the right size female spade. TIA
  5. What is the easiest way to pop the blank cover off? I’m adding some led lights on my wife 2020 Silverado Texas Editiin. She got paranoid when I pulled out my trim removal tool. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Have a question about my wife’s 2020 Silverado Texas Editiin. Just installed a Ranch Hand brush guard and she is wanting a little more lighting for the backroads we live on. She does not have a factory towing brake, so the spot is just a blank cover. Needless to say the local Chevy dealer will not tell us if it is a false plate or not. I’m wanting to install the switch for her led bar I attached today. I took my knife out which didn’t go over very well, so I tried my trim tools. I don’t want to scratch her brand new interior! Is this a cover you can pop off with a trim tool? TIA

  7. That was going to be my next option. I ordered some of the Opt7 switchback directional under cab running/blinkers with door assist accent lights also, so I need to figure out the colors of the wires anyway. There seems to be no threads on wire colors where the wiring harness plugs into the headlight. If all else fails will have to go buy another test light.
  8. I have the halogen lights and honestly I haven’t had a chance to look at my headlight wiring harness since it has rained for 5 days straight. I will try and look when the sky’s clear. Thanks bud!
  9. Does anyone know the wire color for the running lights on a 15 Silverado headlight harness?
  10. What color is the parking light wire in the headlight assembly?
  11. Hey guys I have a question. I have a 2015 Chevy Silverado Z71 that has a aftermarket brush guard on it. I’m trying to remove the grille to access the headlights and black out the chrome on the truck. Is there anyway to remove the grille by loosening the bolts and climbing under the truck and releasing the tabs on the color matched trim? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Not sure I can get the trim and grille released without taking Brush guard totally off which is a total pain! Thanks guys
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