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  1. Yeah I wasn't doing anything crazy, just driving normally. 4H going ~40 mph for most of it I put it in 4H again and then back to 2H yesterday, drove forwards a bit each time until it had finished shifting back and forth. No strange noises this time. I think I am still gonna change the transfer case, diff, and transmission fluids just for peace of mind. Might help the occasional hard shifts I get too.
  2. 2017 Z71, ~45k miles, 6 speed trans Good idea, can't hurt anything to do this. Yeah that's definitely possible haha, I've been worried about it ever since I did it. Could just be I'm hunting for something wrong now and am noticing stuff that normally wouldn't be a big deal. After it clunked switching back to 2WD, I put it back in 4WD for a second to see if it would happen again. Didn't hear anything out of the ordinary, but I might try again driving a slightly longer distance (was in a pretty confined space last time in terms of how far I could go straig
  3. A few weeks ago I went for a hike and had to take my truck down some not great roads to get there, put it in 4WD because the Auto setting just wasn't cutting it. I was trying to get in touch with a friend of mine when we got off the dirt trail and forgot to put it back in Auto/2WD, and drove probably 8-9 miles on twisty back roads in 4WD. I only realized my problem when I had to make a sharp turn and my turning radius was noticeably reduced. When I put it back in 2WD I heard a clunking sound. Other than that, I think I have heard more noise from the transmission in general since
  4. My 2017 Silverado has lived most of its life up in New Hampshire but now I'm back in Texas and am looking to do something about the surprisingly large amount of rust on the frame and exhaust. I only have about 30k miles on this truck and I washed it pretty frequently even in the winter to try to keep the salt off, but the frame already has a pretty significant amount of rust all over it. Whatever the waxy black coating that GM put on the frame isn't doing so hot either, it comes off if I so much as touch it. Most of the exhaust is better than the frame but the rear part of the exhaust is pr
  5. I've got a LED light bar on the back of my truck that really lights up when I hit the brakes and I know for now my brake lights are working well, definitely something to keep an eye out for though. Driving behind guys with one/no brake lights really sucks.
  6. How long have you had those on for? Looks good, my truck looks similar right now, I got a Recon light bar on mine and it's been flawless so that might be a good sign for the rest of their products.
  7. About a year and a half ago, one of my truck's OEM tail lights got smashed while it was parked overnight on the street. I took the chance to swap both tail lights with some aftermarket ones made by Spyder. I like the smoked/blacked out look but durability was less than stellar. Unfortunately, it only took around 6-7 months for the resistors in those lights to go out and now my tail lights have the too-fast LED flash. Does anyone have any recommendations for some higher quality smoked tail lights that won't fail in a couple months? There's a bunch of options out there in the sam
  8. Yup that makes perfect sense. I figured it was some thing with the resistance I didn't know about. Thanks!
  9. My rear right turn signal is having a very strange issue. After I turn it on, it blinks normally for around 2 seconds, and then starts blinking fast like there's a bulb out. All my turn signal bulbs are working. I do have aftermarket tail lights and a tailgate bar on the back of the truck, but I haven't had any problems with them for months. Anyone else had something like this happen?
  10. Has anyone tried to make their own version of the Red-Line badges? I haven't seen one in person, but it seems like they are just painted black on the surface and red on the sides. Could someone who has actually seen them confirm that it's as simple as getting out some masking tape and a few cans of spray paint? I saw a Ram the other day that was all black with orange tow hooks on the front, and it looked awesome. The orange and black went really well together. I feel like orange is a color that could be very easy to overdo, so I'm thinking about starting small doing an Orange-
  11. I'd be happy to send it to you for $50 + shipping cost if that works? We're talking about the air dam here right?
  12. I definitely prefer the way that looks to the mustache, especially on my truck, which has no chrome anywhere else. I think I'm going to go for it and pull it off.
  13. I am planning on taking the air dam off of my truck pretty soon, but I feel like the chrome "mustache" will look very odd hanging on the bottom of the truck without the air dam. Has anybody removed the chrome mustache or replaced it with something else, and want to share their methods/results?
  14. My truck is a bit of a pain in the neck for me to get to this week, would you mind telling me if the muffler was center in/center out? I'm thinking of doing the Black Widow 250 or 300 with a single in/dual out setup, but it only has center inlet, so I was wondering if that's gonna be an issue.
  15. Man this is badass. I think I know which route I'm gonna go, we'll see what costs look like but this is dope.
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