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  1. I paid $270 for front install and alignment.
  2. Literally had the exact same problem a couple months ago. Who was the vendor? They took mine back no issues, and I ended up buying a replacement from a different distributor.
  3. Ah yes. Guess I just assumed front. Rear probably would be.
  4. I don't think bumpers are interchangeable shapes, regardless.
  5. Yeah, stainless comes in a lot of flavors. Pretty much anything in the 400 series will rust much faster than something in the 300 series.
  6. I believe they can tell if the tune has been changed on the 17s, and how many times, regardless of the current tune. So if you change it, then revert to stock for service, they'll still see that you have re-tuned the truck at least twice.
  7. Lol, can I assume that's a vote for the Fox? There's a seller on Amazon that's 370 each I think? So I'm rounding a little, probably because I'm subconsciously leaning towards the Fox.
  8. 2017 sierra, crew cab, 4x4 z71 5.3. long story short, I had purchased a set of 5100s and had them installed by a mechanic friend of mine. One of the top nuts (not the three strut mount nuts) had come loose, and when getting my tires mounted I asked the shop to retighten. The top end of the shock ended up shearing off... Wasn't over torqued, since there were threads still showing beneath the nut. I'm assuming a manufacturing defect, but regardless, I had to put stock shocks back on. Now, as I see it, I have a few options. 1. I can get another 5100 and put the good shock and new shock back in (but won't screw with strut assembly myself again...). Due to circumstances, this would mean driving 4.5 hours two ways to have the shop that broke it put them in. 2. I can get a set of fox 2.0 coilovers and put them in myself and not screw with the shop at all. Roughly 600 miles at about 55cents per mile puts option 1 at a bit over $300 plus 9 hours of seat time. Assuming I can get the broken one replaced under warranty. Option 2 comes in at about $700, maybe less if I can catch a break from so I ordered the defective 5100 from. Again, install time, but I enjoy that kind of work so I don't think I would include that in "cost". Looking for opinions on those options. Intent is to nearly level truck while improving ride. 1. $300 + 9 hours of driving for B 5100 (add another $100 if bilstein won't consider this warranty replacement). 2. $700 for fox 2.0 (in this case, I'd try to get this number down further since I've got a busted part, and a second that I won't be able to return since it was installed - although less than 100 miles on it). Thanks in advance!
  9. Many would probably recommend removing the RC level and putting in 5100s at max height. You might lose just a hair of height. Probably not visually noticeable, but if you have larger tires that are close to rubbing, you may start to. I have a set of 5100s in the rear, and will be putting in 5100s at max height in front in a few weeks. Can't speak personally to ride change, yet. Rear stock shocks were make some awful noise at less than 10k miles, so that's probably not a good baseline either.
  10. It will void any part of the warranty that can be proven to be a result of your modifications. I imagine you'll have a hard time (depending on dealership) getting warranty work done on modified systems even if your changes aren't responsible.
  11. I haven't done it myself, so I can't comment. YouTube "muffler delete Silverado (and sierra)". Didn't sound too loud, but audio clips can be deceiving. Probably depends on if you leave resonator and flapper too.
  12. Why not add the level/tires, and do a muffler delete to get you by until you can do a more deliberate exhaust.
  13. Gotcha. Well, the wrap sounds like the way to go then!

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