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  1. Lift kit help

    Also depends on what tires you want to run. 6.5" looks kinda funny to me with anything less than 34s. I wouldn't clear my garage with a 6.5 and (if I had it) 35s. I clear fine with my 4.5 / 33s (my antenna hits, but meh).
  2. I think he means cutting /trimming for tire clearance, not the lift, in this case.
  3. Just looked up the cst installation instructions. Requires trimming of the lower control arm pocket, and all of the UCA mounting points. Instructions also include removal of a bracket from the front crossmember, as well as drilling several holes in it. This all looks very similar to many other types of lifts I looked at when I was making my decision. Not trying to instigate anything, but I think saying that cst is easily reversible is not quite true. While there is no differential modification, you are certainly modifying enough that simply taking off the lift would be no small task. OP: there are a great many people running all of these lifts with great success. CST, BDS and Zone all make a great product, but each has pros and cons.
  4. I'm also running zone 4.5, bilstein up front and Fox 2.0 in the rear. Exact same setup as jimmyboy8301. I'm running stock wheels though. Well, my bilstein are at stock height in front, so no extra lift there.
  5. Level and wheels

    275/55/20 is stock size for 20's. Don't need a level for those. There are also numerous reports of people running 275/60/20 at stock height with no rubbing. Depends on offset of wheels. If you level, stock wheels and tires may rub. Mine did at 275/60/20 on stock 20's with bilstein 5100 at top height.
  6. I replaced the stock muffler with a magnaflow 18 and removed the resonator. I'm pretty happy with it. Originally just did the muffler, which was a nice tone, but still too quiet for my taste (hence removing the resonator). Basically stock volume with just the muffler swap.
  7. I think I've got the SR2, single side release. No complaints
  8. Front end noise

    I had popping that I think has been isolated to my hood latch. I could somewhat create the sound by turning the wheel while stationary, but could never get it to occur with the hood open while someone else was at the wheel. Got me thinking. Pushed on the top edge of my grill with hood closed and sure enough it popped pretty readily. Must be some flex in the hood. Shot some lithium grease into the latch and onto the latch bar. Haven't heard it since. While driving, it occurred in similar situations to what you describe.
  9. Bilstein shocks thread

    Depends on the lift. BDS would replace, zone you could use bilstein up front. I'm not sure about others. Rear shocks would have to be replaced.
  10. Bilstein shocks thread

    Very ill advised to stack that. Anything over 2.5" will drastically accelerate suspension wear. You'd want to consider uca replacements and maybe even a diff drop. There are 3"-3.5" kits that exist and some people run with success, but most of them include uca and diff drop. The further you stretch your suspension the rougher the ride will get. Better shocks will help offset some of that, but not completely.
  11. Which lift kit to purchase?

    I have no issues. The knuckle was not contacting the steering stop on the LCA like it was supposed to and allowing my wheel to turn too far where the tire would make contact with the nub that jimmyboy8301 is referring to. I've since had the shop add another stop where it actually makes proper contact and all is well. I don't rub anywhere now. Mind you, both of us have stamped steel arms. Ymmv. Regarding the zone shocks, I don't know. Never ran them. Went straight to fox.
  12. Which lift kit to purchase?

    I believe people have done it with your UCAs, but it really depends on the tires. I have stamped and I clear barely with 275/60/20s. Zone 4.5, bilstein 5100 front stock height, fox 2.0 rear. The narrow 33s look a little on the small side, but not bad. I'm in the same boat, only 10k on the tires. Will be putting 34's or 35's on when they wear out, but they look fine for now.
  13. Update: it would seem the new knuckle is not making contact correctly with the steering stop on the lca, allowing the wheel to turn further than it should. Shop will be adding a new stop which should remedy the rubbing. Will update next week.
  14. As the title suggests, is anyone aware of any aftermarket UCAs that are compatible with stock wheels and a zone 4.5" lift? I have a 2017 sierra 4x4 CC with stamped UCAs making contact at the ball joint with tire wall. Looking at options between replacing wheels with less positive offset, or just replacing the control arms. I know there are several options out there, but I'm sure some would require the same offset adjustments.

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