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  1. I found it on gmpartsdirect when I did something similar. Just enter model /year and look in front suspension or strut components I think.
  2. Front end popping

    Small update. Steering shaft play is normal. Couldn't find anything problematic in suspension. Tie rods good. Ball joints good. Sway bar good. They're confident it's just an annoyance at this point, but they couldn't find a source. Want me to come back in the near future when it's actively being problematic so the tech can ride with me instead of the service manager. Edit: nobody seemed to care that it had bilstein 5100 or larger tires.
  3. CV still looks pretty steep.
  4. 2014 1500 5.3 v8 exhaust.

    No, that valve isn't connected to anything. It's only purpose is sound.
  5. Zone or BDS with stock 20's?

    I had the tires on before the shocks without issue, so dropping angles to stock levels should take care of it. Besides that, wouldn't the knuckle pushing out further grant extra tire clearance at the UCA? Edit: knuckle would grant more clearance, but also would raise the point of contact which may lose clearance... Regardless, I've confirmed with several members via PM that they're running zone 4.5 stock wheels with stamped steel UCA's and 295 wide tires without rubbing, so my 275 should be OK.
  6. I've searched, and found mixed answers throughout the forums. Looking for something definitive. Want to run zone or BDS 4 or 4.5 with my stock 20's. 2017, so stamped steel UCA's. Anybody know if this will clear without spacers? Don't want to run spacers, so if that doesn't work, are any other lifts out there that would clear it? Currently running bilstein 5100 at top setting and 275/60/20. Rubbing the UCA's at full lock, so I want to remedy by dropping the Bilstein to stock height or first setting, and the 4" lift to correct angles.
  7. Which UCA's do you have? Assuming stamped steel? I'm wanting the same lift, but want to be sure I can clear everything with my stock 20's. Zone website says 5.75 backspacing with 20's, but I think stock is 6.06?
  8. Front end popping

    Hopefully you can track it down. I've found some play in the steering shaft that I can create faint knocking noises with while stationary. Figure the weight of the vehicle could certainly amplify that into the noise I am hearing. Unfortunately my dealership is booked up until next Thursday, but hopefully they can diagnose it.
  9. 2014 1500 5.3 v8 exhaust.

    That's what I did. Magnaflow 18 muffler, clamped open flapper, deleted resonator. I can notice the 4cyl noise, but it doesn't bother me like it does some.
  10. 5.3 Exhaust Suggestions

    It was noticeable at startup, but beyond that, basically stock volume with improved tone.
  11. 5.3 Exhaust Suggestions

    I replaced stock muffler with a magnaflow 18. Good tone, but was pretty quiet. Then had a shop replace resonator with some straight pipe and I clamped open the flapper valve. Very happy with it now. Wife didn't veto it either, so not too loud, lol. I can hear v4 a little, but it doesn't bother me. Definition of drone I think varies person to person. I'd probably unclamp my flapper to try to tame it down just a hair if I were going to be driving for hours on end, but just had 5 hours on the highway this past weekend and it wasn't bothering me. Was also pulling a small trailer, so I'm sure this scenario was worse than typical.
  12. Front end popping

    Yeah, my main issue is that while stationary, it will only make noise a few times. Not long enough to find the source. Doesn't sound like it's coming from either strut though. Typically I hear a single pop when I get into the truck from what sounds like right under the hood slightly off center to the drivers side as weight shifts. Occasionally I can produce 3-4 occurrences while stationary before whatever is problematic settles (for lack of a better term) by turning the wheel. Does not need to be full lock. Usually within a single rotation of the wheel. Then on some (not all) slow turns. I'm presuming at this time that whatever the problem is, it's minor enough to not be a serious concern and as time progresses I'll have an easier and easier time to find it.
  13. Front end popping

    I'm assuming then, that I would be able to feel the popping if I were under the truck hands on the cross member?
  14. Front end popping

    Yes I've read about the loose top nuts as well, but I still have the stock nuts on mine. There's no play in the top of the strut. Thanks for the suggestion, though! I'm still under bumper to bumper, but have a sinking feeling they won't even look at it because of the shocks. Hence, trying to identify the problem before bringing it in.
  15. I've searched every relevant thread I could find and I'm still not having any luck. I've got bilstein 5100 set at top setting, and probably 10k miles in I'm getting a faint popping noise. Had the shop look over everything in the suspension and everything is tight. Symptoms are faint popping when steering wheel is turned or when weight shifts the truck side to side. Happens when stationary or at slow speeds. Sounds like it's coming from the center of the engine compartment, but I am well aware that sounds can be misleading as to origins. Doesn't happen every time. Any other ideas? Sway bar? Steering components? I found some reports of people with a loose skid plate? Just looking for ideas of what to check. Thanks in advance

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