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  1. New wheels?

    Should be fine as is. 275/55/20 is a stock tire size, and you're not going very far out with the offset.
  2. 2014+ Suspension Lifts

    I believe he's running a zone 4.5 with 35s.
  3. Bilstein shocks thread

    Which would imply what, unless you're at the top setting, you're on the bump stop?
  4. Bilstein shocks thread

    Does this all suggest that they would ride better at 2nd or 3rd height setting rather than the first?
  5. I'm not going to get in a measuring contest with you about cst vs anyone else. I don't care. My comment was about the cutting required.
  6. Yes there is. You have to cut your mounting points for uca and the lower crossmembers. You won't be going back to stock without welding pieces back in. Pretty much the only difference in cutting between cst and BDS or zone is trimming the tab on the differential.
  7. What shocks to get!?

    If you don't want to pay for full coil overs, then the 5100s will serve you well. That's what I am running. They're better than stock, but obviously the coil overs will be your best ride option. Could also go fox 2.0 coil overs for 0-2" lift height and keep the zone top spacer.
  8. 300 bucks to spend

  9. Any Trimming On 4 in Lift With 35s?

    Most companies I've looked at indicate 35x12.5 on 20x9 will fit at 5.75 backspacing. Some have indicated success on stock 20s (6.06 backspacing) with 35x12.5, but I believe that was cast control arms. Others have run 35x11.5(?) with stamped UCAs with success?
  10. 2014+ Suspension Lifts

    If backspacing matches the 20's (6.06") then you'll need at least 1.06" to clear according to fitment notes for 18's (5" max backspacing). That said, that's clearance for a 33x12.5" tire. I don't know about knuckle clearance or narrower tires... I wouldn't want to run a spacer less than 1". Anything smaller and you're basically limited to slip on spacers. I would much prefer a hub/wheel centric spacer with dedicated studs.
  11. Truck shops in Ontario?

    Could start by going to a lift manufacturer website and searching for authorized installation shops in your area. Zone and BDS have this at least. Then do follow up research on the shops listed to pick your favorite.
  12. Need to be 20's. Slightly better clearance on the cast UCAs too, vs stamped. Don't think those tires would clear stamped UCAs.
  13. Bilstein shocks thread

    They can accommodate 0-2" of lift if I remember correctly. They'll be fine at stock height, that's what I used. Rear shocks don't give you any lift, there would be blocks or extra leafs for that. The shock length just needs to be able to accommodate it (which the normal 5100s can do at stock height).
  14. Bilstein shocks thread

    Rear shocks are not adjustable.
  15. Bilstein shocks thread

    Could you take a picture of the contact you have? I've also got Bilstein 5100 at stock height with zone 4.5. I don't think I've got any contact like you're describing.

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