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  1. From a Rebel to an LTZ

    yep, I traded in my jeep Cherokee, the uconnect radio is the worst radio I have ever had. So many problems and glitches and nobody knew how to fix it! so I traded it in for a Trailboss! best decsion ever! Did you go with a lift and what size tires and rims, truck looks sweet!
  2. Aftermarket Wheel Specs

    I was looking at the Fuel hostage d531, with the nitto ridge grappler 305/55/r20. Anyone know if this would fit on the trailboss? Would it rub any? Really not sure what offset I need, new to this stuff. I would like the wheel out about 1/2” just slightly aggressive but not way out there.
  3. Gm performance exhaust

    I am contemplating doing the same thing, just putting in a flowmaster 44. how is the drone? how loud is in the cab at riding speeds? I dont want to have to scream to talk to passengers or turn the radio up loud just to hear it. That was my only concern with going with the 44. Otherwise, there is s youtube video where a guy put it on his Trailboss and it sounds awesome!
  4. round.. when will these be available? I like the round carbon fiber the best!
  5. Haha I was thinking about this the other night, I traded in a Jeep Cherokee and the inside lights were amazing. You would think for such a big truck it would have better lights, in short they SUCK really bad! I have a Trail Boss and for sure this is a big disappointment in the interior lights. I also miss my adaptive cruise control and automatic windshield wipers. Two best inventions for a car ever! Lol
  6. I also added the Westin 4” platinum oval nerf bars to my truck. I honestly didn’t see the gap in the original pictures when I bought them, but it’s because the bars go underneath the truck. Otherwise they look great! These had the best reviews on all the sites so I went with these. Next time I won’t get 4” bars that go underneath.
  7. I am also curious if any one knows what the offset is for the stock wheels on a trailboss?
  8. This is interesting and at the same time confusing. Another guy on this forum has 33’s and they rub on a Trail Boss. So how would 35’s fit and no trimming? Does this have to do with the wheel size and stock wheels versus after market wheels? So confusing!
  9. 2019 Lift Kit realease?

    Anyone find a leveling kit for the Trail Boss or know if any one might make one yet?
  10. Thanks guys for all the replies, I think for now I will leave the Chevrolet alone, maybe in the future do something. I want to concentrate on an exhaust system, most likely a flowmaster super 44. As for the black lettering, I bought this package from Chevrolet and they installed it for me for free with the purchase.:) https://accessories.chevrolet.com/product/2019/Chevrolet/Silverado 1500/silverado-lt-nameplate-package-in-black-84300958?categoryId=12002
  11. What size Grapplers did you go with?
  12. Resonators gone new mesh screens replace them

    Yeah I was thinking about the flowmaster 44 for my 19. Guy on you tube just put one in along with changing to 3” pipe from muffler back and it sounds great!
  13. I added the black lettering for "Silverado" and "LT" to my Satin Steel Trail Boss. Debating if I want the black "Chevrolet" as well, but not sure I want it to stand out that much, thoughts?
  14. Cold Air Intake

    Yeah, I found that one, but with only 13% more airflow, its not worth the cost, considering the K&N for previous year is only $280. I will wait for K&N or AFE to produce something. At least I hope they will!
  15. T1 Exhaust

    So are you saying any exahust or cai upgrades that are not GM bought and sold will void the warranty? I was thinking about going with the flowmaster super 44 exhaust and was hoping K&N or AFE would produce a cai. I just dont see the performance gain or sound from the GM products. Aftermarket is the way to go and save tons of money. But I dont want to void warranty or have issues where they wont support the truck because of modifications. I own a 2019 Trail Boss.

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