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  1. Will these fit without the mounts? Is there enough room to put two side by side on each side? Any photos/videos of these at night?
  2. Yeah, Im going all carbon fiber, I want to do the mirrors as well, just not sure exactly how to tackle it. I got the vinyl letters in CF for tailgate as well and going to hydro dip the exhaust tips in CF soon.
  3. Added some carbon fiber wrap to the truck. Was able to get back window and passenger side done, will have to do the driver side tomorrow. Turned out pretty good considering I’ve never done anything like this before.
  4. My dealer said to bring it in and they would do it for me. $300 for device and for them to reprogram. Just haven’t done it yet cause I didn’t want to spend $300 for slightly larger tires.
  5. I think you need this module for the Opt7 lights. http://www.opt-7.com/tow-package-module-for-redline-led-tailgate-bars/?sku=820-02427&gclid=EAIaIQobChMInZOOurTt4wIVCZ6fCh1iJAafEAQYASABEgKd9vD_BwE
  6. 1” motofab lift, Ridge Grappler 305/55R20 on Fuel Vandal 20x9 +1.
  7. That looks awesome! I am going to get mine hydro dipped next week.
  8. How hard was this to do and what tools did you use? I’m Looking to do the same thing, only in carbon fiber. Still haven’t decided if I want to use 3M or Vvivid.
  9. Has anybody done this yet? How difficult is it to remove the interior trim around the radio, ac vents, cup holders, doors and steering wheel? Do they just snap off? Anyone have a video of removing it?
  10. Pricey for a leveling kit, but I know they make good quality stuff.
  11. I like this one, it seems to have a lot of good reviews and they last, just really pricey and by the time you add the harness you are $275 plus. Such difficult decisions, the opt7 is $90, and has over 1500 reviews on Amazon, but alot of people gave it 4 and 5 stars, but they also said the lights didnt last long! ugh.. Not sure I can convince my wife to let me spend $125 for tail light tint and another $275 for led light bar... ouch! lol
  12. I have seen a guy with stickers like this, but pretty sure he had them custom made. You might want to ask this guy, he does a lot of custom work, tell him what you want and he can make it. https://www.0fx2gv.com/?fbclid=IwAR31T6KYZtM_aXkHy1tHvAdpijynC_iad-6s-ytE4Xp-NZtIA5zJT4Kd5WA
  13. Are you saying the GM air intake gave you 15hp? Or something else?
  14. My dealership installs and warranties the 6” pro comp lifts. They also said they would recalibrate my speedometer, but it’s $300 for the tuner/programmer but we do get to keep that.
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