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  1. Pillar wraps

    Yeah, I saw rvinyl had the 3m wraps on their site for like $25. Didn’t know if this is the same thing or different.
  2. Pillar wraps

    I found these on Instagram today. Anyone familiar with this company or know of any other company that would sell carbon fiber wrap pillars? Also these cost $179. Thanks in advance!
  3. That’s what I’m curious about as well. Would love to have the square tips in carbon fiber, that would look sweet!
  4. Cellphone mount.

    Anyone tried this one Yet? Just saw it on Instagram. Weather has cup fone https://www.amazon.com/WeatherTech-CupFone-Universal-Adjustable-Portable/dp/B07KY1XKRQ
  5. Rough Country AT4 level kit

    yep, I agree, although I did put a 1" motofab (motofab recommended lift) as a temporary fix for bigger tires until the proper lift came out. definitely a lot different lift than the standard lower strut spacer.
  6. Rough Country AT4 level kit

    haha, yeah I have the 1" Motofab, but figured it would be temporary until I see what they officially come out with for a level kit for the TB. I am sure Ready lift will release theirs soon as well.
  7. While I have a Trail Boss and not an AT4, just thought I would share this. Looks as though Rough Country has put out an official level kit for the AT4. https://www.roughcountry.com/gmc-leveling-lift-kit-1318.html?find=2019-gmc-sierra-1500-4wd-381260
  8. Well nothing new, but I did clean her up, then proceeded to find a dirt road just to take some pictures! lol.. Man, I love this truck!
  9. 5.3L Exhaust thread

    Is there a way to buy the Borla dual square exhaust tips without buying the full exhaust? I looked on website but couldn’t find it separately. I’m just going to go with a flowmaster 44, replace the piping on mesh screens, but I do like the Borla exhaust tips.
  10. I can only name a handful of guys who went with a full 2” lift on the TB/AT4. Majority went with the 1.5” while the rest went with the 1” lift. Motofab themselves only recommend the 1” lift on these trucks. I would say get a smaller lift, don’t think going 2” is a safe thing and it seems you are running into why it’s not recommended. I did the 1” and have zero issues, I also only have 3/4” rake, you can’t even tell it’s not level without measuring.
  11. Tires

    Heres Mine.. Nitto Ridge Grappler 305/55R20, Fuel Vandal 20x9 +1, 1" Motofab lift
  12. Not sure, I had all kinds of problems finding someone to do it. I ended up asking the shop that did my wheels and tires if they knew anyone and he gave me his number. Turned out, it was more of a semi/large truck shop, but they did bedliners and stuff. The shop highly recommned them so I went with it. They did an awesome job and super nice! Going back in the future to get the calipers painted. I would call around, check all the truck shops that sell bed liners and check any Line X vendors around you.
  13. Here are the before and after pics, picked up my truck today. 6 coats of Raptor liner (spray on) followed with a coat of clear coat, cost me $200 ($50 for parts, $150 for labor) to have it done. Super happy with the results, looks soooo much better than wheel liners! They did have to keep my truck over night to finish all the coats and let it dry. Said no gravel roads for another 5-7 days to let it totally cure.
  14. I dropped my Trail Boss off this morning to get the wheel wells sprayed with Raptor liner, they are adding 6 coats of liner, followed by a coat of clear coat. I get to pick it up tomorrow morning. Excited to see what she will look like! I couldn't get anyone within a 3 hour drive to spray line X, so Raptor it is. He offered kevlar liner, but he said it would be almost double the price and a lot harder to clean.
  15. Ridge Grapplers or Duratrac?

    I love my Ridge Grapplers and they are super quiet,. quieter than the stock Duratracs.

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