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  1. Just saw this on Instagram. BDS announced a new 2,5” coilover lift for the Trailboss. I was pretty excited until I saw the price.? http://bds-suspension.com/product?kid=754F tboughts? Seems to me it’s same price if you bought the 4” lift and bought coil overs separately. This doesn’t makes sense to me, way overpriced.
  2. Looks great! How did you wrap your door handles? did you take them off?
  3. awesome info, thans man! I have mine, just havent had time to get it installed. Hopefully in the next few days!
  4. I dont understand why they keep making these trucks with that god awful ugly front grille... ugh.. they need a complete revamp of the front grille on all the trucks, Silverado and Colorado.
  5. Finally was able to get my exahaust tips installed after having them hydro dipped in black carbon fiber.
  6. I just ordered the new Rotofab CAI, hopefully it will be here in another week or so. Got in on the group buy discount.
  7. Because the 20x10 won’t fit without rubbing Or alot of trimming. Unless you go with more lift. Even with the 20x9 mine still rubbed. Had to remove bracket behind mud flap for clearance.
  8. Haha, too funny! So I washed the truck, then drove it about 1/2 mile down this dirt road and took some pics, then drove back home ?. It’s basically hard dirt, it leads to a state forest near me.
  9. Had my exhaust tips Hydro -dipped in carbon fiber! Turned out awesome, now just need to get them installed!
  10. Rotofab just released their CAI as well. https://www.roto-fab.com/roto-fab-2019-2020-chevy-silverado-gmc-sierra-1500-cold-air-intake
  11. 5% all around, except for rear window I did 20% since it was already tinted, so it’s basically 5% ?
  12. did you hardwire or buy the module to plug into? These lights are awesome, looking at getting a set as well, but I want the red turn signals not amber. Where did you buy yours from?
  13. The wheels are difficult to know what will fit. Best bet is to find a wheel you like and call the manufacturer and ask them if they will fit on the 2019 Silverado. I can tell you that most Fuel wheel will fit but you will need to make sure you get an updated fuel wheel as they had to make changes to the wheels to fit over the calipers. XD has about 15 or so wheels that will fit. If you go to the manufacturer site and search for 2019 silverado, it will show you what will fit. I am sure most manufacturers will tell you to stick with the 20x9 wheels, but 20x10's will fit, jsut depends on how big a tire you want and how much you want them to stick out. I wanted to put 20x10 -18, but they wouldnt fit with my 305/55R20 tires, but I do believe they will fit if you went with a 33x12.50 tire. So I have a 20x9 +1 wheel as I had already bought the tires and it was too late to exchange them. Also depends on how much trimming you are willing to do to the truck to get the tires you want to fit.
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