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  1. Has there been any leaks on what options will be available on the 2022?
  2. Yes how's the ride quality? Any bugs or annoyances you have encountered? Has anything ever failed?
  3. Yea that is true but im always skeptical about new tech
  4. I'm looking to buy the truck in the title. Can anybody tell me the pros and cons to this truck? Sold my 2018 gmc z71 SLT last year and I'm itching for a new truck. Should I buy this truck or wait for the 2022 with the redesigned interior?
  5. They are the nitto ridge grapplers in 33x12.50r22 and I like them so far (barely had them on for a week)
  6. I went with the 2.25in readylift kit with the upper control arms and 33x12.5r22 nitto ridge grapplers. Looks way better in person I just suck at taking pictures
  7. I just got my leveling kit installed and my new nitto ridge grapplers. Im happy with the look
  8. Will they rub at all? Just installed my readylift 2.25 with uca kit and going to get my tires. Ousted tomorrow hopefully. Will I have to zip tie the carpet back? Or cut any metal? Don't want to cut metal
  9. Nice which wheels and tires are you throwing on?
  10. I'm finally ready to level my truck out but wanted some info before I do. My truck is a 2018 gmc sierra z71 SLT 4x4. I was quoted $350 for a ready lift 2.5 level kit. I want to use my stock wheels which are the 22x9 denali wheels and want to wrap them in some toyo at3 33x12.5r22 or nitto ridge grapplers in the same size. Will I have issues or is this setup good to go?
  11. They are takeoffs from a gmc denali. Going to level the truck and throw on some slightly meatier tires
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