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  1. Haha no sorry only 1 is bent and I just convinced GMC to sell me their display rim at a discount so they are staying
  2. Thank you for taking your time and sending me pictures. Unfortunately the 1s the guy was trying to pitch off on me are fake
  3. Yea I think they are fake. I'm super glad I came here to check before I made the trip to buy them.
  4. Yeap that's what I was thinking. Good thing i havent paid for them yet. Im.going to cancel on the guy
  5. These are crisp and readable compared to the picture the guy sent me
  6. I dont know it looks empty without the steps or maybe I just got used to seeing them on
  7. The markings on your wheels look cleaner than the 1s the guy sent me. Does yours have rye product number on them?
  8. Hes a tough 1 and hes firm at 12. Dont like to carry 20s especially 1k worth. That is bulky as heck. Trust me I'm basically the haggler king Haha but sometimes I meet strong negotiators that wont budge
  9. Haha tried that already hes stuck at 12. Talked him down from 14
  10. Are some rims made in "india" and others in "china" my denalis say "china"
  11. I dont mind the 22×9. Was going to lift it but decided to go with a level and just throw on some nitto terra grappler g2s on them
  12. Yea exactly I dont want to shell that much out and end up being reps. Spent 2k last year on the Denalis
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