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  1. If I left or level it should I disable AFM? Or leave it be?
  2. If I lift or level it should I disable afm? Or leave it be?
  3. Do you have a link to the lift kit you recommend? And what's a fair price for installation?
  4. Yea I forgot about the uca. I'm going back and forth on leveling or lifting. I see the leveling kit your recommended is $90 cheaper than the bilstein 6112 not that price is a factor but is it hard to install myself or is it just better to have someone install it for me? What's a fair price for installation?
  5. Did you use spacers or struts?
  6. Thanks man you broke it all the way down now I have to choose between spacers and struts. Which way would be the best way. That is a hard choice
  7. Hey guys I want to keep my stock 22s but put some meaty tires on them. Would I have to lift it? Or can I get away with just leveling it? If I have to lift it what is the best lift kit on the market? But if I can get away with a leveling kit which is the best 1 in the market? And what are the best tires?(if they make meaty 22inch tires) It's a 18' by the way
  8. $50 and under modifications

    Glad to hear you and your family are ok. I feel bad for the other guy. I hope they catch the bastard that caused that accident
  9. U got mine at Mataga gmc in stockton. Paid around 43-44 before taxes and fees. Wanted to get the 6.2 but decided to go with the 5.3 since I drive a lot in town but u got the 8 speed tranny with it so it will haul pretty good since I'm planning on buying a malibu or mb wakeboarding g boat next year
  10. I'm in California and they wont match the price unless its local. I think I got it for 44k before taxes
  11. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Oh man the aztek was hideous. I dont know what was going through their mind approving that p.o.s
  12. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Ugly as hell. If I wanted a Ford or a tundra I would just buy a Ford or a tundra and not a ford/tundra baby
  13. They lied to you. You can bring it and register it as long as it up to U.S standards and your states emissions laws

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