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  1. Looking to buy a 2018 black GMC elevation grill. If you have 1 please let me know the price including shipping to 95206 zip code
  2. Looking to buy both front and rear painted bumpers for a 2018 GMC Sierra. I'm looking for silver and in good condition and must have the holes for the parking sensors. I'm located in California and can pick them up. I can trade you the front bumper if you are looking for chrome. I would trade the rear but it has a small dent on it but if you are still willing to take it then I'll trade it as well
  3. 2014+ Suspension Lifts

    Damn that's nice. Do they rub when you go off roading? How is the ride quality?
  4. 2014+ Suspension Lifts

    I watched their video and I seen that they had to slightly trim the plastic piece under the bumper and slightly tuck the wheel wells a bit on both sides
  5. 2014+ Suspension Lifts

    Hey guys I'm looking to add a lift Kit to my 2018 GMC Sierra z71 slt and I want to run some fuel assaults 20x10 (-18 to -19 offset whatever looks best but I dont know much about offsets) wrapped in 35s. I was looking at the BDS 6inch lift with the Fox shocks and want to know the ride quality on them and will they rub if I take them off roading. I go shooting on public land and i hit the subframe last time I went out so decided to lift it. Or if theres a better kit out there what do yall recommend? Should I go 6inches or less? Any input will be greatly appreciated
  6. Thank you very much
  7. Went shooting this past weekend and had to drive up this really bumpy and ditchy path and I rubbed my sub frame and so e of the coating g rubbed off. Is it a big deal? If so can I get it repsprayed or however it was applied? And it seems that I may need a lift since it did rub. How many inches should I go? Or should I just get a level kit. Ground clearance wasnt that great. Any input will be greatly appreciated
  8. If I left or level it should I disable AFM? Or leave it be?
  9. If I lift or level it should I disable afm? Or leave it be?
  10. Do you have a link to the lift kit you recommend? And what's a fair price for installation?
  11. Yea I forgot about the uca. I'm going back and forth on leveling or lifting. I see the leveling kit your recommended is $90 cheaper than the bilstein 6112 not that price is a factor but is it hard to install myself or is it just better to have someone install it for me? What's a fair price for installation?
  12. Did you use spacers or struts?
  13. Thanks man you broke it all the way down now I have to choose between spacers and struts. Which way would be the best way. That is a hard choice

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