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  1. I have 30k miles o mine and my defrost is like that.... I am having the dealer change the button cluster under warranty. Looks like the backlight circuitry on these is bad
  2. Ticking or rattling? I get a rattling noise under my feet while accelerating .... Sounds like a loose exhaust but its not .... Maybe internally broken CAT
  3. Hello all. New to the forums and this is my first post. The other day I was at the airport to do an oil change my plane and when I was safety wiring the oil filter I had an idea. Took my safety wire and crawled under the truck and tied open the valve on my 2017 Denali 6.2L. It sounds so much better now ... doesn’t sound like a Prius anymore. The engine is finally breathing. Does anyone hear any other engine noises that they are not used to hearing when they clamped the valve open?
  4. Hi, what size tires did you go with here? i have been debating what i can put on those 22's PS: nevermind .... found it while scrolling through. 33x12.5 that's what i was looking at as well ..... looks good
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