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  1. mine was two cracks in the plastic slide rail frame. Any water that got on top of that edge would leak into the truck.
  2. Call GM customer care and let them know. They should be able to contact the dealership and have the damaged parts replaced.
  3. My dealership told me that GM engineering informed them that the rear window were a one time use. If the caulking job didn't work they could not reuse the old window. This was after trying to caulk the window 3 times.
  4. They replaced my headliner when they had the rear window out and left the front window intact. It fit in easily with the seats removed.
  5. I was given the warranty from the aftersales regional manager after the first week of my 79 days out of service. I have received no other proof of this other than being copied in an email from the manager to the dealership.
  6. good luck. If you had a loaner or rental they claim your not owed anything at all. They did offer me a $100 gm service voucher credit. Then they offered me a month of onstar, then 6 months, then a year. Then they said they could give me 5yr 60k extended warranty. I told them I have a 5yr 100k gm warranty. of course they told me that I didn't and after 36k miles I would be without warranty. Like I said, Good Luck. They promised me the world and now claim they don't do anything like that.
  7. Jamie that is not right at all and from the wording you typed you know that as well. Go to another dealership and show them as well. I'm on my first replacement window and am getting no where with GM as far as any compensation for the 79 days out of service on my truck. I was in a loaner Malibu so they are saying there is nothing owed to me at all. They have so far offered four things I already have like onstar and extended warranty and a $100 GM service voucher. Good luck with a lemon law case.
  8. A simple redesign of the spoiler would eliminate water getting into the cab completely as long as the spoiler bolts are sealed up broken plastic frame or not. I have pictures of mine that have been sealed and I can assure you the spoiler won’t leak through a bolt hole.
  9. Took my window and headliner 60 days to come in. The first three caulking jobs took 19 days. Both showed national backorder. As soon as your vehicle qualifies for lemon law go ahead and contact a lawyer. They suddenly had my headliner delivered about a week and a half after Receiving my lemon law notice.
  10. The lemon law lawyer I spoke with today has plenty of experience with Dodge and Fords. I can’t remember which but one has problems with the windshield leaking and the other with the Rear window. It seems like a crap shoot whether you get a decent vehicle or a lemon these days.
  11. So far the offer on the table is a $100 GM service voucher.
  12. Ok fellows. Just received a call from my Executive Customer Service Advisor. She wanted to make sure the truck was repaired and I was satisfied. I told her about the rust and she is trying to tell me that temperature changes cause the metal to rust. She wants me to go back to the dealership and let them talk with GM Engineering about the rust. I asked her about the compensation she touted throughout the entire process and she insulted me with a $100 GM Service Voucher offer. I let her know that I'm used to being fed and having a few drinks before getting screwed. She is now saying she never offered compensation and was only offering the service voucher as a gift. I asked her about the two months of onstar and data and XM I've paid for but not received due to being in a loaner that didn't have said packages and she is saying she can offer 12 months of onstar but not data or XM and that's the best she can do. I'm not at all satisfied with this and I'm now supposed to get a call from her manager within 48 hrs. Who wants to take bets that said manager will never call me?
  13. I might try that. I took lots of pictures. I’ve already sent in the lemon Law notice. What bothers me more it the rust on the air bag actuators over the doors. My dealership is telling me GM id going to have to replace the truck if it leaks again and that 79 days is way too long and should have had the parts within a week or two.
  14. I picked up the truck this evening. So far everything looks good. They knew I was going to be anal about the appearance and fit and function of this from the beginning and they did a real good job of preventing interior scratches and damage. They removed the rear seats and side pillars completely to do the work. Everything was put back well. I did see a slight bit of damage to the extreme rear edge of the headliner on the drivers side corner that looks like it was touching the cardboard and got a slight abrasion during transport in the cardboard box. That’s not worth complaining about. I will be bringing the rust I found up with GM and I’ll find out what if any compensation they offer if any and counter with real world actual cost I’ve incurred. After all of this it wouldn’t surprise me at all if they have sudden amnesia about all of this compensation they’ve been blowing up my tail for the last two months.
  15. And I thought day 78 was a lot. What are they saying is the problem and have you talked with anyone other than the service manager?
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