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  1. One told me the same thing. There was a white high country in there. I casually asked why it was in and the rear window leaked. Last time I spoke with them they said there had been 8-10 that had come through leaking. They caulked them all and said mine is the only one they’ve had trouble with.
  2. regardless of what they offer I will take a good long look at it and spray it with a hose at the dealership before I accept it. You can count on that.
  3. Our law says 4 times(related problems or not) within a 24 month or 20 or more days within a 12 month period.
  4. Our law says 4 times(related problems or not) within a 24 month or 20 or more days within a 12 month period.
  5. Smithy my states lemon Law says 20 days out of service. We’ll see what happens. The lemon Law notification is in their mail today. As of about 20 minutes ago they hadn’t signed for it yet.
  6. What good is a warranty when they can't provide the parts. I'm tired of driving a loaner Malibu. I'm hoping as of now they go ahead and do this as painless and quick as possible. I'm not holding my breath on it though. They claim it takes them 2 days to call the dealership(which the dealership denies hearing from them) and claiming to call me back.
  7. GM has given me a 5yr 100,000 mile warranty after the first two weeks-which was the first time it was in the shop for the window leak. They're making trucks everyday with the parts we need and keep saying they are backordered. There is no excuse for any delay for this long. Its 59 days today. It took an act of God to get the District Manager of Aftersales to call me and after telling me he would keep me informed hasn't called or emailed since and won't answer his phone or return calls. Executive Customer Service has been just as bad.
  8. They told me today that headliners are back ordered and they haven’t got any news when they will be available. I’m betting they suddenly find one for my truck after 10:00am tomorrow morning. Today is 58days without the truck the last thirty five days in a little Malibu.
  9. Mine is constant as well we think coming from the Front part of the rear passenger window. If I ever get my truck back Ill get my ultrasonic leak detector and find it that way.
  10. Lemon law letter typed and being sent today. I’ll keep y’all posted to the outcome. Today is day 58.
  11. They did offer to make a payment for me when I had 20-25 days in. They stopped all of that when they figured out I didn’t finance tthough them and paid in full.
  12. Not only that Jamie but they are making trucks every day with the same windows and headliners. The only reason theres a nationwide shortage is because they are putting production and sales above warranty. I'm not making payments through GM financing or anywhere else. I paid my truck in full at the time of pick up. The senior customer service crowd kept telling me they couldn't reach the dealership and such. My dealership told me they never called and I don't think they were trying to help just stall for time. Have they told you there would be compensation offered? They've told me they want to compensate me for the time out of the vehicle but won't make an offer and don't want to talk about it until the truck is repaired. I got switched over to the executive customer service crowd when I compared their compensation negotiations to the Healthcare Law. I guess I have to buy it and then see what I've bought.
  13. Yup Jamie, All correspondence for whatever reason takes them two days. I asked why can't you hang up the phone with the dealership and then call me? They said that they are very busy and that is not how it works. Its all just a stalling tactic to make you feel like they are actually doing something for you. The senior advisor only talked to my dealership once and the executive rep only spoke with my dealership when I conference called them together. I had a shipping confirmation last week on my headliner, it has since been rescinded and the glass came in so now I'm going on 54 days and still no truck.
  14. I’ve never taken my truck to one. I did take my wife’s care to one by our house after the last ski trip and I was impressed with the cleaning job it did and to be honest it didn’t look any worse than a moderately hard rain.
  15. Just received an update from my GM Executive Service Rep that my dealership should have my rear window no later than Friday. Then she tells me the dealership may not know about this. I called the dealership and they have already received the rear window today. They went on to tell me that the headliner that was supposed to come in last week has been delayed by a week and they are not sure when its supposed to come in but that they hoped it would be this week. The glass people that are doing the replacement will need about 2-3 days to work it in. I've called the Executive person back and left a voicemail for her to call me with the ETA of the headliner. She can't seem to realize that there are two parts to this repair. My fear now is they will put in the new window and it will leak. Then we'll have to start the whole process over again.
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