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  1. My adaptive cruise control works but my park assist and heated and vented seats do not. I was told repeatedly that the steering wheel would not be heated but my window sticker and documentation for the dealership says it will be dealer installed just like the park assist and heated seats. I do not have a button for heated steering wheel currently.
  2. My truck was fixed permanently hopefully. Buyback was completed two weeks ago when the new truck arrived at the dealership.
  3. Got you beat. I’m a 4th time window leak waiting on the repurchase to be built.
  4. I ordered a 5.3 LTZ back in October and was told that GM had canceled my order based on shortage of 5.3 engines. I reordered with a 3.0 diesel on Veterans Day. Had a so-called guaranteed build date of dec 6th. Had been delayed 4 times since then now a build date of 2/21. In all honesty they will probably have 22.5 on the lots before they finish with all of the LTD orders. If that happens I’ll switch over and get a 22.5. Mine is a repurchase from the leaking rear window that has been replaced several times and still develops leaks
  5. I just had to reorder a replacement for my truck that is going through the buyback process because GM didn't have any 5.3 engines available and now they are removing two of the best part of having an LTZ trim? I will cancel my order and wait until they actually produce what I have paid for.
  6. I was told that GM and the dealership think my 9 times back to the dealership and now going through the buyback process is due to excessive body flex. All of my leaks were due to the plastic window frame cracking where the thickened part slims down.
  7. Mine was three reseals and then they started replacing glass.
  8. Hey guys. Just an update from July3rd. This is my 4th window in the truck to leak. Its been back to the dealership 9 times total with window leak issues. My GM Executive Customer Care rep has told me over a month ago that they are willing to do a buyback and replacement. She is telling me this could take 3 weeks to 6 plus months. She has called me every week since then asking me if the DMA(District Manager of Aftersales) has called me. They have not. There is also notes in her system claiming the DMA and the dealership have been talking and my dealership has no knowledge of this either. We'll see where all this goes. I do know there are no trucks to be had right now. The dealership gets a truck in and its either sold before they receive it or within 2 days. It also looks like I'll have to step up to a HC from an LTZ to get the same features since they've cut several out of the LTZ line.
  9. It’s leaking behind the corner Trim pillars. With the latest window I had that’s where they moved the weak part to. I found it leaking on mine from The stained headliner and had water on the lower part of the window frame and top of the seat back.
  10. I’m in the same boat so to speak. I received a call from GM Executive care and they are telling me that they have to replace the window again for a fourth time before they will entertain a buyback. The lady I’m talking to is leaps ahead of the last three I’ve had. I told her that this was ridiculous and that I would just take it back and expect another truck next time. Three windows have failed and this one will too. She touted a new redesign of the rear window but that’s the one that’s in it now. We’ll see how long it goes before I take it back for leaking window #4.
  11. Rode back out to the dealership to get my pistol I forgot in the truck and a wahoo fillet I left in the cooler after a weekend fishing trip. Found my truck sitting outside in the rain. I’ll ride back by today and see if they left it outside overnight or not.
  12. Hey Guys. I’m back after the last replacement window lasted almost 1 yr before it’s leaking again. To recap my issues bought on Halloween of 2019. 20 days later noticed huge stain on headliner and water on back seat headrest. Throes the caulking job 3 times before demanding a window and headliner replacement. Took 80 some day to get the window and headliner in during which time I was put into a loaner Malibu(we called it the malirado). That lasted 5-6 months before it leaked again and they replaced the window within 4 days. It’s been almost 1 year and now window #3 is leaking and the dealership told me Friday I the phone that I’ve got a factory defect and I should sell the truck and get another. GM Executive customer service has been horrible to deal with. Never calling back and claiming to have spoken with dealership and the dealership doesn’t hear from them. I’m taking it in on Monday so we’ll see what kind of mess this one turns into.
  13. My 2019 has now developed a leak on the third window that’s been in this truck. The first window leaked when I bought it(didn’t see it because I picked it up at night) the second window leaked 6 months after the first window had TSB done 3 times and finally replaced after over 100 days waiting , and now the third window is leaking and has stained the headliner(which was replaced at the efforts window change out. Dealership told me on the phone that my truck has a factory defect and I should just get rid of it and buy another. GM Executive customer service has been horrible to deal with every time.
  14. My dealership called last Friday and GM wants to put another rear window in. To recap bought truck on Halloween. 2019 crew cab Ltz z71with 211 miles. At 1344 window leak reared it’s ugly head. After three unsuccessful caulk jobs and 79 days at the dealership GM relaxed the rear window and stained headliner. Fast first to about a month an da week ago noticed water very slowly dripping from sliding window window track over rear driver side headrest. Now waiting on second window replacement
  15. Called my dealerships General Manager yesterday morning after being on hold for 40 minutes and 46 seconds with GM Executive Customer Care and hanging up assuming no one had any intention of answering. Anyhow my dealerships Repair Manager is out for a Covid tests until at least monday if he is negative and the general manager I called was out on vacation(called his cell phone by accident-got to label peoples numbers better in my phone). He's going to call the after sales guy with GM to find out what to do next on Monday when he gets back into the office. To recap my window experience so far-bought truck on halloween 2019- 19 days later discover window leak and huge stain on headline-after 3 unsuccessful attempts at TSB caulk job they finally got GM to agree to replace the rear window and the headliner. It was the middle of February when they received the rear window and headliner(all the while I'm driving a chevy malibu loaner that can't haul anything other than a few bags of groceries). Now 9,667 miles later rear window is leaking again. Its a 5.3 chevy silverado LTZ Z71 made in Mexico.
  16. There’s been no sealant issue. It’s a cracked frame issue. My first window had cracks in two places. After getting my truck back from the dealership body shop for a limb that fell on the hood I noticed a glob of sealant on the rear window. After water testing I now have a leak on my second window. Hey guys. I’m back with window #2 now leaking.
  17. I'm getting 15.3-15.4 mpg in town. Highway milage varies but the best I've done on a 50 mile trip was 27mpg. That was with the cruise set about 60. Average highway milage is around 22mpg. This is with a crew cab 5.3
  18. mine was two cracks in the plastic slide rail frame. Any water that got on top of that edge would leak into the truck.
  19. Call GM customer care and let them know. They should be able to contact the dealership and have the damaged parts replaced.
  20. My dealership told me that GM engineering informed them that the rear window were a one time use. If the caulking job didn't work they could not reuse the old window. This was after trying to caulk the window 3 times.
  21. They replaced my headliner when they had the rear window out and left the front window intact. It fit in easily with the seats removed.
  22. I was given the warranty from the aftersales regional manager after the first week of my 79 days out of service. I have received no other proof of this other than being copied in an email from the manager to the dealership.
  23. good luck. If you had a loaner or rental they claim your not owed anything at all. They did offer me a $100 gm service voucher credit. Then they offered me a month of onstar, then 6 months, then a year. Then they said they could give me 5yr 60k extended warranty. I told them I have a 5yr 100k gm warranty. of course they told me that I didn't and after 36k miles I would be without warranty. Like I said, Good Luck. They promised me the world and now claim they don't do anything like that.
  24. Jamie that is not right at all and from the wording you typed you know that as well. Go to another dealership and show them as well. I'm on my first replacement window and am getting no where with GM as far as any compensation for the 79 days out of service on my truck. I was in a loaner Malibu so they are saying there is nothing owed to me at all. They have so far offered four things I already have like onstar and extended warranty and a $100 GM service voucher. Good luck with a lemon law case.
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