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  1. Tr3kker Well, I thought I had it figured out. I can't get it verified so I can't get a code. I have logged into ID.me no problems, I can shop and see the discount on the type of truck I want. Don't I need some code to show the dealer to actually get the discount? It keeps telling me it can't verify my status but no solution on how to do so. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks garyo
  2. Don't have my truck yet, but what about these? https://n-fab.com/rkr-step-system
  3. Thanks for the reply. I did all of that a few times and it kept telling me something went wrong. After messing with it for a couple of hours I think I finally figured it out. No instructions or links, kind of a mess. Thanks, garyo
  4. How does this work? I've logged into my id.me and info is never sent to GM. I call GM and they do not have a clue. Any ideas? garyo
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