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  1. I really got to get mine in. Not only is it doing as discussed in the topic but also if I get on it from take off I get this lengthy pronounced rear end vibration.
  2. I can't see it being a start stop issue as it happens when it wouldn't be in a start stop instance. Mine is an 8 speed.
  3. Thank you for the replies and better describing it. So yes this seems like the same issue. It was greatly amplified when I had my travel trailer hooked up. Even the wife asked if we are going to make it home lol.
  4. Trying to find away to duplicate But getting periodic slippage. Anyone having issue.
  5. Already over 6000km I get a feel for them pretty quick.
  6. Yeah I get best price first then mention trade. Then they ask how much I owe I always say high as they know I won't deal if too much negative equity. Then once we are almost final I spring it on them oh I only owe this amount
  7. That's what it is in Canada right now $7600 off and 0% 84mth
  8. Not the best pic. But 2.5 lift gave it a better height added a few graphics.
  9. It's the dog that has a hard time trying to pick her spot (120 lb bull mastiff/corso)
  10. Yes and it really isn't much of a process Anymore. Use to be at most 20-30 min at dealer basically sign and drive. Deal was already figured out before hand. But now past two no trips to dealer and they bring to me. So it makes it even easier. Of course initial contact they want me to come in and work out numbers. My response is we won't be able to do a deal I'm not that type of customer. I buy but you won't make much off of me. Then usually a manager responds and most deals done through the managers.
  11. I was being honest. Or too sum it up about 2 years ago I owed $60000 for a $65000 2016 truck including tax and interest. I now owe less then $30,000 for a similar msrp'd 2017. I have maybe paid $14000 out of pocket with payments etc in 2 yrs. When you have no negative equity in dealings it really changes negotiations.
  12. Yeah I have got nothing to prove, maybe only to the wife. But too each there own. I know I am now at a totally different level of car dealing then say 3-4 years ago. I don't worry about interest or monthly anymore it's only my principal that matters. But the chev has messed that up a bit instead of getting $20000 off on my usual deals it was $15000 off with 0% 84mth. But very happy with the deal overall. We were at $11500 off the chev with $46000 for my titan(I paid $47000 not incl trade and equity) then they pulled out an employee discount wildcard, apparently they were given 5 tickets to offer for the month. That took it to $15000 off and we sealed the deal with about $2400 in acc for $1000 total cost to me.
  13. I'm not brand loyal was just doing what ever it took to not loose on a vehicle. Especially since many people say thats impossible, bit of a hobby i guess you could say lol. But also learned how much is really on the table in some of these deals.
  14. Yeah I do, it's easy for me now almost not challenge. I have got it to the past two deals where they deliver to me. I have also ended up with trucks that were usually beyond my means. But now have a well optioned truck and barely owe for an economy car. Acc. I have lost some. But have gotten way more free between the titan xd's and F150's just in return for pics of their products displayed. I also have approx 140,000 km in 2 years on all so if I kept only one it would be worth nothing. But my km use will be easing in about 8 mths. So I might settle down with dealing.
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