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  1. I haven't seen anybody else mention this so maybe something is missing from my truck or installed incorrectly. I have an AT4 with the preferred, tech, and driver alert 1 and 2 packages. My seat rumbles with alerts. That's great, but after 2200 miles my seat has become incredibly uncomfortable. It's to the point where I'm going to have to take it to the dealer to ask them if this is installed correctly, you can press into the padding and easily feel the devices that do the rumbling. The passenger seat is so much more comfortable. I'm at the point where I'd rather them rip out the vibrating things if they have no way of making the seat more comfortable. Has anybody else experienced this?
  2. My truck was built in Mexico, which I have to admit made me nervous, but so far I haven't found any flaws. Everything is nice and tight, lined up well, really nothing to complain about in terms of the build quality (at 1800 miles).
  3. You sure those aren't the stock 20in rims? I would love to see what the 18s look like black, but I'm pretty sure those are the 20s.
  4. Nah, I read your thread, you came across really poorly and with inconsistent reports of what happened, and ultimately it seemed more like you didn't know how an unloaded truck handles....
  5. I'd ask them if $85 is worth losing a customer over, and escalate to management.
  6. The idea of audiophiles adding subs to a Bose system to make it sound better....is pretty funny. The issue with Bose is the lack of dedicated tweeters. The low end is fine. I've had plenty of amps and subs in my time, but unless you're looking for bone-jarring thump, the stock bose system is fine in the low end. It's awful at creating a distinct sound stage, and higher frequencies are either soft or harsh depending on how you tune things. That said, it's perfectly fine for a stock system. The non-Bose system is total garbage that needs a full amp and speaker replacement.
  7. So I think the unloaded truck is one issue, but I think what she's frustrated with is the throttle response of the silverados with the 5.3. I noticed it also, and it bothered me so much I switched from a TB to an AT4 primarily for the 6.2 with the 10 speed, which is much more responsive and in tune with my foot. I've heard people suggest getting one of these https://www.pedalcommander.com/ to help dial in the gas pedal to be a little more even and quick to respond.
  8. Yeah, my dealership told me 4 payments....but I just called GM financial and they said I can do it any time without penalty. I asked if the dealership gets penalized, and he couldn't really answer the question. Sorry dealership, I appreciate you, but we're talking several hundred dollars, when I know they made money on my truck.
  9. The valves aren't there on the GM performance exhaust, FYI.
  10. These are the ones I ordered on my truck. They look great, very functional and very sporty/aggressive. They also stick out 2-3" wider than any other part of the truck, helping to provide a guard against doors in parking lots.
  11. Thanks for explaining that noise. I've been wondering what it was but not enough to research it.
  12. I can hear it but it doesn't bother me, I'm usually listening to the spotify. If there was a rattle somewhere in the cab? I'd be going nuts trying to solve it. But the steady hum of the tires just fades into background noise for me. Ride is smooth. I love ripping around in this truck, you can run right up to the 98 mph governor, still accelerating, still completely smooth with no stress anywhere, no vibration or effort. When you slam into that 98 mph governor at WOT it almost feels like the engine shuts off, very weird feeling.
  13. I doubt this is helpful, but I thought I would mention that the in the 1500 miles I have on my AT4 (6.2), the 10 speed has never once been confused...no high revving, no searching for a gear, no clunks...it just always seems to know what gear to be in. I've never noticed a transmission so little in a vehicle before. They keep this shit up and they can just go ahead and remove the tach from the dashboard.
  14. Ok, so we got it out without cutting it, but this was on a lift with two people manipulating the exhaust back and forth. It takes a little tetris/gymnastics to get it out of there in one piece, but it is 100% doable. On the ground or on jackstands? I'm not sure I would have bothered trying to get it out in one piece. Of course, once we got it out and realized how long it was, and I had no easy way to transport it (and no real potential to sell it, it's likely going to end up at the recycler), we ended it up cutting it just past the second flapper so I could stick it all in the bed of my truck. My advice would be to just cut it out with a sawzall, one cut will make pulling the old one out 10x easier. And then the new one goes in exactly as you would expect it to. There aren't any instructions in the box (other than to consult the official accessory service manual, AKA have your dealer do this), but you really don't need any, it pretty much fits together and hangs perfectly. Keep the existing clamp from where the flex pipe connects up toward the front, you'll reuse that one, everything else is in the box.
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