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  1. Of course you don't. The need to have 10 different ways to adjust the seat has absolutely nothing to do with the frequency that you adjust the seat position. At the same time, you ignored my point which is that trying to draw an analogy between your couch (where you passively sit) and your truck (where you're actively using your arms and legs) is absurd. Anybody who thinks those are similar situations are the ones participating in the "ignorance is bliss" movement.
  2. When you're on your couch, are you constantly engaging pedals with your feet, and constantly manipulating a steering wheel, that are both relatively fixed in place? How often do you go over bumps in your office chair?
  3. Yeah I'm fully expecting it to not show up until February. Which is good, that means there exists some chance there will be a rebate when I close the deal. I can wait a few more weeks, I originally tried to order my truck back in August, and had to switch dealerships to get allocation.
  4. Wow, the Chevy rep converted your music for you? That's pretty damn solid.
  5. 6.2L Yes or No

    Let me put this simply: You're wrong. You're talking about all sorts of silly bullshit that has nothing to do with my point. Erecting more strawmen. You continue to assume people are judging the power of their engine based on the amount of G forces it can create at WOT. This is laughable. Nobody drives their truck at WOT. You said: "IN fact I flat out call you a liar if you summit that your normal mode of operation is quicker than a 4.3 held to the matt continuously. " Putting aside the embarrassing grammatical and spelling mistakes in your assertion: You're comparing a 6.2 in "normal mode" to a 5.3 "held to the matt"? Thank you for proving my point. With one engine you can generate in "normal mode" what the other engine puts out in WOT. That's a difference in ease of acceleration.
  6. 6.2L Yes or No

    Tyler, that would have been a great post if you weren't a 5.3 owner doing the same hand waving and rationalizing as everybody else.
  7. 6.2L Yes or No

    Nothing I said suggests in any way that I'm attempting to subvert the laws of physics. You create silly strawmen and then act as if you're somehow clever or wise. You completely ignored the substance of my comment and instead responded to some other argument you're attempting to place into my mouth. But feel free to bloviate away, it's enjoyable to watch this level of arrogance mixed with ignorance.
  8. 6.2L Yes or No

    I can guarantee you that the $2500 extra for the 6.2 will depreciate slower than any other money spent on the truck. And it's not just about the larger engine with the additional horsepower and towing capacity...it's also about the 10 speed transmission. The post from Grumpy Bear is just absurd though. As if people are assessing their vehicles based on the theoretical G forces they can produce at maximum output! It's all about ease of acceleration Grumpy Bear, I don't see many people drag racing their lifted pickups. And no, the 5.3 doesn't accelerate as easy as the 6.2.
  9. I'm not positive, I think I remember reading the mats have instructions on them indicating where to cut to accommodate the storage. If you want to keep your storage out full time I'm sure you could get the dealership to replace them.
  10. Reasons I chose the AT4: - 6.2L with the 10 speed transmission - New tailgate - Camera-based rearview - 360 degree camera views - Wireless charging - Heads up display - I liked the look of the trail boss but I think the AT4 is a little more refined.
  11. Thanks for commenting guys, as I said in my last post I switched dealerships and the truck is on order now. Finally!
  12. I switched dealers, order got picked up yesterday, TPW 1/21. Hopefully they fix all the issues by then.
  13. Rear window leak

    Call me crazy, I would be encouraged by the problem being a little more prevalent. They're forced to come up with a real resolution. I'm curious if the trucks with the problem were all built around the same time with a bad batch of frames, or if it's a problem with the process that installs the frame.

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