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  1. I used the raised black metalflake on my Shadow Grey. More subtle in low light.
  2. Every week or so, I get a message on the screen "Satellite Signal Lost" when I start the pickup. Sirius will eventually reconnect after turning the pickup off and waiting a few minutes before restarting it. Is this normal and everyone is putting up with it or do I possibly have a problem that I need to get taken care of by the dealer?
  3. I want to install a small winch in the bed of my 2020 Silverado to pull my motorcycle up a ramp into the bed. Normally I would just tap the positive and negative posts of the battery and run cable to the bed. Given the lack of decent access to the positive post, has anyone found a good way to tie into the system? This would be needed to install a winch, snowplow or any other heavy electrical accessories.
  4. Rosepaul is right. GM states the neg cable should be pulled.
  5. I dug further into the owners manual and found the answer I was looking for. Thanks for the answer.
  6. Why would I only disconnect the neg? I do know there is a complicated mess on the positive side but disconnected is disconnected, isn't it? Are there circuits that stay energized even with the neg pulled loose?
  7. I have an LT 4X4 I am going to tow behind my motorhome. GM calls for the battery to be disconnected when the truck is flat towed. Has anyone figured out how to install a disconnect given the integrated cover over the battery? There doesn't appear to be anyway to easily re-clock the positive cable to be able to install a cable to the solenoid. I haven't contacted GM about this but hopefully they have a workaround.
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