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  1. Took it to the shop this morning. The mechanic says cylinder 6 is misfiring so hoping it’s just the spark plug and/or coil pack. I’d hate to replace the cat converter
  2. Only P0446 when I had it read so the others must have happened after. Doesn’t sound too exciting. Lol
  3. Thanks for the reply. The my check engine light started flashing today and the truck started shaking so going to take it to a shop tomorrow AM.
  4. Mine came on a few days ago and have been debating on taking it to a shop or trying something myself. Let me know it goes for you.
  5. Did you ever get this to work?? If so, how much did you spend? Got a buddy that would like to make this conversion but wants to know how much he's going to spend. Also here in Houston. Thanks!
  6. I've got the transmission temperature screen showing in the dash. Stays at 190 in short and long distance runs. I didn't start watching it until it started acting funny so not sure what it was at before. But I agree. Regular, quality fluid changes, should extend the life of the transmission. And they are definitely cheaper than replacing/rebuilding one.
  7. I'm not that mechanically inclined. I do want to keep my truck as long as possible. Perhaps a rebuild or replacement when the transmission finally dies.
  8. My 2015 5.3 6-Speed w/ about 115k is starting to shift funny. I hear a whine when in low speed. It is probably there the whole time but not loud enough to hear. Not low on fluid. Fluid and filter were changed around 50k and again around 100k. Dropped pan, not flush.
  9. Nice truck! I've used Autotrader before. Didn't have a good or bad experience. I would likely use it again if I were looking to sell another vehicle. $50 is nothing when selling a truck that expensive. What about posting it here in the For Sale/Wanted thread? Btw, your Craigslist ad shows its a 6-cylinder engine. Pretty sure it is an 8 cylinder. Good luck!!
  10. The Cypress area, northwest of Houston, regular gas is right around $2.02/gal
  11. Haha! I've never heard it called that. Very true tho!
  12. I’ve had this happen to me from time to time. Idk what causes it. I usually have to turn the truck off and back on to get it working again. It also sometimes doesn’t read my usb drive. Have to turn it off and back on to get it to work. Doesn’t do either often, just randomly
  13. I have Cooper Discoverer HTP on my 2015. I don't do any off-roading. But I like them. Excellent treadwear and wet & dry traction. I even got my pops on these. He put them on his Avalanche. https://www.discounttiredirect.com/buy-tires/cooper-discoverer-htp/p/11868
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