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  1. So what specifically is different about the suspension? Mine has a 2.5" front level and the 1" block in the rear. It still doesn't appear to sit as high? Also, the bumpers/grills seem similar. I also seem to light the cab lights on some of the HD trucks too. Think they would look good on top? I'm right now looking for a chrome set of tow mirrors
  2. Hey all! I have a 2015 Onxy Sierra Denali. I have a 2.5” level, 33x12.50x22 Nitto’s, and still feel like the truck is lacking a little in the looks department. Everytime I pass a 2500HD I love the look. I want to know what the biggest differences are. The just look meaner and beefier. Would it be worth adding the tow mirrors, cab lights at least? I love the truck don’t get me wrong just the 2500HD’s look great
  3. Trade - Black Window Trim

    Does anyone trade their black wilndow trim for chrome? I have a 2015 Sierra Denali and would like to trade the chrome trim on my truck for black trim around the window.
  4. Hey guys! Still pretty new here and had a quick question. I was going to order the Rough Country 2 or 2.5” leveling kit until I went to measure i went out and measured from the ground to the center of the fender and quarter: LF 36” RF 36” LR 39” RR 40” When I bought the truck they did change only 1 rear shocks on maybe that’s the difference of 1”. However, there is a 3-4” different from front to back. What do I do? I’d love to get here leveled. She also has the black 22” Accessory wheels and all tires even tread
  5. Just picked up the other day my new truck. Traded in my old 2008 750i and I’m absolutely loving this new truck. 2015 GMC Sierra Denali....black 22” rims...6.2l has phenomenal power. It’s a perfect blend between luxury and practicality. Truck has the 8 speed transmission that seems a title temperamental from what I’m experiencing and readings on the stator and torque converter concerns but the dealer will be able to fix that i’m sure. Either way its it’s an amazing truck!!!

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