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  1. Diablo Programmer - 15 Denali - 6.2

    Hey, I’m in Cherry Hill NJ....but willing to ship
  2. Hey everyone, i got got rid of my 15 Sierra Denali 6.2 with 8 speed trans. The 8 speed transmission I hated until I had it tuned by Diablew. Afterwards, the truck shifting like a dream! Also, this was restored to stock before getting rid of the truck. $300 shipped! These go for $380 brand new...you open the box used them for 5 minutes and into storage it goes. It’s practically brand new.
  3. Good information! Thanks i bought the kit that had the brackets to relocate the arm upwards....still rides like sh*t.
  4. Going to revive this from Internet forum purgatory lol I have a 2015 Sierra Denali with the 2.5” rough country leveling kit. After installing the ride was pretty firm. I’d love to have it ride a little bit better. I never performed the “ride height recalibration”. Does anyone know for sure that it will improve the ride quality. I asked a dealership and they said the leveling kit doesn’t change the length of the shock/strut so it wouldn’t change. But then I’ve seen here some people say it rides better after the recalibration. I’ve gotten mixed input. Anyone say for certain?
  5. 2015 Sierra Tow Mirrors

    To the top
  6. 2015 Sierra Tow Mirrors

    To the top
  7. 2015 Sierra Tow Mirrors

    Up top
  8. 2015 Sierra Tow Mirrors

    These are a set of Boost Auto Parts tow mirrors. They are excellent quality! Chrome covers, they have high output reverse light in the mirror, turn signal on the glass, manual fold, and the front LED works for turn signal and running light. Only has them about a month. I’ve got mixed directions with the truck so figure I’ll sell these and keep the mirrors stock. paid $475 shipped to my house. I left the harness pre-wired in the truck in case I want to switch back. The harness is $50.00 from them or you can run a few wires yourself. $375 shipped and they’re yours!
  9. Maybe Magneride changes the dynamic? I will say I have a 2.5” up front and it’s perfectly level. Problem it....it drives like sh*t. Really rough....i’d Love to get it to ride a little nicer
  10. Torn on mirrors! Need help

    I temporarily plastic/dipped the chrome just to see if I like the matte black look.
  11. Mike, I’m at a loss too as to why they fix the shake. I’m assuming it has to do with a certain degree as axle wrap or movement when spinning that fast? Or maybe the leafs vibrate a little on the highway and that is resonates through the body. I will say that these leafs seem really cheap. I had an f150 in the past and it had 7 sturdy leafs this truck just has 3. i would say this....outside of the vibration it drives so much better. It doesn’t feel to roll as much inside and out of turns....doesn’t ride as rough....I would absolutely do it
  12. Torn on mirrors! Need help

    It’s funny you mention the extra lift and the mirrors. They look just a little big for my truck. I have 33” tires but with 22’s they look small. Also, I have a 2 leveling kit on it too but stil doesn’t seem to have enough height. I think the height is why I like them on the 2500’s they seem to sit higher
  13. Torn on mirrors! Need help

    Also, with black covers
  14. So here it is. Always loved the 2500HD’s with tow mirrors. So I order tow mirrors and I’m not 100% in love. Not sure. I didn’t hate the stock Denali mirrors but thought I’d be much happier with the tow mirrors. Need all your input!!!!
  15. I’m going to contact them soon to report back on my findings with their U-Bolts. So far so good for me. Again, if you’re really connected with how your truck performs....this is a MUST!!!!

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