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  1. I've had my 2020 Silverado for about 14 months. I thought I would like the auto stop feature at first and it did great in my hometown. Not much traffic at all here. However, when I went to visit family in the Houston, TX area I did not like it at all. Stop and go traffic along with bumper to bumper stop and go was really bad. I got to thinking, what if the truck wouldn't start one of these times? I turned it off and everything was normal. I never considered putting a device on to turn it off. I just automatically press the button when I start the truck. Easy peasy. I love my truck with the 2.7T 4 banger. Good luck!
  2. So, it's the brakes that squeak when backing up first thing in the morning? I thought it was coming from me. I am getting old.
  3. Got my truck back, They had it for 24 hours. It looks like they did a software update and installed an engine wiring harness due to chafing.. I was told there were 3 recalls on my truck and I wanted to know why I wasn't contacted by GM. That ticks me off. It's their duty to inform owners about recalls. Especially when it involves BRAKES! Anyway, I got it back so we will see what happens. As I said before, I really love this truck. The little 4 banger 2.7T rocks!
  4. Well hell. I had the service brake pop up today. I purchased my 2020 Silverado in late December 2019. I did not take Onstar. I only have 4700 miles on it. I used the remote start using the fob for the very first time this morning. I used the truck once during lunch and when I restarted the engine I got all the warnings and the brakes were almost gone. I made it home and called the dealer and made an appointment to take it in. They said come right away and I did. When I started it to go to the dealer the warnings were gone but I had a check engine light on. I also had brakes. It's at the dealer now so we'll see what happens. Dang it! I love this truck too. I have the neat 2.7T engine and it is fantastic. I'll update whenever.
  5. It takes less than a second to turn it off. Why spend money and install a device to turn it off? Just me. I really don't care what other people do. I tried using it in my city and it worked OK but when I got into Houston bumper to bumper traffic I was uncomfortable with the engine turning itself off so I just pushed the button. Now I don't use it at all. I just press the button when I start up.
  6. I rewired my Homelink in my 2020 Silverado because I didn't want it hot all the time. I posted all about it and you can probably do a search and find it. I bought the truck in December 2019 and did the rewire a couple of months later. Now my Homelink is powered by RAP and goes off when you kill the engine and open the door. I use it to open two garage doors.
  7. Should be able to get a good deal right now. A lot of buyers are holding off thinking about being employed. Let us know what you get!
  8. Yeah, I agree. When I was looking for a 2020 Silverado I spotted mine and didn't notice it was a four cylinder. All the others were 5.3. I went back to the dealer and requested a test drive and fell in love with it. It was so much improved over my 2014 Silverado. The salesman told me he could tell that I didn't realize it was a four cylinder. I hadn't. I then read the sticker and saw it. I was shocked. If I had noticed that before the drive I would have walked away but after I drove it I was in love with it. Made an offer and now it's mine. I'm really happy with it. If you are looking for a new truck be sure to test drive the 2.7T. I'm pretty sure you will like it.
  9. Good luck on your purchase, whatever you get! Nothing like a new truck!
  10. I traded in my 2014 Silverado with a 5.3 on the 2020. I paid right around 15,000 difference so it comes to about 32,000 total price I think.. My 2020 is loaded with leather and everything. I got away from diesels back in 2014 after having them for 30 years.and the cost of oil and service is a whole lot cheaper for the gas engines. I do all my own service and it's a lot cleaner too! I change the oil when the computer tells me too. 6 quarts of 5W30 Dexos from Walmart. The filter is a pain to find but I think the 3.0 diesel engine uses the same one. Regular gas is a lot cheaper than diesel and the additive needed. One less thing to have to worry about is buying the diesel additive. Diesels served me well when I needed them but I don't need them anymore. Good luck!
  11. What do you know about a 2.7 that your opinion should be listened to? Do you own one?
  12. Have you guys noticed that anytime we 2.7T owners start talking about our truck some dude pops up telling us we should have got a diesel? What's up with that? If I had wanted a diesel I would have got one. I've had plenty of them and now I'm happy with my baby 4 banger. Especially when I have to do service. A whole lot cheaper!
  13. I've had my 2020 Silverado since Christmas. I think the 2.7T is a nice engine but I'm not getting mileage as good as I thought it would be. I recently took it on a 1000 mile road trip and got 20 mpg and a little better in traffic in Houston for three days. Around my local town I'm getting 18 and that's it. All in all I really like the truck . Plenty of get up ad go and I wouldn't be afraid to tow something either.
  14. I think lots of whisky would be the answer.
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