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  1. I traded in my 2014 Silverado for a 2020 Silverado. There is a lot of differences. Much better ride, quieter and I am happy over all. I got the crew cab and it has the sliding back window. I've run it through the car wash several times already and mine doesn't leak at all. I give it a good inspection every time. I did what a lot of guys here frown on, I bought the 2.7T 4 cylinder. So far it's great. I don't pull a trailer anymore so I thought why not. I guarantee you it would outrun my 14 with the 5.3 all day long. It has plenty of get up and go with that turbo. One thing I don't like is the small fuel tank they are putting in the trucks now. Other than that I'm happy! Good luck!
  2. That's the only thing my wife gripes about too! I looked online trying to find something but nothing looked good. I plan to keep on looking and hopefully find something that can be mounted.
  3. I got my 2020 LT right after Christmas. Traded in my 2014 Silverado on it. I got the 2.7T too and I am really impressed with it so far. Lots of four banger haters here. I got the White Iridescent Pearl and it has leather seats. So far I'm real happy with the truck. Good luck!
  4. I moved up from a 2014 Silverado 1500 to a 2020 Silverado 1500. There's a lot of things that are better. It rides better and is quieter. The inside seems bigger. I love the taller and wider bed. One thing I'm sure I'll catch some flack about is I like my new 2.7T four cylinder. I just didn't need a big engine anymore. I'm old and don't pull a trailer or anything anymore. The 2.7T seems to be plenty powerful and if you didn't know it was a four cylinder you would never guess it. I guarantee you it is quicker of the line than the 5.3 in my 2014. I'm happy! It's a good truck so far.
  5. I got the 2.7T in my 2020 Silverado and the oil pressure stays around 30 psi. It was never that low in my 2014 Silverado 5.3. When I first saw the low pressure I pulled over and checked the oil. It was full. When I got home I did some research and found out 30 psi was normal. It looks funny when all the rest of the gauges are pointed up but the oil pressure is way over to the left.
  6. On F27 there's a blade and I pushed on a female blade fitting and put an inline fuse on there.
  7. Well, I got it done. Now my Home Link Garage Door Opener that came with my new truck is on a RAP circuit and is not powered on all the time. It wasn't easy but it can be done without cutting any harnesses except for the Home Link module plug. I was unable to use any circuits in the overhead console so I fished a RAP power wire from the passenger side fuse box up to the overhead console. Works great. Don't know why GM made the dang thing always on. Someone breaks into your truck and presses the Home Link button and goes right on in. Might as well just leave a key in the front door of your house.
  8. Lots of remarks on my post. I like my 2.7 and yes it would outrun my 2014 Silverado 5.3. From a red light takeoff to just passing another vehicle there is quite a bit of difference in response. The extra 3 mpg means I can still go 60 miles when I put 20 gallons in it compared to my old 5.3. That's not a drop in the bucket. As far as trade in, I am blessed not to have to worry about that. I will probably give it to one of my grandsons. They would love to have it. I like my truck. Thank you very much! Life if simple and there are a lot of choices, if you don't want a truck like mine don't buy one. Simple. Good luck!
  9. I bought a 2020 Silverado LT with the 2.7T. I like it. After having driven a 2014 Silverado for 6 years with a 5.3 I can honestly say the 2.7 would outrun the 5.3 easily! I'm getting about 3 more mpg in town than I did with the 5.3. I'll know the highway mileage in a couple of weeks when we take a planned trip. I'm old and don't pull a trailer much anymore but I think the 2.7 would be fine and is perfect for me right now. It's been real cold here in North Texas and the heater works great. So far it's pretty good!
  10. It also what the 2.7T uses I think. Probably have to go to the dealer and get it.
  11. I bought a 2020 LT Silverado with the 2.7 also. I've had it a little over a month and had zero problems. I was concerned with a low oil pressure reading of around 30 psi and the dealer told me it was normal. Looks funny when all the rest of the gauges are center line and the oil gauge is way to the left. So far I like the 2.7. It seems to have plenty of power. Good luck and hope they get you all fixed up!
  12. Has anyone changed their own oil yet in their 2.7? I read somewhere that the drain plug is 3/8" square and I was wondering if that's correct. I know it takes 6 quarts of 5W30 synthetic Dexos and the correct filter number. Just wondering. Thanks!
  13. What he said! The kit has been discontinued but my dealer found a card without the book for me and installed it in my 2020 Silverado LT. Total was a little over 600 bucks. The dealer couldn't figure out why the kits have been discontinued. Weird. I like the navigation setup. You don't have to have Onstar or any subscription for it to work.
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