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  1. Class action suits really only benefit the lawyers as they get most of the money from the suit.
  2. Mine only took a couple of days, but I still haven't gotten my truck back from where they replaced the headliner because they messed some stuff up in the process. It's been 2 weeks.
  3. So I just left the dealership to talk to them about them scratching and gouging the a-pillars. The service manager acted like he was doing me a favor by replacing the weather stripping that they messed up and replacing the driver side a-pillar but refused to replace the passenger side. The manager was a dick about the whole thing. Plus I haven't had my truck but 3 days of February so far from where it's sitting at the dealership where they messed it up.
  4. I went to pick my truck up on Thursday night from where the dealership scratched and gouged a lot of trim pieces a d it looked as if they just got a grinder and tried to grind down the gouges... I was not happy. I also felt around the carpet under the back seat and it felt a bit damp. They are supposed to get the water guy back out and see if it's still leaking from the sealant fix.
  5. Oh I plan on it. I'm going back Saturday because I cant make a scene dressed in my work clothes, but I can in jeans and a hoodie.
  6. They do have to drop the headliner to fix it. The dealership had to replace my headliner because they couldn't get the stain out. When I picked it up last night, it looks like a rabid wombat took the trim pieces off and put it back together because there are gouge marks everywhere.
  7. I took mine in a couple of weeks ago for the sealant job. They claimed to have "detailed the headliner twice" but it was still stained. I took it back Saturday and they gave me a loaner so they could attempt to clean the headliner again, but I got a call Tuesday saying they had ordered me a new headliner but it was on a national backorder. I got called today by the dealer trying to schedule to have it put in. So I'm dropping it off Saturday and they're replacing the headliner. Apparently to replace it, it requires removal of the windshield.
  8. I have the non Bose. I'm torn between the lc7i and a DSP. I know a dsp would let me eq better, but the lc7i is a good bit cheaper.
  9. So I'm looking into upgrading my sound system some more. I have a sub/amp installed with an lc2i. I just had all 6 speakers replaced today with an amp and with it running through the lc2i I don't have left/right adjustment. I was wondering if I should go with an lc7i to fix this or go with a dsp (and if so, what kind?) in order to tweak the sound entirely. Thanks in advance for the help.
  10. Sorry, I took it to the dealership shortly after I posted this. They said they couldn't replicate the issue (which is some bull. They said the same thing with a squeaky steering issue that they magically couldn't hear until I demanded they check again.) They "reprogrammed the auto stop" or some crap but it's still doing it. I don't have vent shades but it's going back to the dealership Monday for the leaking back window and a bunch of other things
  11. Mine developed the window leak now. It's a 2019 Crew Cab with a December 12, 2018 build date. It's going in on Monday for the leak and several other things. I had some speakers installed today and the shop told me that the back of the speakers were wet when they took them out. I'm beyond irritated with this.
  12. I have a 2019 Silverado LT Crew cab that has been having an issue with the driver window not rolling all the way up on the automatic roll up. I roll the window down then when I try to roll it up using the automatic function, it will roll about half way up the reverse back down. If I hold the switch, it will roll all the way up. I took it to the dealership and they said "we can't recreate the issue," which I call BS on because it does it about 75% of the time. They "relearned" the auto stop function (or whatever it's called) and it's still doing it. Has anyone else encountered this issue?
  13. Thank you. I looked and couldn't find anything. It does it any time I turn the steering wheel.
  14. Does anyone else have an issue with a squeaking coming from the steering? When I turn the steering wheel, I can hear a squeak coming from somewhere in the steering wheel, shaft, or somewhere deeper. I can't really pinpoint it. Before anyone comes with the obligatory "go to the dealer," I am going to have them check it when I go for an oil change in about 1500 miles.
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