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  1. My window was just replaced about 3 weeks ago. Sorry, the picture is backwards.
  2. So i got the wires done now im trying to take the dash speakers out. Anyone have a workup on how to take out the passenger side? I found a video for the driver side but not the passenger
  3. Is there a way to pop this connector out and if so, how?
  4. I called GM when they damaged the panels and they said they called the DM but they weren't going to do anything about it.
  5. The service manager is a giant douche. They damaged a panel when they replaced my headliner and he told me it "wasn't damaged enough." Then GM told me to basically eat a bag of d*cks because the dealership does their own thing.
  6. My truck is at the dealership now having the back glass replaced. Somehow in replacing the back window, they messed up my back seat. Georgia law requires the vehicle be out of service for 30 or more days cumulative. It's been out of service for over 45 days total since I bought it in June.
  7. I'm in a 2020 Colorado loaner and the screen actually dims, so why can't they fix the silverados?
  8. So long story short, I'm past the point where I qualify for Georgia's Lemon Law (30 or more days out of service cumulative) and I'm debating on whether to ask for a buyback and get out of this truck totally or ask for a replacement. Are the 20's better than the 19's? I have the 19 LT with 5.3 and 8 speed. I loved the truck at first but with the leaking window and everything, I kind of started to hate it. It may also be because of the dealership. Thoughts?
  9. I had an issue with my dealer messing up parts when they replaced my headliner and GM Customer Service told me there is nothing that they can do because they have no control over the dealership
  10. So I got in my truck this morning... and it's leaking again. The headliner is wet on the passenger side again.
  11. Actually I am. I had to walk away from the service manager before the cops were called and I was given a criminal trespass warning. I attempted to speak to the GM of the dealership, but he's one of those people that refuse to leave their office.
  12. I'll call GM again and see if a different person can do better. Until then, I'm going to leave bad reviews about the dealership everywhere I can.
  13. I bought it from Rick Hendrick in Buford. I contacted GM and they told me that they can't force the dealership to do it because they are independently owned.
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