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  1. Thank you. I looked and couldn't find anything. It does it any time I turn the steering wheel.
  2. Does anyone else have an issue with a squeaking coming from the steering? When I turn the steering wheel, I can hear a squeak coming from somewhere in the steering wheel, shaft, or somewhere deeper. I can't really pinpoint it. Before anyone comes with the obligatory "go to the dealer," I am going to have them check it when I go for an oil change in about 1500 miles.
  3. I'm interested in the ceramic coating, but I don't know anyone in my are that does it.
  4. Alright guys, so I'm new to the whole washing the truck extensively thing. I usually just go through a car was and call it good, but this is my first brand new vehicle and am looking to keep it looking as brand new as possible for as long as possible because I paid a lot for it. What are your recommendations for chemicals and tools and whatnot?
  5. I actually just got home from vacation where I drove over 1000 miles with it. I didn't hear any flapping. You could see the fabric dipping over the support bars but I'm assuming that's normal. It's not waterproof but I may just need to do a better job adjusting it.
  6. I will tomorrow. It's pouring down right now. I'll also be able to see how dry it stays
  7. I have a 2019 Chevrolet LT with the home link and all but the basic mirror. So all I need is part number 13581082 and the harness is in the headliner and it's plug and play?
  8. So I installed the Gator roll up today. It seems pretty nice so far
  9. I'm going to install it today so I'll let you know my thoughts on it
  10. I just ordered mine on Amazon Friday. It was supposed to be here yesterday according to Amazon, then today according to USPS, but now it says tomorrow... we'll see when it decides to show up.
  11. I sent an email to them around 7 last night and got a response with the full build sheet around 11 for free.
  12. Sorry, I obviously can't read today. Thanks
  13. I was trying to go without spending the $600 on the Kicker.
  14. So I just bought a 2019 Silverado (New body style) LT crew cab. I'm looking to do just a simple sub install on my factory sound system (not Bose.) The main question I have is wiring the battery (since there's the weird fuse on top) and can I use just a regular loc tapped into the rear speaker wires and not a dsp?
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