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  1. The 2.7 engine has a standard engine oil and transmission cooler Never over 210 trans temp loaded.
  2. In tow haul mode that is 7th gear 1900 rpm @70
  3. Before you buy the 4.3 Did you know it has no trans cooler and you cant get one I bought a new 4.3 in 2015 Pulled my trailer ok transmission was always hot this 2.7 is crazy it pulls my car trailer every week loaded around 7-8 k total weight as good as my 2019 eco diesel I sold when I bought this my regular cab 2.7 is the best tool in my tool box Time will tell if its any good I'm going to find out !
  4. I forgot, My trip average with trailer unloaded and loaded for 224 miles was 15.6 mpg Very impressed with low end power !
  5. I am a used car dealer I tow a 20' open car trailer 2300 # every week from Tallahassee FL. to Dothan Alabama loaded , This week I had a 2005 F150 crew cab 4x4 Lariat on the trailer My 2021 regular cab 2.7 WT. Towed this Like a dream 70 mph 13.5 mpg I love it ! 9600# Trailer rated.
  6. Payload 2280 Truck weight 4520 GVWR 6800 Every 2 door WT for 22 will be 2.7 or optional 5.3 no 4.3
  7. For 2021 my 2.7 work truck reg.cab is rated to tow 9600 with 2280 payload I've seen 25 on the road and 18 city 200 miles.
  8. Just picked up my new 2021 regular cab 4x2 2.7 WT Just 4520 pounds its a blast !
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