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  1. drill out the rivets, that's the right way to do it. However you will have two holes in your front bumper to cover up.
  2. YES!!! Thank you for posting Jeez and thank you GM for addressing the issue.
  3. While idle in a parking lot, do you feel any slop/feedback in your wheel if you do small turns left to right?
  4. Great video, that's exactly the slack I am experiencing. I am surprised that GM F'd up such simple/common component. I wonder if we can get lucky with a good shaft replacement, or if all replacements are faulty. It would be kind of unbelievable to think all HD's are experiencing this issue after 5k miles or so.
  5. I just started to feel this after 2k miles or so. I've never had a vehicle knock around the wheel like this before. I can hear it too.
  6. After a long backorder, I got my color matched fender flairs delivered and installed. They look really good IMO. I may smoke those side markers out eventually, but going to keep them for now.
  7. I just got a call from my dealer who said the fenders arrived! I ordered them a 2-3 weeks ago. Onxy Black. I was originally quoted October, so hang in there if you placed an order!
  8. I feel a similar way. I also feel like I have to be very careful in drive thru's as I've caught the truck creeping forward because i didn't have enough pressure on the brake pedal.
  9. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I recently transitioned to my first diesel. It is so smooth and tows really well. But I think a large part of that is the 10 speed transmission. I have not had to deal with any issues yet, so we'll see how I feel in the future. But for now, I'm sold on diesel.
  10. Yea no kidding. Any reason you didn’t paint them, like your mirrors?
  11. I'm looking into some chrome deletes for my 2020 2500 denali. I'm hoping I can just order some AT4 parts that have things blacked out already, versus painting what I have. Or just order them and paint them so I can keep the stock chrome pieces. I'm having a hell of a time finding the part numbers for the two pieces in the attached picture. 1. Lower Grill Surround thingy 2. Hood Nose thingy Can anybody advise on the proper names or part numbers for these?
  12. Same/similar story for onxy black, which I have a back order out for with my dealer
  13. I have a Denali 2500 and there is just too much chrome. I was planning to remove a few of the chrome pieces surrounding the grill and lights, and color match them to Onyx Black. I've been researching body paint, and found the color code is WA8555. I can buy it in a spray can here: https://www.amazon.com/SEM-19423-Factory-Pack-GM-BLACK-12/dp/B004JX055O I was thinking: etch/prime WA8555 spray can 2k clear coat spray can If I follow the instructions, would something like this last equivalent to the rest of the paint on the truck? I'm asking because I see obvious crap diy paint jobs on cars. Peeling off and whatnot. I'm wondering if I am going down that path buying rattle cans like this.
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