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  1. Yea no kidding. Any reason you didn’t paint them, like your mirrors?
  2. I'm looking into some chrome deletes for my 2020 2500 denali. I'm hoping I can just order some AT4 parts that have things blacked out already, versus painting what I have. Or just order them and paint them so I can keep the stock chrome pieces. I'm having a hell of a time finding the part numbers for the two pieces in the attached picture. 1. Lower Grill Surround thingy 2. Hood Nose thingy Can anybody advise on the proper names or part numbers for these?
  3. Same/similar story for onxy black, which I have a back order out for with my dealer
  4. I have a Denali 2500 and there is just too much chrome. I was planning to remove a few of the chrome pieces surrounding the grill and lights, and color match them to Onyx Black. I've been researching body paint, and found the color code is WA8555. I can buy it in a spray can here: https://www.amazon.com/SEM-19423-Factory-Pack-GM-BLACK-12/dp/B004JX055O I was thinking: etch/prime WA8555 spray can 2k clear coat spray can If I follow the instructions, would something like this last equivalent to the rest of the paint on the truck? I'm asking because I see obvious crap diy paint jobs on cars. Peeling off and whatnot. I'm wondering if I am going down that path buying rattle cans like this.
  5. ~20". Next time I hook up the boat, I'm going to bump up 1 notch and check the clearance with the trailer on.
  6. I watched a bunch of videos before buying this hitch. There were comments suggesting that the B&W hitch was pointless because you had to stow it in order to use the Multi Pro Tailgate. And if you're going to do that, then you might was well just remove it. However, I use it with the ball out and a trailer hooked up (dual axle, for 23 foot wakeboard boat) and it's good. I am 1 notch up from the bottom. It was pretty nice being able to use the multi pro tailgate after a day on the lake, for loading boat gear in the truck. Anyways just thought I would share my experience as an owner of the hitch. I'm 250 lbs and it doesn't come close to touching when I use the step. Highly Recommend.
  7. https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/233905-need-help-making-garage-door-opener-work-on-keyed-circuit/ Found it, I'm going to give this a try.
  8. Is there any control over the disabling the garage door if the truck is locked/off/etc? I don’t keep a remote in my truck because I had a car break in, and the robber opened my garage door and cleaned me out. I was disappointed that the built in opener works with the truck locked and off.
  9. I think people are saying those are pretty minor. These massive trucks are very difficult to keep perfect on every part of the vehicle. If you had an agreement with the dealership for new rims, that’s a different story. I don’t know if this can be treated the same as paint, but have you tried to polish them out?
  10. I have a 2015 Silverado with a manual driver seat that will not recline. It’s stuck in a fairly comfortable position fortunately, but I’m selling the truck and need to sort it out. The right side of the seat (closer to center of truck) will release, but the left seems locked up. any ideas? i attached a video showing the behavior. Sorry it was tough holding the camera and trying to recline so I was using my head to push the seat lol.
  11. Here are some, depending on your color: https://accessories.gmc.com/search?year=2020&make=GMC&model=Sierra 2500 HD&modelId=551&body=Crew Cab Pickup&bodyId=22&wheelId=349&trim=Denali&trimId=577&drive=4WD&driveId=8&engine=6.6L V8 DIESEL&engineId=17460&bodyNumDoors=5&categoryId=12133 It looks like if you change your trim in the accessories search, it pulls up different colors (in case yours isn't listed)
  12. https://dieselnet.com/standards/us/ld_ca.php#levii This link lays out the cryptic details and ratings if you're interested In summary, this truck/year has to qualify under the "Lev III" standards. Which looks California specific (some other states follow the same standards). According to the table, 14,000 lbs. and under needs to show they pass emissions standards. The emissions badge on this sticker shows ULEV270, which is under the Lev III standard.
  13. Oops, it’s actually Kansas (been talking to a lot of dealers). So not quite as close. on the topic of emissions, it *looks* like this is CA compliant, but I’m not totally sure how to interpret it.
  14. I'm a pretty tall guy 6'6"+, and want to purchase a 2020 Denali 2500. It cannot have a sun roof due to the loss of headroom. Thats a tough configuration to find! And definitely not available locally or within my dealer's trade networks. I reached out to some dealers out of state, who can arrange shipping a vehicle with my configuration. I would purchase through them, and ship through uShip or similar. Is this a terrible idea? Any tips for doing this kind of transaction? It's a new vehicle with 50 miles on it, from a 4.1 star dealer (500+ vehicles in inventory). The car will travel from Colorado to California. I'm hesitant to buy sight unseen, even with a new vehicle.
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