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  1. If you happen to find some specific links are relevant documents, would you mind posting them? I will also take a look and post any relevant links that I find.
  2. A few pictures of the new truck at the detailers getting the XPel Ultimate Plus PPF installed. I picked the truck up at the dealer with 35 km on it, drove it straight to detailers and ended with 38 km on it. PPF should be done by end of day tomorrow, 24 hour cure then they start on the ceramic coating. May be able to pick it up Sunday or Monday. The first couple of pictures are of a scratch I missed at the dealer on pickup (asked the dealer not to touch the truck with a cloth, so it was a bit dirty), as well as the same area after the fix: On the picture below showing drivers side front and rear door, the rear door already has the PPF on it:
  3. I'm liking these Gatorback flaps. Anybody use them? https://www.truckhardware.ca/products/category/33-custom-fit?year=2020&make=GMC&model=Sierra+2500HD&sort=#category
  4. I wanted to revive this thread as I think the mud flaps that came with my truck (seen pic below) won't be sufficient protection. Up here in Calgary we get a lot of sanding activity and the roads are covered in grit and grime for what seems like 10 months of the year. I don't think the enclosed ones are the same as the GM Accessories "Flat Splash Guards" shown a couple of posts above. So I am now looking for new mud flaps that look good with the painted wheel arch mouldings and provide good protection. Do you guys think the "Flat Splash Guards" would fit the bill on that? Or, any other suggestions? Thanks.
  5. Actually that is what I am getting, the XPEL product. I am doing a full PPF and ceramic....luckily my guy is still working.
  6. Congrats! I pick mine up as well today - then off for ceramic coating, so I won't get to enjoy it for a bit. I'm doing the same as you - I thought about waiting until April 1 to see what incentives are but I am not sure GM would add anything that would entice people to go out and do more shopping (i.e. contact with more people). It could reflect poorly on them.
  7. I’m not sure when it came in, but I had it on my 2016 GMC 3500 Denali.
  8. I hate to be a stickler, but he is saying that Royal Dutch (oil supplier, not a vehicle manufacturer) is giving you a 500,000 mile warranty. The article you sent says it is illegal for a manufacturer to tie their warranty to a specific type of lubricant. I don't know if the Royal Dutch statement is true, however it is two completely different scenarios.
  9. Well, according to my dealer - “sometimes the parts get shipped separately”, but at least he is now onboard that they are not going to be painting the stock black ones. Phew.
  10. Thanks everyone - I will clarify with the dealer. I'm assuming they just have not looked inside yet and hopefully they are in the truck.
  11. I am going to talk to him tomorrow. My understanding is that "LPO" means the parts are sent to the dealer for them to install. Hopefully he's mistaken.
  12. That's interesting. I wonder if white is different than Dark Sky Metallic. Mine clearly shows LPO on the order workbench.
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