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  1. Hello, Thanks for the great information everyone. I am finally getting after this mod - moving the bumper plug to the bed of the truck. I was able to do everything successfully, but the only thing that I cannot seem to get working is getting the clips to hold for the plug that is now in the bed of the truck. I know that Cool J said that he had to modify the clips to get them to work. Is anybody able to provide an explanation as to how you accomplished this? I did remove the bed liner already, so the plug is sitting against metal. Any help would be greatl
  2. Hello, I replaced my pin box with the Reese Goosebox so that I could keep the bed of my truck clear and switch to a goose neck system. The Goosebox does not void the warranty on my 5th wheel frame, and it was a very easy install. I was coming from an older 5th wheel hitch and would have had to upgrade it anyway, so the cost was essentially a wash for me. Again, the added benefit of not having to lift out a heavy hitch and keep the bed of the truck open 100% of the time made it a no brainer for me.
  3. I don't know about the active shutters, but I have seen his videos before. I could not imagine paying $80k+ (Canadian) for a truck and then ripping it apart like he does...gives me nightmares.
  4. I have used ProClip as well on my previous trucks and really like them, but have not bought one yet for my new truck. Which mount did you go with? I've never been a fan of the ones that go in the air vents, so I was looking at the right or left console mount. My concern on the left one is that it would hit my knee and my concern on the right one is that I would not be able to angle the phone enough to see if from the drivers seat.
  5. I had this exact same issue with my 2016. I felt it was a safety issue - if I took my foot slightly off the brake the truck would actually surge forward. If I was slowly creeping forward into a parking space or garage, it was a little nerve racking. Dealer had no idea what it was. Like yours, it was intermittent. When I sold the truck, I fully disclosed the issue to the buyer. Supposedly he had a diesel mechanic friend that said this was typical of these diesel trucks that have mostly city miles on them (which mine did, but sounds like yours does not). He said they just needed
  6. No instructions, but this guy shows the install starting at about 5:34. Good luck.
  7. Thanks, that makes sense. I got a little confused when pp said barcode - thought it had to be scanned by the GMC app or something!
  8. On my 2020 3500 Denali HD I have had the full Xpel Ultimate plus and the full XPel Fusion Plus Ceramic coating for about a month now and can make the following comments: The finish is definitely glossy and shiny (see picture below). I think it comes down to personal preference. I do like the matt coating on the car above, but I think my personal preference on the truck, given it is such a large palette, would be the gloss finish. But again, this is definitely personal preference. I was surprised that I still get the dirt film on the vehicle when it gets wet and dirty.
  9. See page 219 of the owner's manual and this article here: https://www.safetyresearch.net/blog/articles/general-motors-quietly-installs-keyless-engine-shutoff. I could see how that would be annoying in your particular situation, although for me I cannot see a situation where I would have the vehicle parked and running for more than an hour.
  10. On the off chance, I checked with my parts guy up here in Calgary, Canada. He is saying the same as you - GM Canada and US are out of that part...sorry. Have you thought of checking at some auto wreckers?
  11. Hello - I ordered a 2020 GMC Denali 3500HD and it did not come with a console tray. Does anyone know if they are supposed to come with that tray? Thanks.
  12. Check the deferrals fine print. Up here in Canada they were advertising it like crazy. I asked about it when I picked up my truck and they clarified that you still incur interest during the deferral period.
  13. You have to put the front ones on. The way you have it now, it definitely looks like they are just missing. Otherwise, looks great - good mod.
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