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  1. Totally agree with you here. At some level you also have to factor in how well these things keep their value. I sold my 2016 3500 Denali with 47,000 km on it in the high $50's, very easily (dealer was going to give me $51k, no questions asked). The caveat on that is that was in Canada, which is not an apples to apples comparison with the used market in the US.
  2. Has anybody used bluedriver (https://www.bluedriver.com/products/bluedriver-scan-tool). It supposed will show your live regen status. I have never used it, but have been looking into it.
  3. Yeah, so we are in the same ballpark. Are you in Canada? It appears the US members of this site are getting better percentage discounts overall.
  4. Yes - 9.9% without incentives ($2000 not included), 12.0% with incentives ($2000 included). I was told by the sales manager that it was $500 above invoice before incentives, however I did not see the invoice price and cannot verify.
  5. I ordered a Sierra 3500 Denali Crew Cab, short box - also in Dark Sky Metallic. Looking forward to seeing that colour in person, looks great in the pictures I have seen. Did you get a good deal? I got about 12% off MSRP, but man did I have to fight for that. In Alberta here, they just won't give up anything on those big trucks.
  6. Yes, same as mine. I wrote my dealer today to get more information on the product as well as a ballpark price. I will let you know what I find out.
  7. Interesting, I am going to have to check around here in Canada to see what is comparable. I bought the extended warranty on my 2018 Traverse and it was an 84/100, and by all indications it was a GM managed extended warranty.
  8. Yes, agreed, it is a money grab for them. My nephew works in a finance department at a non-GMC dealership and he says they literally make $100's of thousands of dollars on these types of add-ons. He did say, as well, that they are completely negotiable. The only thing that keeps me on the fence is we had an Acadia a while back and the blind spot warning sensors went south on it. The repair for that was just north of $3,000. In that case, the EPP would have been worth it. I guess it is similar to insurance - you hope you never need it, but you have it for peace of mind. When are you expecting delivery? I'd be curious to see what kind of quotes we both get on it.
  9. Thanks. I’m pretty sure I’m going for the full wrap and the ceramic coating. I got a great price and living in Calgary, I’m hoping it will be easier to clean.
  10. Hello, I typically purchase the Husky Liners for my trucks as I like the material and the coverage they provide. For my soon to be arriving 2020, I was thinking about the GMC all weather mats. Has anybody had a chance to compare the two products? Which one generally provides more coverage? Also, I thought I saw/read that you had to trim the rear storage box to get the all weather mats to work. Is this true? Anyone have any pictures of this? Thanks.
  11. Sorry for the confusion - I could be incorrect as I am just going off of what I read and how my older trucks works, in terms of the turn by turn navigation (my 2020 is on order, so cannot test). With my old truck, even though I did not have the turn by turn navigation activated by OnStar, I could still use the trucks navigation system to get turn by turn directions. My assumption was that this would work the same for the new trucks. I am fairly certain though, that other apps will not transmit to the HUD.
  12. Navigation function of the truck is separate from the Navigation services provided by OnStar, so this functionality should not go away. Regardless, you will not be able to use Waze, google or any other non-GM navigation system in the HUD display.
  13. Thanks for the reply. I am up in Calgary, Alberta so nearly the exact same conditions as you. When you say the "Grill Surround", is that the chrome portion? I was not planning on doing any of the chrome as I read that you can sometime see glue or glue-like imperfections. Funny that you mentioned the tailgate - that was the exact reason I was thinking of getting the tailgate done.
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