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  1. This is what I got off of the GM chat today "The order has been accepted by GM system and is broadcasted for production" can anyone give me guess on how long until my truck gets made? Thanks Mike
  2. Well that sucks. I'm going to ask the dealer to install it. 60-70K+ and gm can't install them?
  3. Kevin, Looks fantastic. thanks for posting the photo. Mike
  4. Kevin, did you order the truck with the switches from the factory or did you buy the kit? From the bulletin it sound much easier if ordered from the factory with some components installed at the factory. Can an average person with some mechanical ability do it or should I pay the dealer?
  5. That is ridiculous. It's $150 for the switches ordered from the factory on top of the 50 - 70k+ we pay for the trucks. You would think someone besides us would install them after spending that much money.
  6. Kevin, I was under the impression that the switches went to the left of the steering wheel. (see the eBay link below) https://www.ebay.com/itm/264542468153?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT
  7. I hope so. The dealer just told me today that the factory "Should have picked up the order" this week so I'm not sure what that means for me getting the truck.
  8. Tony, my truck is also on order, but I don’t think I’ll see it until after the new year.
  9. Kevin, I was wondering about that. Every photo I have looked at that had that option was installed did not have it in the photo. I figured if the factory didn’t put it in the dealer would install them.
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