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  1. I dont hear a single noise in the mornings on the way to work but every day on the ride home I do especially if it's been baking in the sun. Even my little kids in the back get startled and say "what was that noise". For the first 10 min ride on my way home it might make a dozen clicks, clunks, pops or other various sounds. A lot of the time it seems to be coming from the rear roof, rear window or rear seat. I am actually getting my whole rear window replaced due to it leaking, however I doubt the sounds are tied to the window leak issue. I'm not that concerned but never had I owned a vehicle that made these sounds.
  2. Has anyone else experienced this. When my truck sits in the sun all day and as I am driving home from work I hear randon clunks, clicks, thuds from the back seat area. Maybe rear window or seat or seems to also come from up high. Not sure how to totally describe it. It seems to happen when the truck is hot and the air conditioning is cooling down the cab. Maybe it's a material expanding and contracting as the cab cools down. It's not the end of the world but its annoying.
  3. Didn't notice any leaks in the past few rains but it poured today and it leaked in the same spot. Dealer is now ordering a new rear window.
  4. Everything fixed and broken clip is ordered. I will know shortly after I wash it if the leak is resolved.
  5. Got the truck back from dealer. There is a bulletin for the repair. Essentially they pull down the back part of the headliner and remove the rear spoiler. They then apply seam sealer to the top of the window seal where the water is getting in. I believe the issue is the plastic frame that the sliding window is in may have hairline cracks allowing water in between that and the window seal. Seems like a crappy fix but let's see if it holds. Worst part is they got some of the sealer on the spoiler. I asked them to clean it and they scuffed up the clearcoat in the process. They then had to buff it out. They also broke a clip in the headliner. I hate that a truck with 300 miles has to be torn apart for bullshit quality from GM.
  6. Well I have had my truck for just over one week and just noticed a small wet spot on the top of the rear window on the drivers side. It's where the top plastic slider frame ends. If I look closely I can see a few verticle streaks in the glass from where it must have leaked previously. Under 300 miles and its going back to the dealer tomorrow.
  7. Last three are 073. Don't think I will get any sleep tonight. Like a kid on Christmas.
  8. Well I did the online chat again this morning and they didnt have any updates and no ETA. I happened to drive by my dealership on way home from work and there was my truck! It was just unloaded and I will pick it up tomorrow. TPW 3/16 "the week they shutdown for 2 months" Built 6/5 Arrived at dealership 7/13
  9. You are very lucky. I too had the original TPW of 3/16 with a build date of 6/5. My truck has been sitting in Twin Oaks, PA for almost 2 weeks. No ETA yet. So close.
  10. Just found out I am now at event code 4800. Truck unloaded at railyard and awaiting truck transport to dealer.
  11. Just did the online chat and was told the following. Looks like it will arrive in NJ next week. The vehicle was last seen in Walbridge, OH and the estimated time of arrival in Twin Oaks, PA is on June 27th, 2020.
  12. My latest update. Truck was ordered 2/19/20. TPW of 3/16. Built 6/5 (event code 3800) 6/12/20 Bayed at Flint Distribution Center waiting for carrier. 6/17/20 Dealership called that they received the invoice and the truck was being shipped. (event code 4300) 6/19/20 Bayed in New Boston, Michigan.
  13. I was just told that my truck is at event code 4300. Truck had a TPW of 3/16 and was built on 6/5.
  14. Just checked mine as well. They said its bayed at the Flint distribution center waiting for the carrier. I also checked my vin and my truck now shows up on my dealers website as in transit. Getting closer.
  15. My vin is also 263### and I just had my status checked. I am now at event code 3800. Very happy to know its built. Let's see how quickly it makes it's way to the dealer.
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