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  1. I was under the impression the dealer will install the painted ones the same way they would install mud flaps if they were ordered with the truck.
  2. Well if its built that is exciting news. Even if it ships I would have no way to receive it as the sales portion of dealerships are shut down here in NJ until further notice. Hopefully all this chaos clears up in a few weeks. Looking forward to seeing what kind of incentives and rebates GM puts out in April.
  3. My truck had a TPW of 3/16 and of course it was the week they shut down. I just had someone I know that can access the GM Order Workbench check the status of my truck. It shows event code of 3400 and also shows the VIN. Is there a chance it was built given the fact it shows the VIN?
  4. Just checked on the GMC chat and they confirmed my TPW is still 3/16. They always remind you that this can change but I'm optimistic that we are on track. I will call dealer for an update at the end of next week.
  5. I ordered my 2020 GMC 3500HD Denali with Duramax, Ultimate Package, Carbon Black Metallic, and Snow Plow Prep on February 19th. A few days later I checked on GMC chat and they said the order was accepted by GM. I checked the chat again on February 27th and they told me the TPW was March 16th.
  6. Great deal. I just ordered mine yesterday and got 9.6% off plus whatever incentives are available when I take delivery. Had to work very hard for that price.
  7. Are you counting the $2,000 manufacture incentive when you say you received 12% off MSRP?
  8. Do you have any pictures of the truck without the plow on it? I would love to see how the brackets and plug connection location looks on the 2020. I run a Boss plow on my older GM and plan on ordering a 2020 3500HD in the upcoming weeks. I wonder how much trimming if any is needed. Thanks
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