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  1. Took truck in for squeaky brakes for the second time and I am not happy with the outcome. First time I took it in they replaced only the front pads per the TSB. This time they tell me the rotors are glazed and should be turned or replaced at MY COST. they say the rotors are warped from heat. I have only towed a 2 place open snowmobile trailer last winter, other then that it is driven to work 10 miles round trip every day mostly city and highway, no gravel. Get your crap together GM! Miles were 15K when replaced front pads & 22K when I took it in this time.
  2. Sorry if this has been asked but why does the drivers side lower convex mirror not adjust like the passenger side. Not high enough!
  3. Plasti-kote brand. Got them through walmart.com. they have been on two other trucks.
  4. What is everyone doing for mud flaps on the '20 2500hd's with factory molded splash guards? Are you mounting them to the inside like normal? Any clearance issues? Or thought I seen where they were mounted to the rear side of splash guard? Thanks Going on '20 2500HD Denali White Frost
  5. Wondering what everyone is getting for fuel mileage on there 2020 2500hd with the 6.6 duramax and 6.6 gas. Trying to decide between the two. Coming off a 2017 1500 slt with the 6.2 max tow. Got anywhere from 17- 21 depending on how I drove it. Thanks. Sorry if this has been asked already.
  6. Anybody have any insight as to what the rebates are going to be for the month of May?
  7. Where can you find winter blades like the old ones surrounded by rubber.
  8. I am sure this has been asked before but is there any way to make the front clearance light on tow mirrors able to be a blinker also? Traded my 2014 SLT Max Tow for a 2017 SLT Max Tow. My 14 did not have tow mirrors but 17 does. Thanks
  9. Had a B/W gooseneck hitch installed for our camper. after using it a couple times i noticed some small dents on rear fender. After trying to figure out what was going on , came to realize it was from my knees standing on tire to unhook the gooseneck. heres a pic. Metal is very thin.
  10. Dealer does not tell me what there is, that is why I am asking to see what is out there.
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