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  1. I ordered them from CST. They make them. https://cstsuspension.com/product-category/skid-plates/
  2. I realized it was in the wrong section after I posted, but on the road now. If a moderator sees this, please move.
  3. CST STAGE 9 SUSPENSION SYSTEM -METHOD RACE WHEELS -17X8.5” MATTE BLACK -AMP RESEARCH POWERSTEP XL -BANKS DERRINGER SYSTEM GEN 2 WITH IDASH 1.8 DATA MONSTER -BANKS SINGLE GAUGE POD KIT 52MM -37 inch Toyo MTs -Blacked out roof -Painted Embled's -Ceramic Coated -Full front end protective Wrap -Lockerdown console Safe Short Video: https://youtu.be/4tsG74dmbwo
  4. Finally feels done! Mods: *Blacked out Roof/Black Tint/Smoked wheel reflectors/Badges and emblems Blacked out. *Banks Derringer / Pedal Commander *Method NV HD Wheels 17's, 37 inch Toyo Mt's. *CST Stage 9 4 inch Lift, CST upper control arms, Extreme Duty Tie rods, Alumnium Skid plate (Painted black / Red) *AMP Research Powerstep XL *Locker Down Digital Safe in console. *S&B Cold air intake *
  5. Hi Fellas, Got this weird tick on cold starts... Goes away after truck gets warm. Check it out.
  6. Very nice, more pics please.! I plan to buy the same kit, just waiting for the Fox elite shocks w/4 inch left to come out.
  7. I know the feeling man... We need to get a petition going. Crazy how everyone gets home with a brand new truck from the dealer and hears the loud knock.
  8. I installed the S&B filter and no light. Very Happy with it. Check lights come on if you don't disable the Airfilter life system.
  9. Bad ass, I reserved one for the wifey! I'm sure I'll be taking it out on test drives often!
  10. Doesn't happen often, I notice it when the truck is deceling to a stop. Usually after it goes in boost. Doesn't happen every time. Super weird, but I'm thinking it may just be normal.
  11. Hi guys, Just purchased a brand new 2020 AT4 HD. I have the infamouse thumping sound at idle... (barf). But confirmed it makes that noise on a few other trucks in person. What I wanted to ask about was a noise that comes here and there, I think if I get in boost, then slow down to a stop (deceleration). Goes away when truck comes to a stop, happens for a few seconds only. Does not happen all the time... I had a waste gate rattle on My M5, not sure if this is the wastegate. I wanted to see if anyone else has a similar noise. BTW took it to the dealer, they told me its normal, and diesels make noise. lol Anyways, thi sis my first diesel, so any feedback would be great!
  12. How did you get the badging darker? Also, side mirrors, how did you get the dark inserts?
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