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  1. I ordered them from CST. They make them. https://cstsuspension.com/product-category/skid-plates/
  2. I realized it was in the wrong section after I posted, but on the road now. If a moderator sees this, please move.
  3. CST STAGE 9 SUSPENSION SYSTEM -METHOD RACE WHEELS -17X8.5” MATTE BLACK -AMP RESEARCH POWERSTEP XL -BANKS DERRINGER SYSTEM GEN 2 WITH IDASH 1.8 DATA MONSTER -BANKS SINGLE GAUGE POD KIT 52MM -37 inch Toyo MTs -Blacked out roof -Painted Embled's -Ceramic Coated -Full front end protective Wrap -Lockerdown console Safe Short Video: https://youtu.be/4tsG74dmbwo
  4. Finally feels done! Mods: *Blacked out Roof/Black Tint/Smoked wheel reflectors/Badges and emblems Blacked out. *Banks Derringer / Pedal Commander *Method NV HD Wheels 17's, 37 inch Toyo Mt's. *CST Stage 9 4 inch Lift, CST upper control arms, Extreme Duty Tie rods, Alumnium Skid plate (Painted black / Red) *AMP Research Powerstep XL *Locker Down Digital Safe in console. *S&B Cold air intake *
  5. Hi Fellas, Got this weird tick on cold starts... Goes away after truck gets warm. Check it out.
  6. Very nice, more pics please.! I plan to buy the same kit, just waiting for the Fox elite shocks w/4 inch left to come out.
  7. I know the feeling man... We need to get a petition going. Crazy how everyone gets home with a brand new truck from the dealer and hears the loud knock.
  8. I installed the S&B filter and no light. Very Happy with it. Check lights come on if you don't disable the Airfilter life system.
  9. Bad ass, I reserved one for the wifey! I'm sure I'll be taking it out on test drives often!
  10. Doesn't happen often, I notice it when the truck is deceling to a stop. Usually after it goes in boost. Doesn't happen every time. Super weird, but I'm thinking it may just be normal.
  11. Hi guys, Just purchased a brand new 2020 AT4 HD. I have the infamouse thumping sound at idle... (barf). But confirmed it makes that noise on a few other trucks in person. What I wanted to ask about was a noise that comes here and there, I think if I get in boost, then slow down to a stop (deceleration). Goes away when truck comes to a stop, happens for a few seconds only. Does not happen all the time... I had a waste gate rattle on My M5, not sure if this is the wastegate. I wanted to see if anyone else has a similar noise. BTW t
  12. How did you get the badging darker? Also, side mirrors, how did you get the dark inserts?
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