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  1. I'm happy with it and it cast decent light. I wanted the lights behind the grill so I had to give up some of the lighting for that. I am using the 14" lights and are very happy with them. I did add a second row of lights on top for no particle reason except I could. In hindsight I would not have done the second row because I don't see that much difference in the amount of light.
  2. Is the only termination point the wires under the dash or is their a spot under the hood that you can hook up to the switches? Also I only have 4 wires but 5 switches. how do you terminate the fifth switch position?
  3. After 244 days on order I have my truck. The switches are in the knee bolster but nothing is wired. The dealers not sure whos paying for it when I bring it back. A $64,000 truck and GM can't do it at the factory? Come on GM you can do better than that.?
  4. My latest update The truck was ordered on 10/26/19 Was told 6-8 weeks for truck so should be in around December 28th. TPW of 3/16 Truck built sometime the week of 5/25 6/9 truck at rail yard in New Boston 6/19 Truck in rail yard in NJ waiting for a truck to take it to CT
  5. My last update today is the truck is shipped to New Boston MI. Anyone know why that is? Ultimately the truck is coming to CT.
  6. I don't have that info. That was the only time I was given an event code. My build date was 3/16 and it was built the week of 5/25
  7. I did. I did the chat on 5/28 and was told the truck was built and I was given a VIN. I was also given a event code of 4000. I did the chat yesterday and was only told that the truck was built with no further info avalable. Mike
  8. I did get an event code from the chat. I have been following this thread so my confidence is not very high in the info from the chat.
  9. I now have a VIN and an event code of 4000. 32 week so far and counting from date of order.
  10. Just out of curiosity are all the 3/16 TPW 6.6 gas. That is what I'm getting with a 3/16 TPW.
  11. Same thing with me. 31 weeks on order and still counting.
  12. Anyone know if trucks that are already built will be shipped to the dealers?
  13. Hi all, Does anyone have Ally extended warranty? If so what do you think of it and how much did you pay for it? Thanks MIke
  14. My dealer sells "Ally warranty" anyone have any experience with that company and if so what did you pay?
  15. After 19 weeks on order I have a TPW of March 16th. It's been almost 20 years since I have had a new truck and back then you could fix just about anything. With all the technology now I don't think its in my wheelhouse to fix it now. I know it's subjective based on price and coverage but what is everyone's opinion of purchasing an extended warranty? The truck is a 2500HD well equipped. My plan is to keep the truck up to 10 years. Thanks Mike
  16. Hi, whats the name of the warranty company that you went with? Thanks Mike
  17. This is what I got off of the GM chat today "The order has been accepted by GM system and is broadcasted for production" can anyone give me guess on how long until my truck gets made? Thanks Mike
  18. Well that sucks. I'm going to ask the dealer to install it. 60-70K+ and gm can't install them?
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