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  1. That is a picture that a friend sent me. He works at a Chevrolet dealer. I haven't been able to find any pictures on the internet at all.
  2. The grill is 84691991 $982.56 The upper fascia (#6) 84678988 is $503.70 These prices are supposed to be wholesale prices that a buddy that works in parts can get them for me for. But a google search does show online dealers that could possibly get from cheaper.
  3. Looks like you have to swap out the fender corners, as well. That piece wraps under the grill assembly. Not sure if they are sold together or not.
  4. So then you have a 2" block on the rear now then? You got any pic's? I've been thinking about doing this, 2" in front, and a 2" block in the rear. I have a 15' CCSB 5.3 NHT
  5. I like these too. Wish they offered them in the 20" size.
  6. I've heard that there is some sort of device that can "capture" transmitter frequency/code, and clone it. Then the thief press's button on their device and can unlock vehicle as if they have OEM remote. Never sets off alarm as car thinks its "real". Happened to a co-worker of mine when she was on vacation. They went to the beach, put all their valuables in the trunk. Locked it with the keyfob. Went to beach, when they came back all their stuff was gone. They reported it to cops. They told her about "capture" device. Then she recalled someone "out of place" on the beach. Was a guy sitting on beach fully clothed, tennis shoes and all on the phone whole time - presumably the lookout. And other guy was clearing out the trunk. Cops recommended to her that when leaving the vehicle, use the interior lock. That way there is no signal to capture and be used while your away.
  7. By chance what phone are you using? I have 2015 with bose and factory nav, and when I link with bluetooth, and use the phone navigation I get no turn by turn from the phone or thru the truck, but once I turn bluetooth off, it works on the phone. The phone I have is an LG G4
  8. Yea, i pretty sure an update will take care of this. I noticed the same thing couple months ago, that the rewind didn't work. Next time I was in for oil change, I spoke to service writer about it and they took care of it with a reprogram/update. On another note, I have notice that when bluetooth is connected and I am using the phone navigation I get no turn by turn speech audio from the phone or the truck's bluetooth? Anyone else have this issue? I can play music, and even audio from video's will play to the trucks audio system via bluetooth. I have a 2015 with the bose and OEM navigation, with a LG G4 phone. I know when I had a loaner 2014, I sync'd my Samsung S3 to it and it gave me turn by turn over the truck's audio. Tried it with he S3 and my 2015 and it didn't work, thought maybe it was phone compatibility and never thought about it. Then got LG G4 and tried it, and still same thing. Just wondering if anyone else's works or doesn't work.
  9. If you look on ebay, there are parking assist kits that you can add on that are aftermarket. They have sensors that look similar to OEM ones, and there is a smaller little LED indicator that you can mount on top of your rear view mirror ( or whereever you want). http://www.ebay.com/itm/Metra-TE-8PSK-Universal-Waterproof-Front-Rear-Parking-Assist-Kit-/301565524144?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4636b4b8b0&vxp=mtr Here is a link to one of the types of units I have seen. This seller has them for $80, it was a quick search. Not sure if it would fit with OEM bumper or not, otherwise sharpen up a drill bit and open up some holes in the bumper you have. Hope that helps.
  10. If you are displaying a single row at the bottom all the time, you can also drag the screen left or right to display the next "page" of favorites. I find this easier than dragging the screen up. You can also edit the displayed name on the favorite to what ever you want also, so rather than ( 101.3 ) displayed, you could have it show ( Station Name ). You can also save anything to the favorites, not just stations. You can save phone contacts for easy access, favorite songs from usb or sd drives also. Kinda a neat thing I stumbled across.
  11. How did you take airbag, and trim out to cover it? This is the only item left that I have left to do. The 3m Di-Noc carbon fiber is very easy to work with I feel. Its east to stretch, and reposition.
  12. I am new newer this forum. Been reading several of these catch can topics. I just had a few questions. Looking at mjj's picture up above in post #604, I had a question. Not knowing how the intake is plumbed, I noticed that both valve covers have a hose that run to the air intake "wing" apparatus? Is that air that is being pulled out of motor to be reburned, or pushed into the motor? I was going to attach an edited picture, but have yet to figure that out.
  13. How much does it cost to get the dipping done? Approximately. I've seen video's on youtube. just not sure who would do it.
  14. I wish they had this rim in a factory 20". ( SEY style ) I only 2500 miles on my truck, and you couldn't get these on the NHT package. And I wanted the NHT package more than the rims.
  15. A co-worker of mine had an oil pressure sending unit code like you are having. Dealer replaced sending unit also ( and charged him) .He was driving home and check engine light came on, so he went back. They scanned it , came up with same code. The decided to keep it a couple days to figure it out. two days later, he picks it up, ended up that the something in the oil filter went, and was causing a restriction in the oiling system. Computer wasn't seeing the correct oil pressure for the parameters it was running. the vehicle is a 2010 silverado 5.3 I'd have them throw on a new filter and see where that goes.
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