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  1. Is there such think as Non commercial plates, that can be registered over 10000 lbs gvw? Here in MN, you can register truck to 12000 and have plates that state non commercial on them. It does state on the plate in fine print that if used in a commercial capacity that there maybe fines and may require display of DOT numbers.
  2. I wish that you could you could get the LTZ grey woodgrain on the high country.
  3. I think that there should be an option for Z71 off road and protection package. I thought it brought all the Z71 stuff, and the all weather floor mats and spray in liner.
  4. I took a look under the truck quickly tonight. Trying to figure out which holes the mount in. I saw some round rubber plugs about 1/2" in diameter, and i saw some that were about 1" in diameter that had plastic plugs in them. What holes do they go into?
  5. Anyway you would be able to get measurements for the mounting holes on the truck? I'm trying to see if a set from a 1500 will fit. I like the 1500's boards that look like the high country boards, but they are considered "wheel to wheel" and like the additional foot space. I realize that the will still be little short as the 1500's box's are a little shorter. And the board i like has 4 mounts, as pictured in my earlier picture above. The 2500/3500's have 3 or 4 mounts depending on the board design ( high country style have 3, and some of the tube ones have 4 mounts). It's been pretty cold and snowy here and haven't been able to climb under my truck to take measurements. Thanks.
  6. Did your grill come in yet? There is a "trim" filler piece that looks like it would be required as well I think. Part # 84678988, part #6 in diagram. I would it would assume it would need to be painted to match. I really wish they would have offered HC grill as a option by itself.
  7. If you ordered it, when it actually comes in there could be better incentives that you maybe be able to utilize when it lands on the dealer lot. I've never ordered a truck, just have had them dealer trade units. How does financial stuff work when you order it? Do you "pay" upfront? When I looked into ordering, the dealer i was looking at said that if the incentives were better when the truck arrived then could use them. But they still ended up dealer trading for my unit.
  8. did you have to cut the hole? Or was the switch mounted and you had to run the wires?
  9. Do these mount with 3 or 4 brackets? I see that the factory ones use 3 brackets on the crew cab model. I have saw someone on facebook had some of that look like the OEM ones, but were 100" long, and 4 brackets mounting it. Would these be wheel to wheel models? Does anyone with the factory one's have a length measurement? The one I'm looking at is the upper most one. Thanks.
  10. I'm in the same boat. Coming from 2015 NHT 1500. I ending up with a 3500 Duramax- for the same reason. Want to be able to whatever I want (pretty much) without concern. And I feel I got a stellar deal on a LTZ Duramax, although I really wanted the HC front end.
  11. Here are the numbers off of my purchase agreement. $3413 in rebates off of the $65403 cash sale price of rebates for a total price if $61,990 then my trade. And your tax amount would vary depending if you had trade or not. No matter what we pay, as long as we're happy with the deal is the importantant thing. If one were willing to travel to MN, Jeff Belzers in Lakeville has some pretty decent prices. I saw a Duramax High Country with high country deluxe package for sale, $59,999. By the time i was gonna go look at it, it had sold.
  12. Here is window sticker from an unit like i purchased. Hope screen shot works, never posted before. MSRP is $73,970, after the $1500 package discount. And other screen shot is of the dealers page advertising it, and this is today - with out the $2000 GM loyalty. And yesterday there was a $1403 Costco supplier pricing (just being a Costco member got me this discount). So $8577 dealer mark down, $2000 GM loyalty, and $1403 = $11980 total discount. And I have Costco executive membership so i should be getting $700 Costco cash card. I left work early so i could go do paperwork, otherwise it would have cost me an extra $3400 today, and no $700 Costco cash card. I'm excited to get the truck, but the wife is mad about it.
  13. I just did paperwork on a 2020 3500 Duramax SRW, got it 16% off msrp. Thru my credit union i am getting 7 year/100k - $0 deductible warranty,- covers prettt much whole truck for $1900. And getting the $700 Costco card as well.
  14. I don't believe so, the high country grill goes from headlight to headlight. Where the LTZ grill goes from grill to a filler trim piece then headlight.
  15. That is a picture that a friend sent me. He works at a Chevrolet dealer. I haven't been able to find any pictures on the internet at all.
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