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  1. here she is, 2020 Dbl Cab, SLT, gas, quicksilver metallic, X31, other options/etc.. Ordered:1/30/20 TPW: 3/9/20(build sheet says Thursday 3/12/09) Delivered: 4/29/20 Took 13 weeks, but I’m happy she made it off the line before the shutdown, maybe one of the last ones?!
  2. Ordered my 2500 Sierra SLT double cab gas on 1/28, have a build date of 3/9
  3. Sorry should have elaborated, the truck is 2020 GMC Sierra 2500 Double Cab SLT with 6.6 gas, the GVWR auto populated to 10,550. when applying code C7A it’s removing NE1 and forcing either YF5 or FE9 I believe(ill have to ask the dealer which one it forces again) Is this an issue in MA? my dealership advised against it after he couldn’t find a solid answer.
  4. Where can I find more Information on this? when ordering a 2020 Sierra through my dealership in MA selecting the C7A code for 10,000 gvwr triggers federal emissions or California emissions(can’t remember which one) why would the gvwr change the emissions? Really don’t want to deal with the DOT number deal on this truck. thanks kevin
  5. Yes, you can register it with normal passenger plates, and claim your using it as a personal vehicle. After my dealer did some research and i couldn't come up with an solid answer we decided its best to order it with the GVWR of 10,550lbs and either use passenger plates on it or bite the bullet and get a DOT # with the commercial plates.
  6. Thanks for the response! Massachusetts adopted federal standards last year I believe....”Engaged in intrastate commerce having a gross vehicle weight rating or gross combination weight rating of 10,001 or more pounds” This means the truck as it sits with a commercial plate on it, no trailer, needs a DOT number on it which I’d love to avoid if possible. if I had personal plates on the truck there would be no issue. I guess the real question is what is the difference between Federal Emissions(FE9), MA emissions(NE1), and California Emissions(YF5).
  7. New here and dug around but couldn't find the answer i'm looking for. My dealership is on the verge of ordering me a 2020 Sierra 2500HD 6.6 double cab. the GVWR auto populates to 10,550(over DOT cutoff). When trying to de-rate it to 10,000lbs with option code C7A it triggers California emissions YF5. Why is this? Will this effect me in Massachusetts? I know both California and Mass are both up there as far as emissions Nazis goes. Looking for someone with some knowledge in this area. Thanks in advance. Kevin
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