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  1. The No Trailer Connected issue has gotten more complicated. I have a car trailer with LED lights and have the same issue. The dealer has been really good about trying to resolve the issue. They replaced the ECM under the spare tire and the 7 pin connector. We have the same issue even with the new components. Plus it is now worse, the system loses its memory of the pairing to the TPMS. We just returned from a 8 day trip from Michigan and had multiple issues, had to stop by a Chevrolet dealer midpoint in the trip to relearn the TPMS which they did very promptly. Local Dealer is working with
  2. Our mileage while traveling at 72 MPH was 9.5 MPG. The truck pulls the trailer effortlessly. No more engine revs when it downshifts for a small grade. No more sway when passed by semi's or high winds. No more white knuckle driving.
  3. My mileage when no pulling a trailer is fine, nearly 20. It is not so good when pulling a travel trailer weighing 8000 pounds. We just completed a 3600 trip from Michigan to Texas and back pulling the 8000 pound trailer. Mileage averaged at 10.5, it varied from 8 to 13, depending on winds and speeds. We drive on 2 lane roads as much as possible and I drove at 62 MPH most of the time. We drove about 500 miles on the interstate where I drove at 72MPH. Mileage is not as good as I hoped and doubt that it will improve. We have 4800 miles on the truck, others say if will improve once we get 3
  4. Just returned from a 4 week trip to Texas with the travel trailer and had numerous problems with "no trailer connected" issues. Truck always recognized trailer connection, lights work, gain and tow mode restored, but often the "no trailer connected" when I check trailer for TPM. Doesn't matter if truck is off when plugging in the trailer. If I stop for fuel and unplug and replug, it might start working. We do not have LEDs on the exterior trailer lights. I will take the truck in for its first service once the pandemic passes and hopefully they can figure it out. Of course that will require
  5. We just returned from spring break in Texas. We are from Michigan and we put on 3600 miles pulling a 8000 travel trailer with 2020 LTZ Duramax. This is our first experience pulling a TT with a diesel, what a great experience. We have 48000 miles on the TT, most of them with a 2014 GMC Sierra SLT with 6.2 liter and max tow. We had 1200 miles on the truck when we left and DEF was one bar from full. We had to Def 4 times. Usage was erratic, Sometimes we got well over a 1000 miles on the DEF and then needed 4 gal, other times less that 500 miles and had to add 4 gal. Interesting using truck
  6. Hope you have the solution. I did have the truck running when I hooked it up. I just went out and unhooked the trailer wiring. I will rehook in the morning before I start the truck. I will follow-up tomorrow with the result. Thank You very much for the quick response. Cheers
  7. running a 2020 2500 Duramax LTZ dbl cab pulling a 20foot travel trailer. Dealer setup TPM with no issues. We are on our first road trip, going to be out for 7 weeks and about 4000 miles. Truck has 1700 miles and is a dream to travel with. Tried to check the TPM and am getting the message that there is no Trailer Connected. The trailer is connected, trailer lights are working, trailer brakes working. How to resolve?
  8. My dealer offered me an extended warranty, bumper to bumper, 10 years, 150000 miles and my cost was $1500. I jumped on the deal what with all of the technology, cameras, etc. My truck LTZ Dmax and hopefully my last truck as I am 75 already.
  9. couple of simple things I miss are the overhead storage for glasses that I had on my 2014 1500 and storage pocket on the back of the console that would hold a small box of Kleenex. The underseat storage compartment was much more practical as well.
  10. I have 2 trailers, and 2 trailer profiles. Had this issue on setup for both, tried again and ultimately got them to stick. I think there is 2 ways to get to the setup screen and only one works, be sure that you are using the configuration screens.
  11. I ordered a set with the truck which was made to order, cost was $55, then decided to get a set for a 2nd trailer, dealer ordered thru the parts department and charged me $55. Dealer installed at no charge. Great dealership.
  12. I placed my order Aug 2, LTZ DBL Dmax, was built week of Nov 25, we have dealer invoice, but no delivery date. Hoping for this week.
  13. I ordered Silverado 2500 HD LTZ DBL Duramax Aug 2, It was built week of Nov 25, Waiting for it to be shipped to dealer. Hope to see it early Week of Dec 8.
  14. We have a 19 Toyota rav4 with it. It has the option to engage Cruise with or without the Adaptive feature. I love it on 2 lane roads where passing is difficult. I hate it on the interstate. I found that it was better on the interstate to turn it off. That way when you creep up on the vehicle in front of you, you take action, either slow down or pass. We will be using our 2020 to pull our TT. We prefer using 2 lane roads and wish we had the feature, but will not miss it when on the highway.
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