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  1. Well, I bought one anyways, 2020 Denali 2500HD with every option....but man, I really am second guessing myself, I really want adaptive cruise. Holding out hope that an aftermarket solution, like comma.ai or if the 2022's(2021's don't) get it, someone figures out a retrofit.
  2. I would pay pretty damn good money to add ACC to my 2020 Sierra 2500HD Denali. I have the Ultimate package, so I have everything, but I am dying for ACC. I just bought the truck, I knew it didn't include it, and I know the 2021 doesn't have it. I swore my next truck was going to have it but I really didn't want a Ram or Ford. What's it cost? If a company came up with a solution, I would definitely be interested....it would be cheaper to add it then it will be to trade in a year or so when it's available.
  3. She’s all mine. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. So I mentioned this in one of the 2020 HD threads already, but am I the only one that's very disappointed that Adaptive Cruise isn't an option on the new trucks? All the hardware is there, even following distance indicator, but GM didn't include full adaptive cruise control, or better yet, GM's Super Cruise? I am currently in a 2018 F150, after having my 2016 F150 bought back, and my 18 having many of the same issues, and the need to move on from half tons for my travel trailer, I am ready to switch over to Chevy, but I am really disappointed, as I swore my next truck was going to have this feature. I know in the Silverado 1500, it wasn't available for 2019, but will be for 2020, I'm hoping the HD will have it for 2021.
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