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  1. They are starting to encrypt the ecm and many of the modules that connect to them in the interest of cybersecurity making it nearly impossible to swap around parts. Over the air updates to the ecm can now be performed on the newer vehicles (requiring fewer trips to the dealership in theory) but also opening the possibility of your vehicle being hacked by outsiders. This also makes it much harder to delete or add performance enhancements. https://www.musclecarsandtrucks.com/c8-corvette-gm-evaluating-next-steps-regarding-ecu-encryption/
  2. Does your truck’s carplay feature work if you plug your phone directly in to the truck?
  3. Vehicle has 22000 mostly towing miles on it. The roughness went away for about a month and just came back again. Going to have to take it in I guess. No codes or check engine lights.
  4. 2020 3500 has an intermittent rough idle when sitting at a stop in gear. You can feel it surging. Very strange. Cant identify a pattern of when it does it.
  5. I have one coming on a slow boat from china. I’ll let you know if it works on my 2020 3500
  6. Both positions on my 2020 3500. I had to bring it back because when I bought it air only came out of the back and not very much of it. They replaced the dead fan in the lower cushion and now it works great. I’m guessing 2 fans per seat but I’m not 100% on that. Bad from the factory I guess
  7. A little late to the thread but I just put my flatbed on my 2020 gmc 3500 and the 2 led flood lights on the headache that I usually hook up to the bed light circuit are too much apparently. The lights blink on 3 times and then shut off. I think the newer trucks are getting a little more sensitive. Worked fine on my 15.
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