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  1. Add a circuit fuse tap to the high beam.
  2. I haven't seen very many of them around.
  3. What's the details on spacers, are you on stock wheels? Would love to see more pics.
  4. If connecting to tail lights the reverse wire is the green from terminal 4.
  5. Boost here like I mentioned above had it in my 16 and now 19, works flawless and very happy with their products.
  6. Never been a problem. The tap is sized correctly for the wire, snaps right on then a diode jumper between. Have nothing but good things to say about their products.
  7. In my opinion the boost product is worth every penny. I installed one on my 16 and now on my 19. Much cleaner than just a diode jammed into the harness.
  8. Share the details, I was intending to have a switch in factory location...obviously out of luck so far. I removed tails to tie into cargo but ran out of time. What color is reverse on the tails? TIA
  9. Reverse on my truck is green with white tracer being a Z85 trailering package. Unfortunately this was not a good power source for auxiliary lighting because the truck has to sense(electrically) a trailer in tow to work. Next step I tied into the blue positive / black negative on the cargo lamps. This would allow the aux lights to flash 3 times then shut off all cargo lamps. My little project is much harder on this new truck then the last ones I have had.
  10. Does anyone know the wire color of the 7 pin reverse/auxillary? It appears green with white stripe, black and a red with green stripe come from the center of the rear on harness.
  11. Thanks guys, I will most likely be adding rigid ignite diffused reverse lights under the rear bumper. I believe they draw under 1 amp.
  12. Has anyone installed auxiliary reverse lights on their 19 yet? I usually wire some pods to the trailer wiring but I would like to utilize the cargo lamp button, not sure if this is possible so any input is greatly appreciated.
  13. Will we be seeings anything for the 19 Sierra soon? Would love to have some A pillar mounts and a bar behind the grill of my at4
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