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  1. Do you have short bed crew cab? Sent from my SM-G892A using Tapatalk
  2. Yes, gas motor. Looks like about 1200lb difference between duramax and gasser. Sent from my SM-G892A using Tapatalk
  3. Just for reference, I've got a 2020 Silverado 2500 4wd crew standard bed LT and sticker shows curb weight at 7,110 lbs. Sent from my SM-G892A using Tapatalk
  4. This was exactly me. I hated the new chevys. I had a GMC on order. GMC took forever to come in so I bought a Silverado. Now I much prefer the Chevy look. I will say that there are very few pictures of the silverado that are flattering. But in person....it's mean looking! Sent from my SM-G892A using Tapatalk
  5. I don't think anybody would claim a 2mpg boost. I was just saying it would take 2mpg to make the $ per mile the same. If there's no other real advantage...I guess that answers my question. Sent from my SM-G892A using Tapatalk
  6. Any benefit for running 93 octane in the new 6.6? About $0.55 difference between 87 and 93. 2mpg boost would make the $per mile the same. But, I feel like a 2mpg boost is ambitious. Sent from my SM-G892A using Tapatalk
  7. ordered my sle ccsb 4wd gasser on 4/22. tpw was 9/16. I found a silverado on a lot that i liked and bought it last week. Got tired of waiting.
  8. i was also impressed with the throttle response compared to the 6.0. Also, I really like that this truck doesn't downshift so easily and just pulls up in the same gear. Do you have oem tires? I've been getting 11.5-12 mpg mixed and the only thing i can think would be making it lower is my 285/65r20 ridge grapplers. But, even those are only slightly larger than the stock tires.
  9. my LT has no 2500 anywhere. On door it says "texas edition"
  10. I just wish I could replace the middle bar with the "Chevrolet" for the one with a bowtie.
  11. With this argument couldn't you also say, "who would want to limit themselves to a 2500 when you could buy a 3500 DRW?" The reasons that people buy a gas 2500 is because it meets their towing needs and it saves them $9500 up front and continues saving them throughout ownership. If the gasser meets my towing needs why would I pay more for the diesel?
  12. my 6.0 downshifts at the drop of a hat, and it gets on my nerves. Speed limit goes from 55 to 65 and i give just the slightest bit of gas and I'm downshifting and screaming at 4000 rpm. I wish it would just lug for a second and pull up in the same gear. With about a week of driving my new 6.6 gas truck it does exactly that. It won't downshift unless you really get into it. But, this truck also has way more low RPM torque than my 6.0 does. It almost feels similar to my old 3.5L ecoboost f150 in that regard. Slow to downshift on acceleration at speed. It just lugs and pulls up with low rev torque. But, the flip side to that is when I put 15k pounds behind it I will need it to downshift.
  13. will the LT and High country have interchangeable headlights? The trim around the lights looks different.
  14. This is an interesting point, and made me curious about total cost of ownership. I typically keep my trucks for about 4 years and put about 80,000 miles on them. So I looked up KBB values (not always accurate but typically a pretty good ballpark for trade in value) for a 2015 2500 Silverado 4WD crew LT with 80k miles and with identical options and compared the gas/diesel. KBB had the gas trade value at $23,545 and the diesel at $29,800. With a sale price of $47,000 for the gas and $56,500 for the diesel then my cost for the vehicles would be $23,455 gas and $26,700 diesel. Gas truck retained 50% percent of sale value and diesel retained 53% So, negating the difference in interest charges, the diesel would cost $3,245 more over those 4 years. Now, the diesel will certainly get better fuel mileage but fuel also cost more so how will that work out? 80k miles / 11.5 mpg = 6,956 gallons X $2.29 per gallon= $15,929 total fuel cost gasoline 80k miles/ 14.5 mpg = 5,517 gallons X $2.70 per gallon = $14,895 total fuel cost diesel So, total cost for ownership for each vehicle net vehicle cost $23,455 + fuel cost $15,929 = $39,384 vortec net vehicle cost $ 26,700 = fuel cost $ 14,895 = $41,595 duramax difference of $2,211 Oil changes, maintenance, DEF were excluded but would also add to the cost of the duramax. I may come back later and try to add this in because i think these might add up to more significance than I originally thought they would. My takeaways: 1)If the gas engine meets my towing needs/wants then there is no need to buy the diesel 2)the increase in fuel price almost completely negates any difference in fuel efficiency for the diesel. 3)with only a $2,200 difference over 4 years I would likely just pick whichever one I want I ended up choosing to buy a 2020 gasser. My personal two main reasons were weight and costs. hopefully this new 6.6 will have better fuel mileage and will push the economic advantage out further to the gasoline engine. trade in prices from KBB sale prices from an average of listings on autotrader gas prices from AAA gas prices TX averages MPG averages are from fuelly.com I'm bracing myself for the "my vortec gets 17mpg" and the "I only paid $30,000 for my duramax" comments. I realize there are a ton of variables, but I was interested in this and applied the best objective info i could find for my particular scenario.
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