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  1. ordered on 4/22 and just got a tpw 2 days ago...If i find one on a lot within 200 miles that is similar I'll try to buy it.
  2. you can go to chevy or gmc website and use the chat window.
  3. yeah, that's just ridiculous. probably for helium in the tires, and ceramic window tint!
  4. invoice is typically around 10% below sticker price. I think invoice pricing on a brand new body style truck is probably about as good as you will get.
  5. FB post of the first SLE I have seen anywhere. its a gasser. I was worried about ordering an SLE without seeing a picture of one anywhere, but I was pleasantly surprised. Edit: This is not my truck. This one is in Wisconsin (I'm in Texas).
  6. Will they sell at the new price? I think so. If nobody buys them the price will come down. But I've got suspicion that they will still sell. I'm sure there are exceptions, but the guys I know that drive Denalis aren't going to sweat an extra 10k. The guys that I know that would drive an sle are more likely to leave their fords and dodges to save some money with the sle.
  7. Dang! I'm jealous. Ordered 4-22-19 still not accepted. My dealer said it's being slow because it's a gasser. I guess the few gas 6.6 available were allocated to bigger dealers? IDK
  8. I wonder if they are holding back the lower trims? I haven't seen any info or pics on the SLE. I ordered a ccsb 4x4 2500 sle gas on 4/22 and as of 6/28 I still don't have a tpw.
  9. I don't see any pricing other than at the bottom of the pictures ($75,000 as pictured). Ordered an SLE crew cab at the beginning of May and I have not seen a picture of the SLE trim yet.
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