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    I'm a servant of Lord Jesus. He is my King.
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  1. All HD trucks will ride more rougher/stiffer than a half-ton. It is my opinion that the difference will be even more noticeable since your half-ton has the Denali Premium Suspension with Adaptive Ride Control.
  2. That's a good question. They're on my 2021 GMC HD Denali. Since the High Country is Chevy's top trim line, they should also be on yours. Ask (complain) to your dealer.
  3. Scan the build code QR sticker on the bottom of the driver door frame. It will show you all of the three letter codes that are the options for your truck. If your list includes the code KHF, then you have dual alternators. After displaying the list you can then email the list to yourself to keep for future reference.
  4. Follow the fan belt behind the radiator. It will either wind around one or two alternators. If you have the original window sticker, it will be on it.
  5. I've heard because of market conditions, some dealers are not discounting and some are even marking the price above the MSRP. I won't pay it. I'll wait until market conditions are better.
  6. Yes. And it's very heavy. Don't do it by yourself. Only one multi wire cable has to be unplugged.
  7. Very nice! I haven't seen many 1 ton duallies in the new body style.
  8. I'm calculating your fuel costs to be around $650. That is high. Thanks to Biden.
  9. Thank you. I tell everyone it's not mine, I just get to drive it. When I die it stays here. I tell everyone who admires my truck this same story to tell them about Jesus. Everything I have belongs to Him. I understand about the $80k price tag. The prices of some trucks are outrageous.
  10. Yep, it did! I was thankful that it didn't scratch the door.
  11. I accidentally did it once several months ago.
  12. As you noticed, they didn't hit the doors and that was a part of the original design in case someone did accidentally extend them while folded in. Is it alright to extend them in the folded position? It won't hurt anything but why do it?
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