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  1. I believe the pressure recommendations are for when towing. My tires are currently at 55 front and 60 rear.
  2. Unless they started doing it with the 2022 model year, DRW trucks do not have TPMS.
  3. Beautiful truck! I have a 2021 GMC 2500 HD Denali. I paid $77K for it (it had an $81K MSRP). Last week, a dealer offered me $73K for it. I'd like to trade, but since there is a shortage of 2022 models, I think I'll just keep what I got.
  4. It's probably programmed into the computer to let you know to cool the engine after a long driving session. In other words, don't shut your engine off immediately after a long drive. I found this link as info: https://liveworkdream.com/2016/10/26/diesel-engine-idle/
  5. No, it's not possible. The only way to make it possible would be to pay GM to reprogram the unit, but I doubt they'd do it.
  6. I always get 3 to 4 gallons after foaming shuts the nozzle off the first time. Always. It will shut off several times but after the first auto shut off, I keep on delivering fuel until I see the diesel in the tube, always 3 to 4 gallons.
  7. Diesel fuel foams up so much the nozzle shuts off long before the tank is full. I can always pump at least 3 or 4 more gallons after the first auto shut off of the nozzle.
  8. Using MP3's highest quality transfer rate, I was able to get just about all of my music collection on a 32 GB. I've read elsewhere (another GM board) that someone was able to use a 256 GB. What year is your truck? Earlier models may not support USB sizes as high as 256 GB.
  9. It certainly looks like a heat source melted it. I'd talk to the dealer and ask him, although I doubt he will be willing to admit it was caused by a regen.
  10. Yep, today GM wants you to pay for those features. OnStar has two basic (separate) plans; Remote Access for $14.99 and Safety and Security for $29.99. After your trial, usually one month, you have to pay for Remote Access for the app to function. They'll give you two free months if you give them a credit card and agree to a monthly charge, but you must call them before the three months ends to cancel. https://www.onstar.com/us/en/plans-pricing/
  11. Yep, the body size changed in 2020. I'm sorry for your troubles but all I have is a metal car port. Because of the height I have to park in the middle. Oh well, it's worth it. The honk may be if you leave the engine running and get out with the fob in your pocket. It's a reminder that you left the truck running.
  12. Rear Seat Reminder Helps to remind the driver to check the back seat(s) before leaving the vehicle Activates when rear doors are opened and closed up to 10 minutes before or anytime while your vehicle is on Under certain conditions, once the vehicle is switched off, designed to sound 5 audible chimes and display a visual message within the Driver Information Center Activates only once each time the vehicle is turned on and off, and would require re-activation on a second trip
  13. You'll need a 7 way to 4 way trailer wiring adapter in order to plug in the Bully hitch step. GM moved the 4 way plug to the inside of the bed.
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