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  1. December is too early to stop ordering the following year models. It's usually May or June. But if December is correct that means the 2020's will be out sooner than expected.
  2. I'm looking to see one too. I've attached a picture of the 2020 Chevy HD High Country. I just bought a 2019 Sierra HD Denali and I told the salesman I may trade again if I like the way the 2020's look.
  3. Is there a way for me to check this build list myself? When I scan the bar code, the list is not complete.
  4. It's strange until you realize that some sales managers don't pay close enough attention to the codes they enter into their computer when they order these trucks. Thanks again.
  5. Hardy Chevy GMC in Dallas, Georgia was the dealer that ordered it. But I don't think Georgia requires a front plate either. The VK3 code will help me to find out what you're saying. You've been a great help! Oh, you may already know this, but the sticker that lists the build codes is not being put in the glove box anymore. You have to scan the square bar code on the manufacturer sticker on the driver door to get the list.
  6. Smartdude, shouldn't this cover been included with the truck when I bought it? I mean, I would think that the Denali package should have included this piece of chrome, wouldn't it?
  7. Thanks! I think smartdude is probably a better name for you.
  8. Thanks, but this says that it does not fit....
  9. Where can I find just the chrome cover? My 2018 GMC Sierra Denali has the bracket for the plate (which I don't need) but I would like to have the chrome cover.

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