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  1. I like the White AT4. I would def need to tint or paint those side markers in the wheel flares. I would trade my 2018 Denali HD for a Black AT4 CC Long bed SRW. Hope they make the AT4 in that configuration and hope you can get cooled seats in the AT4. You could never get them in an All Terrain because of the seat material. Another one of GM's brilliant ideas....
  2. GM's third fail in design in the 2019 Model Year. First the 1500 then the Camaro (Which they scrambled to redesign the front end not too long into the first months of production) and now the HD trucks. The Blazer was less than desired and expected as well. Makes me worry about being a stockholder and lifetime GM buyer.
  3. LOL...No, it's not 1/2 the truck a Colorado is....
  4. And for another $10k more, you can buy a Loaded Duramax Denali 3500HD. These small trucks are getting out of hand with their pricing.
  5. GM Tri Fold Soft Tonneau Cover for 6.5' bed 2014-2018 1500 or 2015-2019 HD Sierra or Silverado. Used but sold truck. Only had 9k miles. Located in Eastern PA. No Rips or tears. Will NOT Ship Must be Picked up. New $485.00, asking $349.00.
  6. I have a brand new 2017 High Country Brown Console I am not using. It has wireless charging and the two USB ports inside the lid. I am in Eastern PA and I WILL NOT ship this it is too big. PM me your contact info if interested. I can text pictures easier than I can upload them here.
  7. Zane, did you notice the rear of the cab? Could they be possibly be hiding a Ram style Mega Cab behind that added on Camo? That would be a huge deal if they offered this!! Still cannot get over the new designs. I may end up keeping my 2018 Denali HD for a long time unless they really do stay more conservative with the GMCs.
  8. The plate cover is in the back seat. It is included with the Denali package. If you bought one new, they owe it to you.
  9. Did paperwork today. Picking it up tomorrow. 2018 L5P Denali 3500 HD Long Box SRW.
  10. I just traded my 2017 L5P Silverado 3500HD LTZ on a 2018 Sierra Denali 3500HD L5P earlier today. I got a smoking deal and what I wanted for my trade. I had 15k trouble free miles on the 2017. I went from a 2016 Denali Duramax to the 2017 and the difference between the 16 and 17 was like night and day. I think I have owned every version of a Duramax since 2004.5, and they get better every time. The DEF is a non issue. I keep two bottles in the garage, when the light comes on, I put a full 2.5 gallon bottle in. When I put the second bottle in, I simply make it a point to stop at the local dealer and pick up two more within the next week or so.
  11. It did work with my iphone 6 plus with the adapter case. If you look t the pad, you can see it is tapered and is wider at the rear than a Silverado/Sierra. That was the reason I swapped it.
  12. Slightly used Black 2016 Escalade Console lid with wireless charging module. Only used about 6 months, 6k miles. I traded the truck it was in so I took it out. Will fit 2014-up Silverado/Sierra 1500. 2015-up Silverado Sierra HD. Asking $295 plus Shipping. Located in Eastern PA. Includes Main Top Piece, Hinge, Inside cover and Wireless Charging module.
  13. I have a Brown one available from a 2018 Hogh Country with Wireless Charging. Brand new in the box. It needs the side trim panels, but otherwise it's complete. Will sell for $295, but must be picked up in Eastern PA. I have no way to ship this, it is too large.
  14. I just traded a 2016 Sierra Denali 3500 HD Duramax Crew Cab 8'box, single rear wheel truck yesterday. Bought it 1/2016 and it had 17,600 miles on it. Only warranty work on the truck was the Loose Accelerator pedal when I first picked it up. I wasn't loose, but I took it in for the TSB/Recall anyhow. I never had any issues with the steering being off or loose. I know it felt a little different than my 2015 Denali, but nothing out of the ordinary for the new system. I just picked up a 2017 Silverado LTZ 3500 HD Midnight Crew Long with the new Duramax.
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