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  1. These are the parts for a cocoa interior. The main console piece(most expensive one) is on back order till god knows when. Good luck
  2. Why don’t you just paint your bumpers and grill? I’m sure you could take it to a shop and have it painted.
  3. Has anyone actually got the HUD working?
  4. It was actually a Christmas gift from my brother. So I have no idea how much he paid for it. But I do know he got it on eBay.
  5. Yeah I’m just waiting for them to open back up after Christmas break. I’ll update this thread as well just in case anyone else wants to do that In the future.
  6. I actually have the 84201627 in my possession. I know you can change from mph and kph in the dic that’s why I was hoping it works in my US truck. Plus the gauges read up to 200 so my truck will be faster haha. If if I cannot program to my truck then maybe you can help me take this one off my hands.
  7. Do you guys know if a KPH cluster (assuming it came from Mexico or Canada) can be programmed into my US vehicle?
  8. So should I just buy bilsteins all around and that’s it? Or should I do anything else up front?
  9. Hi everyone I am looking for advice on new shocks and/or lift. I currently have 3” front and 2” rear leveling kit made by motofab. I am running stock 20” rims with 275/55/20 BFgoodrich ko2 tires. I Have been running this setup for about 20k miles. Recently I noticed when I hit bumps the rear end kinda feels like it hops a bit. Kinda hard to describe the feeling. I’m running the stock Rancho shocks. I’m hoping to stay at about the same ride height with Better handling.
  10. Anyone in Canada looking. Here’s a deal!
  11. Just bought a bed cover myself.
  12. I finally got an appointment to get the truck programmed. Hopefully this will fix the issue.
  13. Hello all. Couple weeks ago I drove through a puddle that was apparently deep enough to fry my power steering (rack and pinion). I bought a used one and it fixed my power steering but the steering wheel won’t center on its own. Anyone know if this is a programming issue? Or should I buy a brand new rack. Thanks
  14. When you drove the truck to the dealership how was it? Any issues with the power steering?
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