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  1. yes. sway bar and UCA both sides only at very full lock. When you hold the wheel at full lock and let off a 1/2" inch it stops.
  2. Here is my new 2.5”/1” leveled on 285/50r22 ridge grapplers
  3. New 285/50r22 ridge grapplers on Yea they rub sway bar and uca a little at full absolute crank only.
  4. Holy shit for $1200 I’d be better to get a true lift I’d think
  5. Thanks! From the research on here it looks like an upgraded arm doesn’t do much right?
  6. Sure Lol was just relaying feedback from a shop owner.
  7. Agreed I’m not crazy about them but everyone had good reviews with this kit. I don’t drive it but as a second vehicle so less than 8k per year I bet. I’ll keep an eye on them for sure. My steering alignment needs adjusted a little as the wheel is off to the right after the shops alignment
  8. 39.5” front +/- 1/4” 40.75” rear +/- 1/4” did yours settle in the rear or front? i added the rear block and keep a slight rake because of towing and not wanting the nose to the sky. Otherwise i would have only done the front.
  9. Hey guys thought I’d share the results of my new Suspensionmaxx level kit. I did the full 2.5” in the front and replaced the rear block with one of their 2” blocks. Off-road shop said the rear u bolts were way better quality than Rough Country they typically install. Never the less, i love it. Still rides great. Next on the list is 285/50r22 ridge grapplers ASAP! here are the pics of after and UCA angle with 2.5” anyone concerned with the angles?
  10. Lol yes sir it says they are sold right above your post.
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