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  1. Do we have vendors who offer any specials? I can’t seem to find anywhere on the site that points me to something. the F-150 forum I previously was on had a dealer who would pm the price and sell directly at a very good price.
  2. Brand new 2018 Sierra Denali auto steps

    I think it’ll be between $150-$300
  3. Lol I guess everyone has their own opinion. Sunroof is literally one of my favorite options to drive with. Truck will be gone before warranty is up so I don’t care . 😃
  4. Well everything went super easy and my salesman got me in and out within an hour or so. So happy they didn’t pressure or play games when I got there. 9 hour round trip but it was a worthwhile trip for sure. Haven’t gotten good pics yet. Already de badged the tailgate. Window tint going on tomorrow.
  5. Brand new 2018 Sierra Denali auto steps

    Do you remember what they weighed? What’s your zip ?
  6. Brand new 2018 Sierra Denali auto steps

    Don’t want to pay shipping ??
  7. Anyone interested in these? 2018 Sierra Denali auto steps If so I’ll remove them and sell. Truck as 300 miles so far. Pm me if interested and we can work something out. Located in Tulsa, OK
  8. WTB: 2019 Crew Cab Running Boards

    Pm sent
  9. Lol no not those pesky things. I mean the salesman and I have literally talked 10 minutes on the phone and texted for the last week ironing out the details and price match. They gave me everything I wanted which surprised me! Should have pushed for more
  10. Robert Brogden. Cable dahmer had a couple also but I just went with RB because they were willing to deal via text and made my life easy!

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