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  1. Thanks for the research. I had seen those but i don’t trust those because I would lose 1/2” of thread.
  2. So you used a 1/4" flat disc spacer ? Im worried about vibration issues with those.
  3. +24 I believe. Mine has the newer UCA so it hits there and the sway bar wether I'm forward or reverse. I mean it isn't crazy hard but its loud and the looks I get are not fun. lol
  4. They are these. They are hub centric and bolt to the factory lugs and have new lugs the wheels bolt too. They aren't just a flat disc spacer lol
  5. Here is the current setup as it sits without spacers. 285/50r22 Ridge Grapplers
  6. Hey guys! I am getting tired of my 33s rubbing the UCA and sway bar at full lock forward and reverse. I noticed 4wheel parts had a set of 1.25" spacers exactly like the hub centric BORA ones . I picked them up and was hoping my factory wheels had "pockets" on the back to allow for no cutting of the factory studs. I temp installed the spacer and the wheel back on but it didn't seem like the lugs were coming through the wheel nearly as far as they should. I have searched the forum and haven't seen anyone state they have used them with these type of wheels. I have noticed some stating they have used 1" spacers with the factory 20" "snowflake" wheels though. Attached is a picture of the backside of the wheel and to me it doesn't seem like it would be an issue since in between each lug hole is a gap for the factory studs to sit in. So with that, to me, I should be able to get the full depth of the lug nut without cutting the factory studs/tips off. Can anyone chime in please? I really don't want to buy new rims on this truck.
  7. im interested. Located in Oklahoma . I emailed BB to see what they will run since they advertise $600 for this with tunes.
  8. yes. sway bar and UCA both sides only at very full lock. When you hold the wheel at full lock and let off a 1/2" inch it stops.
  9. Here is my new 2.5”/1” leveled on 285/50r22 ridge grapplers
  10. New 285/50r22 ridge grapplers on Yea they rub sway bar and uca a little at full absolute crank only.
  11. Holy shit for $1200 I’d be better to get a true lift I’d think
  12. Thanks! From the research on here it looks like an upgraded arm doesn’t do much right?
  13. Sure Lol was just relaying feedback from a shop owner.
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