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  1. You might be able to add a red translucent film to them kind of like the old military flashlights that came with the different color discs to change the color. Just an idea for you.
  2. If you're not replacing the factory radio just by a good speaker to RCA converter that has auto detect built in like an audio control lc2 just hook up the power and ground to it and it automatically see the signal and gives you a remote line for your amp. Also that being said most of the newer amps have auto detect built in so you don't need a remote line.
  3. Just took a 2018 ltz z71 grill off my truck. I can either send it with black body or silver body color panels on it. Where are you located and I'll give you a total price shipped to your door. That's a quick picture with the silver body panels on it but is upto you if you want silver or black. If you have a different color truck you can take yours off your grill and put them on and I'll leave them off.
  4. Ok well if you don't come across what you're exactly looking for before I find the one you have I would still be willing to trade. I'm trying to eliminate all the chrome on my truck. Thanks for responding.
  5. Not sure if it's the same as the high country but what about a grille from a 2018 z71 ltz? Also is that grille the silver ice color because that would be that much easier.
  6. Carlosh, Pgamboa needs the year of the truck and does your truck have a center console that came in it or did you put one in yourself? Just trying to help you both out because that's going to be his next questions for you.
  7. if you have a center console you could also go with the jl stealth box that fits there too and sounds great just installed one in my friends.
  8. JLAUDIO stealthbox and Xd600.1 amp for sale. Got a crewcab now and it doesn't fit is the only reason I'm selling it. About a year old.Almost $1600 retail before tax. $1100 obo somewhat firm on price. Cash and carry only. Located in Pittsburgh, Pa
  9. Greg, mvi does alot of conversions from different radio upgrades.i did the dvd upgrade from them but it wasn't cheap and I already had the 8 inch screen.
  10. MVI does the front screen conversion. They take all the guess work out of it, not that Phil doesn't know what he's doing because I used plenty of his mods for my truck, I went through MVI just because of the programming and they build a harness to swap the CD player out for the BluRay player also they swap the screens and supply the BluRay player. It literally takes about a half hour to swap everything if you have any type of mechanical skills.
  11. Like other members said we upgraded to what you have in your truck. What you could do is take the top of your center console off and flip the rubber tray were the phone rests while charging. What that will do is put the phone all the way back over the actual charger. That's what I did with mine and my S8 stays charging anywhere it sits even with a case on it.
  12. Ok I'll see if I have some time this weekend to pull the seat and get some pictures for you. I'll also see if my buddy can get some schematics from the dealership he works at to try and help you out also. Anything I can do to help you help more people get the mods they want the happier everyone will be, plus this should be a dumbed down version of what you did in your truck for the seat memory setup, not that any of this is easy. Lol
  13. Phil if you want I'll PM you my vin if you have the ability to get vehicle specific schematics
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