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  1. Hey are these available still?? If so can I call dibs
  2. I just got a call from the dealer and they replaced the entire rear window assembly but have no reason as to why it happened. I do want to know why so it wouldn't happen again but mine was fully replaced under warranty no questions asked
  3. Nothing yet but they gave me a 2018 yukon denali to drive in the mean time. So they can take their time
  4. Your post makes absolutely no sense. It's already set up for me at the dealer tomorrow morning.
  5. Couldn't even tell you. I don't believe so. Even if it was on it still shouldn't of exploded like this. I'll update this thread when the dealer sees it tomorrow
  6. Good evening! Sadly this is my first post on this forum but I have lurked a bit. I own a 2017 Sierra Denali which I bought in May of 2017. I was driving today and after using my remote start to start the truck (like i do often) I drove 5 minutes and then smelled smoke. I turned around and saw smoke pouring out from behind the rear seat on the driver side. I began to freak out and pulled over to get out but about 10 seconds after I saw the smoke and began to pull over I heard a loud bang like a gunshot. I turned around and my rear driver window shattered into thousands of pieces. It stayed in place but shot a decent amount of glass inside and outside of the vehicle. I am dropping the truck off at the dealership in the morning to have this diagnosed and this is clearly something that should not of happened. I only think what would of happened if I had kids or people in the back of the truck when this took place. Very disappointed right now and want this taken care of, but figured I needed to post this on here to inform all of you about this issue. I have researched this happening and it is a common thing on some Ford f150s but I havent seen to much about GMC.
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