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  1. Seems I have the ZW7 Smooth ride Suspension which calls for $375 rear shocks (each) or $75 Bilisteins with a replacement $95 coil spring. How hard is it to replace the coil spring. Seems I should just bea able to lower and raise the axle to compress the spring. Is it a major job??
  2. I have a 2001 Yukon 2wd with over 300k miles. Replaced most everything expects shocks. I know absolutely nothing about shock absorbers except i can pay between $30 and $375 for them. Most reviews are for performance and lift shocks. i don't need that since my wife does mot of the driving. I just wantto duplicate the factory performance for minimum cost. Any suggestions?
  3. This forum is great. My 2001 Yukon (296,000 miles) just started this problem. The last couple of oil changes I have had to open the door to get it to reset. I never did in the pervious 50 oil changes. I would have never have figured it ou without 2001Silverado364 s help.
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