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  1. Keep me posted on this...I had WAMS set my cluster up and I have the switch and the HUD unit. I just haven't had the time to figure out the wiring and or the install of the HUD unit. It looks like you have already started modifying the dash? I believe the current windshield would work if you have the lane departure warning stuff, as there is currently a row of red lights that display on my glass if someone slams on their brakes in front of me.
  2. Yeah the buttons don’t work...I wish they did but it’s just a cosmetic look now.
  3. If these are not sold I will take them...PM incoming.
  4. I am running 285/55/22's on my +18 wheels...there is slight rub on the felt liners and I had to trim the plastic on the GMC plastic fender pieces...I have a 3" level, and the tires rub on the sway bar slightly at full lock.
  5. 98501...business address...which sometimes helps
  6. My 2016 Sierra SLT has the collision alert dots that show up on the glass.
  7. Nope...no metal trimming...just had to trim the felt liner and a little bit of the plastic fender guards on the GMC...there is a little rub on the LCA
  8. I have 285/55/22 nitro trail graps on +18 wheels and I had to trim some of the felt liner and zip tie a bit but other than that she don't rub...I am running Icon shocks at 3"
  9. I would say go with the 285's...best tire size IMO
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