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  1. Has anyone had any A/C issues that required a trip to the dealer? Mine blows hot air only. Worked 12 hours ago with no issue. I've had an issue occur where it wouldn't power on the fan no matter what setting I put it on, but a quick restart of the truck fixed that normally. This is something new for me.
  2. LOL. ****, guys, I didn't even think about that. Well, at least the dealership rotated the ****ers. I'm head-slapping right now. Thanks y'all
  3. Hey y'all. When I check the DIC for my tire pressures, it shows the RF's pressure as the RR's pressure, and LF for LR. Am I crazy? A buddy checked it with his tire pressure gauge and it showed they were in opposite positions too. I mean it's under warranty, and I'll wind up taking it in, but is this something anyone else has seen?
  4. I've only heard complaints about the OEM and aftermarket projectors for these trucks. Buyer beware.
  5. Putting the Zone kit on my regular cab tomorrow!
  6. They're cutting in to something for sure. Was it just plastic? When I tried, it looked like it was metal supports. I'll have to get in there and look again.
  7. Can't. You're limited to about 32-36 inches.
  8. You may have answered this a million times before, but who did you purchase it from?
  9. The smart guys aren't allowed breaks! I'm looking at getting the 8" screen as well. How would I acquire the steering wheel controls? I wish!
  10. Now we just hope the diesel option isn't $9000 extra.
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