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  1. He was trying to take a picture of the moon but the phone auto-focused on the cluster instead !!
  2. Upgrade to the 2018 "Q" charge module. Module and plug and play adapter pigtail run about $100.00. No need to replace the whole lid. While you are making the swap spin the pad 180 degrees so you can get the phone closer to the charger. I-Phone XR in a Spec case will not sit flat but charges just as well canted as it does flat without the case. It charges faster using the cable, but at least I have the option to just drop it on the console lid for charging.
  3. Save your money for the anger management counselor and the horn. Come on the forum and vent. We understand. Unfortunately there are more of "them" out there than us who think the the world will end if their ever important text is not sent. Of course the rest of the world is supposed to patiently wait while they compose the perfect text and read the response, then post the "like" on Facebook.
  4. And all of this makes me wonder why. Why make it so complicated ? I am happy that you have the knowledge and patience to tackle these challenges. I'll stick to buying your plug and play harnesses thank you !
  5. Curious if this might involve the use of some Escalade bits and pieces .........and also wonder why the motor has to be changed. Juice to the motor should be controlled by the switch. It already has limits that shut the power off when fully raised or lowered from the factory. So a latching window switches (from the Escalade ??) would keep power on until the limit is reached then shut off vs. the momentary switches in place from the factory. This is just my simple old mind trying to understand what is going on in the new truck's electrical system. It makes about as much sense as Common Core Math. Take something that is simple and works and complicate the heck out of it
  6. Open up this link about rail dust. You are correct, the metal is embedded in the paint. https://www.carwash.com/what-is-rail-dust/
  7. You asked for opinions so... Thank your for having flares to cover the tires sticking out past your fenders. I really don't understand the barrel wheels sticking way out with no coverage. Not my style at all. I just wish the flares didn't have those fake "bolt" pockets in them. There is nothing that screams rugged like a fake plastic chrome bolt. Make the surface smooth and clean. Since most of them stick on with double back tape, why the poor attempt at look alike bolts ? Just 2 cents from an old guy who thinks the flares are practical in that application but just doesn't like the style of them. But then I also don't believe in "level Kits". My 18 foot leveler drops on the trailer ball.
  8. Vision makes a similar 6 Spoke Vision Wheels makes a 6 spoke that looks similar in full chrome, gloss black center, and gunmetal center. https://www.visionwheel.com/wheel/524/VisionWheel/141 Legend 6?finishID=4
  9. Personally I would stay away from those cab vents. There are a couple of threads on here documenting problems with them leaking. The plug on the floor sound like a better idea.
  10. Phillip, Give it some more time and miles. With only 844 miles on the clock your truck is still breaking in. My truck's average increased until I got about 5,000 miles on it and is now pretty consistent. I drive 29 miles one way to work. The first 15 are stop and go traffic, the middle is 12 miles on I-10, and the end is another 2 miles of stop and go. 21.5 MPG average.
  11. If your rear seat passengers are not on your mind enough for you remember them on your own maybe you shouldn't have them in the first place.
  12. Not sure how insurance and deductibles are in Canada, but I'd be willing to bet you are looking at over $500,00 for the repair. I would file a claim and let the insurance company do what i pay them for if it were my truck.
  13. Thank you Ducklawyer for showing me that they do still make 35" tires with sidewalls !! They remind me of the 35" Gumbo Mudders I used to have on my '78 F-150 4WD on 15" wheels. It's amazing what a little sidewall flex can do for ride and traction. Great looking truck !! Wish you had gotten a RED one !!
  14. Donstar, thanks for the tip on the Michelins. I remember when the 16.5" taper bead seat on my 1978 F-250 were considered huge but now have difficulty finding 14" tires for our Nissan Hardbody ! We recently found new Hancooks for the Nissan. $210.00 for a set of 4 !!
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