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  1. 3 types of lies: "Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics."
  2. Magically, he's done it again with the windshield in place !!! Honey, I'm going to buy another $50,000 truck and before I have it a week I'll completely remove the dash....
  3. I had a 2016 Regular cab short bed with a stock 5.3 and 3.42 rear end with factory locking diff for a couple of years. In the rain it was like driving a go cart. You had to get used to driving sideways. Lopping another 10-12 inches out of the wheelbase and doubling the horsepower should make things even more interesting. I would love to see pictures of the shortening process. Many years ago my Dad and I shortened an F-250 crew cab 4WD down to a regular cab short bed. The frame had to be shortened 33-1/2", the brake line had an extension in it that we took out and connected the line back together, there wire 6 wires that had to be shortened, and the driveshaft had to be shortened. Things were a lot simpler in 1979 !
  4. Looks like a T-bar lift system for a jeep hardtop or something similar. See the pulley in the center ? Phil saves his magic for the electrical stuff !
  5. Looks like a long bed regular cab is about to be shortened......really shortened. Sounds like a fun project !
  6. Why don't you try something challenging next time !
  7. Might be worth a shot to contact these folks: https://www.gruvenparts.com/shop-by-car/gm-truck They made placement motors and gears for earlier generation of the trucks. Pricey, but beat plastic parts hands down.
  8. If you want to do any performance tunes think again about the Tahoe. Hennessey Motorsports in Texas tried for 3 days to crack in to one to tune it and gave up. They said if you want a GM SUV you can tune buy a pre 2021. The GM trucks are headed down the same path in 2022. For me it's not a problem since mine will stay stock. It seems to me GM is doing everything they can to lock the vehicles down and force us to go to dealers for service, and even the dealerships are sometimes not fully capable of repairs without assistance from GM. Like the Nissan commercial says, you have never had so much technology in your driveway. Sometimes that is not a good thing.
  9. It's a joke. DRL's (Daytime Running Lights) were set to hyperflash or strobe for attention in both of the videos. Some producer's gimmick that makes just about as much sense as your truck hydrolocking driving through a parking lot.
  10. I just took the time time to watch both of the Trail Boss videos in the earlier post and I may have found the problem. The OP probably didn't have his DRL's set to strobe ! I didn't see that option on the spec sheet but it must be needed for water crossings !
  11. I just drove 15 miles in rain so hard that you couldn't see the lines on the road, folks still on the road had their emergency flashers on, and drove through some 2-3 inch deep puddles at 40 plus MPH. 2020 Silverado LT 2 wheel drive, 5.3 with 8 speed. 8,000 miles and bone stock. Truck was running just fine when I shut it off in the driveway at home. I'm really curious what happened to the OP's truck.
  12. The Rough Country liners I got for my 2016 were more like a do it yourself kit. Like Mac-427 I had to cut a couple of inches off of them to make them fit. They were okay to keep the rocks from chipping the paint but were loud. Some don't like the factory liners but at least they deaden some of the noise. The Rough Country liners just change the pitch.
  13. I got the notification through the My Chevrolet App. It sure doesn't inspire confidence that a seat belt may not be connected to anything. Here's the thing that really makes you crazy. According to the recall dated December 23, 2020 GM knows there is a problem with seatbelts but they will not start notifying owners of the affected vehicles until February 1, 2021. Below is direct from the recall: "GM says in government documents that the seat belt brackets may not have been secured to the seat frame. That means the belts may not properly restrain people in a crash. The company says it doesn’t know of any crashes or injuries. GM will notify owners starting Feb. 1 and dealers will inspect the seat belt brackets and assemble them correctly." So it's okay to drive around with a seatbelt that you are legally mandated to wear for your protection that may not be fastened to anything until February 1st. Everything going to be okay ! The logic at Government Motors is frightening.
  14. My list is short. Full floor console parts list for the conversion with a good source. Mirrors similar to the DL3 on the K platform. I miss the turn signals, power fold, and puddle lamps but really don't want or need towing mirrors. Not a fan of the blind spot monitors. I will probably go this route unless you come up with something better: https://www.adcmobile.com/product/multi-camera-interface-for-gm-vehicles-w-8-screen/ Eventually a power passenger seat may be thrown into the mix if not tooo difficult.
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