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  1. The local dealers here still don't have much 2 wheel drive inventory to offer so my trade value is meaningless since there is nothing on the lots I would trade for.
  2. They'll just ping your cell phone, it's better than a microchip ! It gives location , personal information, the list goes on... Don't think about it too long, the paranoia will overwhelm you....
  3. Well he was even decent enough to post a topic that he was leaving the forum and why while still not being offensive. For the most part this is a great and informative forum, but there a few "members' that I as a moderator would have shut down. Once they become involved in a topic it goes to hell quickly with their first response. No matter what the topic or how it might have started to be helpful I quit following before it deteriorates any further. Interesting that it is usually the same 4 or 5 "members" that cause the disruptions. Guess I spend too much time on this forum and that's why I notice this stuff. There are still lots of good folks on here. I just wish pgamboa would hurry up and buy a next gen and start working out harnesses for it !
  4. Too many personal attacks on this forum. Just like the zoo the outside world has become. We each have our own opinion. If you don't agree with mine, that's fine. State your opinion and back it up with facts that may help change my mind. There was a guy named ___slow on here that was constantly helping others and gave tons of useful information freely. His typing skills sometimes made reading his posts a challenge but once you got to know his style the information was very honest and useful. Then folks started the personal attacks about everything he posted and he left this forum for other forums. I hope they appreciate him on the other forums. I sure miss him here.
  5. Well shoot ! Looks like I might have overspent by $35.00 ! Don't tell the wife ! They were on sale !
  6. The link shows them at 20% off. $135.95 vs. $169.94. Tell the wife they are ON SALE !
  7. I just ordered a set and will update with pictures once they come in. Thanks for the link, I've been looking for something since I bought the truck !
  8. E-85 is not available in my neck of the woods. Our corn down here is too sweet to piss it away making gas out of it. One day if I get real froggy I might crank that little knob on the dash over to sport mode and see what happens. At 4,100 miles I haven't pushed too hard on the skinny pedal, but when I have it's been fun.
  9. Just get in line for the 2021 Ram Rebel TRX with the Hellcat 700 + HP engine. Supposed to have a base of $71,690 but the "Launch Edition" will go for $92,000. Me, I 'm perfectly happy with my stock 5.3 that will drink 87 octane gas all day and do everything I ask of it.
  10. They bolt to the cab with 8 bolts. Cab length is the determining factor.
  11. My 2020 Silverado LT does ! The switch is mounted between my ears. When I sense raindrops on the windshield I automatically turn on the wipers. 46 years of driving and the damn switch still works !!
  12. Tail gate down is a myth too. That's why the lip is on the tailgate cap. it helps direct airflow over the tailgate. The cab shape and cab spoiler let the air roll into the bed in a circular motion and the tailgate cap help pull the low pressure air out in a smooth path and flow. You can find videos that show it. I forgot about an empty can I had in the otherwise empty bed of my truck. Once I got up to highway speed the can lifted and started making circles up to the top of the cab then down to the bottom of the bed. It did this for over 15 miles until a semi passed me. His side draft blew the can out of the airflow and out of the truck.
  13. Most important is all people involved are okay. Vehicles can be replaced, people can't. Keep an eye on yourselves for the next few days and don't hesitate to seek medical attention if things feel weird. You both took quite an impact. Among other things mentioned, have your insurance company subpoena her cell phone records surrounding the accident time. It could be helpful if there is any push back from her side.
  14. Looking at the amount of rust in the truck then seeing the lower ball joint and outer tie rod stud dangling it looks like vehicle condition and lack of maintenance may have had something to do with it....
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