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  1. Buy the console upper trim panel for a 2015-2016 and the moveable cup holder for same. Easy swap. Use your mounting brackets from the other truck. Done.
  2. Thanks but I can get a brand new set for $95. I'll pass.
  3. How much for the OEM bed lights and harness shipped to 36532 ?
  4. A co-worker has a 2018 4WD Tacoma. At 5'10" and 185 pounds when we go to lunch and I sit in the passenger seat that's it. I sit and can't change position much at all. When he first got the truck it had street tires and rode great but only got 20 MPG. Being young he had to get a leveling kit and put one size larger than stock Goodyear Duratracks on it. Now he is lucky to crack 17 MPG and the truck rides like crap but he still loves it. Different strokes for different folks.
  5. I'd like to have them !! Please PM me with a shipping cost to Fairhope , AL 36532 as soon as you can so we can work out the details. Paypal OK with you ?
  6. Have you turned the pad around 180 degrees ? The charging coil seems to be closer to the back of the console and in the "bottom" of the XR. With the pad rotated 180 degrees from stock and the bottom of the phone slid as far towards the rear of the console as possible my XR charges fine in a Speck case even thought it does not sit flat on the pad. See the picture below. The label is now at the rear and the ridge is at the front allowing the bottom of the phone to be closer to the charging coil.
  7. Real world problems... How about waking up 5 minutes earlier and making your own cup of coffee ?
  8. Guess I'll never know since the Washington Post wants me to sign and and give them a dollar so they can spy on me too before they will let me see anything...
  9. Enough

    Bye all

    1Slow1500 will be missed but won't be the last to leave this forum. The sense of entitlement some come on here with is amazing. For example, 139 pages of information about swapping towing mirrors and a guy posts a question on how to do it. READ THE PREVIOUS 138 PAGES LIKE THE REST OF US DID !! READ YOUR OWNERS MANUAL IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT YOUR TRUCK'S OPTIONS !! This instantaneous gratification generation drives me nuts. Do something for yourself and learn from it !
  10. Enough

    Bye all

    1Slow1500, you and your knowledge will be missed. As you can see from many of the posts above you are/were appreciated by many of us. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and best of luck with your future endeavors. You will be missed.
  11. I have to agree that the technology has outpaced the training on the dealer level. My 2018 has spent 2 separate weeks at the dealership for a no start condition. They cannot diagnose the issue other than disconnecting and re-connecting every electrical component they find and hope for resolution. The first time the truck went down at 243 miles and had to be towed in. The second time it went down around 3,800 miles and I farted around enough to get it in limp mode and drove it to the dealer, actually hoping for a catastrophic failure. No such luck darn it !! 99.9 percent of the time the truck runs great. All stock burning regular gas at 23.5 MPG for the 58 mile round trip to and from work. Big bonus is they forgot to add the "Chevy Shake" to this truck ! But the clock is ticking and I am confident that the truck will shut down again. Maybe I will be able to trick it in to starting, maybe not. And once again the dealership will not be able to find the fault. Too much tech and only a minor stumble in amperage in some minute component will take it out. When it happens again and they get it running, the for sale sign will go in the window. It will be replaced with one of those old gas sucking trucks where you could actually identify the few components under the hood. Where if you have gas and spark it will get you down the road. I enjoy the comfort and convenience of my 2018 Silverado. I just don't trust it's dependability.
  12. Mitchell and others publish body and frame specs for use by body shops, even for the older models. The newer specs should be in the upfitter diagrams.
  13. Electrical components sourced from China and Mexico and awarded to low bid contractors to increase profit. We're lucky more of our trucks aren't rolling fireballs. My truck will carry full coverage as long as I own it.
  14. Equals 1FunCobra !! Enjoy ! The truck pulled great up to around 3500-4000 RPMs but with the profile of a brick and the restriction in air flow caused by the Motorcraft 2 BBL, stock air cleaner, and functioning EGR valve pushing the pedal much further had limited returns. It was fun in the mud !
  15. What are you putting the 351M in ? Had one in a 77-1/2 F-250 4 wheel drive. Ran a Crane Econopower cam with adjustable push rods and the stock 2 BBL Motorcraft carb with some wicked advance on the distributor. With 4.10 gearing and 36 in Grad Prix tires that lightweight surprised lots of folks.
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