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  1. Ball joint popped out

    Don't know if this a known issue but if the upper ball joint is really "popped" out the truck is not driveable ! The ball joint needs to be replaced immediately ! The truck is not safe to drive in this condition.
  2. Thoughts on the Nissan Titan?

    On looks alone I'll pass, but feel the same way about the 2019 Silverado and Sierra. Just personal preference. Happy to have my 2018 Silverado.
  3. Installed my "Leveling Kit" and took it out for a few hours !
  4. 2 pushes of the tailgate icon on the fob will lower the aluminum tailgate.
  5. The 2019 loaner I am driving has the power tailgate lock and lower. There is no provision to raise the tailgate, at least not on this LT. There is no tailgate "handle" either, just a push button in the middle of the piece of plastic that houses the back up camera lenses. Push the button and the tailgate lowers slowly.
  6. Scared of the K2

    Got the flush done at about 34,000 miles while it was still under warranty. Traded it in 4,000 miles later with no shudder.
  7. Scared of the K2

    Yes, the shudder was with the 6 speed. The multiple flush and fill did the trick on the 2016. It was covered under warranty I there was no shudder when I traded the 2016 RCSB in on the 2018 Crew Cab.
  8. dieselfan1, I've got more faith in my dealership than I do in GM in general. The dealership will get it sorted out and I'll be happily back in my own 2018 truck soon. Interesting that I was able to go from a dead no start to getting the truck running by locking and unlocking the door and messing with the remote start on the fob. Only got a few clicks from the remote start on the fob and it eventually started with the key. Kind of funny how GM bashed Ford about the aluminum body while they were in the process of designing their own. Pretty scary how light the tailgate on the 2019 is. At least 2019 owners will not have to worry about tailgate cables breaking, the tailgate will fold first ! By the way, there is no tailgate handle. It has a push button to open and you just kind of grab anywhere to close the giant beer can ! And the new commercials that advertise the most cargo volume, not weight. Guess that means we can load more packing peanuts in the new GM !! The re-design of the front fender rails is a sure sign they don't want us working on our trucks anymore. There is no room to work in there. My wife has even commented about the goofy cladding/vents at the end of the front bumper. Guess they never tested these trucks in an area with large insects. There will be seasons down here when these will be packed with dragonflies and locusts. Congrats on your decision to pull the trigger on the 2018' s !!
  9. Regular cabs

    Nothing like a RCSB Denali !! Great work as usual Phil !!
  10. Since you asked...... The little storage compartments in the rear seat back are interesting except that if someone is sitting in the seat they will have to move to get whatever you store there. There is a storage bin under the rear seat standard and there are 2 small A/C vents in the back of the flip up front seat console for rear seat passengers. The little buttons in the outside door handles to unlock the truck with the remote in your pocket are kind of gimmicky to me. Driving impressions...Granted the loaner only has 132 miles on it and has not "learned" anything. The loaner is as close to my 2018 as they could find. It does have an 8 speed tranny since I don't think the 6 speed is offered this year and even with the towing package it has 3.23 gears where mine has 3.42's. The loaner seems to be unsettled, constantly doing something as far as changing gears. If the power band in this engine is so short to require constant shifting it's a real shame. The difference in the rear end gearing is noticeable from an standing start. Maybe it's the tranny ? Basic road noise is greater. The fact that the 2019 LT does not have rear well liners standard may have something to do with that. The low mount mirrors have just as much wind noise, it just comes from lower in the door. The convex square in the upper left corner of the drivers mirror is distracting and the large blind spot caused by the mirrors is just as large as the one created by the 2014-2018 mirrors, it's just lower. The push button to lower the aluminum tailgate is another gimmick I could do without and the cargo lights mounted halfway down the rear bed corners look prime for smashing when unloading bulky cargo, as does the 110V receptacle mounted low on the right side of the bed. At least the tailgate comes standard with a plastic liner. They know the aluminum would not survive without it. My biggest shock so far was when I opened the hood this morning. If you are a DIY guy close the hood and run away from this truck. The engine is tucked even further under the firewall and the fender rails turn in at about a 20 degree angle choking off under hood work space even more. The air box is now on the left side of the engine near the oil fill cap. There is no room for it on the right side where it used to be. Good new is there is plenty of room to change headlamp bulbs since there is basically nothing behind them. The battery has been move forward a bit and looks easier to get to.As far as every other component you will have to move something to get to it. Since I will be in this truck for who knows how long I may have more to report. Can't wait to get my 2018 back !!!
  11. Regular cabs

    With that Dallas neighbor of yours extending the cable for the fin should not be an issue. Phil could probably mount it on the rear bumper !
  12. Regular cabs

    One of my favorite things about this truck is the lack of an offset shark fin !! Sorry to hear you plan to add one. At least consider centering it on the roof like I wish GM had done ! It's a great looking truck and your mods let the guys with work trucks know they are not left out. Now that I've got a truck the same color as yours i am kind of partial to the color. They are Silverados after all. Not Bluerados, Rederados, Brownerados, etc.
  13. We have enough issues with idiots holding up traffic texting at every stop with out having to wait for the truck to get ready to go too ! I've been driving for 45 years and my first vehicle had a push button start. It was on the floorboard directly on top of the starter on my 1953 M38A1 !! I did do a little cursing and swearing this morning when mine didn't start ! If you are thinking about moving from a 2014-2018 to a 2019 I would highly suggest finding one at Enterprise, Hertz, or Budget and rent it over a weekend. You'll drop a couple of hundred bucks for the rental but it could stop you from making a much more expensive mistake.
  14. Honestly, there is nothing I like about the 2019 over the 2018 so far. Don't like the look of the truck for starters. Dash is cheaper looking. Idles poorly with auto stop turned off. Controls not intuitive. Can't get the seat adjusted to my 60 year old butt. Electric parking brake. This are my impressions after just 26 miles of driving and no real time to study the truck as I was late for work and trying to make up time getting there. I'll probably be saddled with it over the weekend since the dealership has not called to have me come get mine back so I'll have more time to enjoy the loaner. Kudos to Terry Thompson Chevrolet for giving me something to drive on short notice.
  15. 16-18 paintable headlight bezels

    $113.25 each on GM parts direct or $299.99 for the pair on Ebay. Simple math says Ebay is not always the way to go.

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