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  1. Maybe to the paint scheme, but a real big no friggin' way to the oversize wheels and tires. Just no.
  2. Either that or the Butterball messed with their heads !
  3. Maybe the flashing lights will keep the turkeys off of your hood !
  4. Will this take the place of a lighted Bowtie in your grill ?
  5. Enough

    DL3 Mirrors

    Yes you will need harnesses, and yes HarnessDr.com has them. And remember that after you do the swap you can send your original harnesses to Phil for a $100.00 refund.
  6. This is what is used for those deep seated rivets. It uses 1/4" rivets and when they pop they really pop ! It's the Marson Big Daddy Rivet Tool.
  7. Mine was built north of the border and is the same. When I bought my truck over a year ago most of the 2018's on the lot were worse than mine. The is no wind noise, just poor fit and finish but not enough to really bother me. The bailout money must not have tricked down to the quality control department.
  8. Spend 5 bucks and buy a 3" stick on convex spot mirror. Cover the factory one that distorts everything. It worked for me. The view is much better !
  9. Another big Thank You to Phil Gamboa !! Well worth buying the complete harness to have things go so smooth. DL8 to DL3 swap took me about an hour and a half taking my time. All functions working as they are supposed to. The power fold will take some getting used to ! Only problems encountered were working with old eyes and progressive lenses focusing in the door jambs and getting the old harnesses stuffed in the box to ship back for the refund !! Now I've got 3 of Phil's harnesses in my truck. First was the jump seat to console and now one in each front door for the mirror swap. Thinking about the auto dim rear view mirror since the DL3 driver's mirror a got is auto dim ready........ Thanks again Phil for sharing your knowledge and time for these upgrades !!
  10. There are 2 listings for the 23154702 switch on Ebay. One seller in Atlanta has them listed for $1,128.98 plus shipping. They must be gold plated. https://www.ebay.com/itm/2014-2018-Silverado-Sierra-Door-Power-Fold-Switch-23154702-Genuine-OEM-GM/264023887442?hash=item3d790cce52:g:pzEAAOSwEGpb34QF One in Wisconsin has them listed for $29.34 plus shipping. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Power-Folding-Mirror-Switch-OEM-Factory-GM-Truck-SUV-15-17/223852479088?epid=656212955&hash=item341ea5c270:g:0ecAAOSwx3VeC18m
  11. 2018 Silverado Texas Edition CCSB. 5.3 L with 6 speed and 3.42 rear end. 100% stock. 18,500 miles on the odometer. Lifetime average 21.9 MPG. Best 400 mile average 23.7 MPG. 58 mile round trip commute with everything from stop and go at traffic lights to 10-75 MPH on the Interstate portion of the slog.
  12. Buy the console upper trim panel for a 2015-2016 and the moveable cup holder for same. Easy swap. Use your mounting brackets from the other truck. Done.
  13. Thanks but I can get a brand new set for $95. I'll pass.
  14. How much for the OEM bed lights and harness shipped to 36532 ?
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