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  1. Finger crossed that you found your leak. Old Jeep gas can are just like Jeeps. They mark their territory.
  2. You've answered your own question. You can source a rear seat without the storage compartments from an auto dismantler and swap them out if that is your only concern. You may have to get creative with matching the seat covers. I would take a ride in the back seat of a truck without the storage compartments first just to make sure. Some might think it crazy but there are plenty of folks that drop 3-4 grand on tires, wheels, and suspension after purchasing a brand new truck. Interior comfort would be higher on my list.
  3. I went another route since I didn't want to take a chance cutting and splicing wires. I bought Curt Industries T-connector 56584 and flat wire extension 58531. The T-connector t's into the big bumper wiring harness behind the bumper and the extension plugs into the T-connector. I then connected my aftermarket reverse lights to the extension. This way nothing in the truck's original wiring is altered. This setup also gives me the option to connect other running lights or turn signals using the remaining wires on the extension with no worry about the trucks original wiring. https://www.curtmfg.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=+56584+Trailer+Wiring+Harness https://www.curtmfg.com/part/58531 I bought some cheap Nilight lights from Walmart in case this idea didn't work so I've got less than $75.00 in this setup. The lights are plenty bright but don't wash out the camera at night.
  4. Thank you Sir ! Cancer mostly surgically removed, then 39 doses of radiation. 6 weeks post radiation numbers look good. 3 month post radiation numbers will let us know for sure. 99.9% sure we caught it in time. Found the truck in the color that I really wanted when I bought the last truck but talked myself out of last time. Quickly got numbers where I was comfortable and pulled the trigger before overthinking the decision again.
  5. Local dealer got (4) 1500's and (1) 2500 in yesterday. Doubled their inventory of both models with that shipment. Pickings are slim and so are discounts. What do you want, how long are you willing to wait to get it, and how much is your time worth ? Some people enjoy the buying "experience". I for one don't. I do my research, call my salesman friend of 35 years, tell him what I am looking for and what I am willing to spend. I have gone so far as to locate vehicles for us to price out. With this last one I was in and out of the dealership in less than an hour. The only thing this truck does not have that I wanted is a full center console. In the next year or so I'll find one and install it. Get a little older, get a cancer diagnosis, then think again what time is really worth. I'll be damned if I am going to waste time haggling over a couple of thousand dollars.
  6. One purpose of moving the mirrors from the old position in front of the glass down to the door shell was to eliminate this noise. Seems like it is airflow through the gap in the mirror pivot that is making the noise no mater where the mirror is mounted. Try putting a piece of tape over the front of the gap and see if the noise disappears. So much for that engineering marvel that moved the blind spot created by the mirror to a different location, but did not cure the root cause of the problem. Mine is noticeable on the drivers side, but not so bad that I have worried about a permanent solution.
  7. If the piano is an upright make sure he has a stout furniture dolly. There are permanent handles mounted on each end of the piano inside the rear framework at just the right height. Grab these and under the keyboard shelf and lift onto the dolly. Strap and roll up a ramp onto a trailer. Easy peasy ! I learned this moving my wife's piano after we got married. I was surprised how easy it was. Hat's off to you for being a good neighbor
  8. Keep it and buy a 2500 to tow with ???? Nothing more valuable than my family. No way I push the limits on towing with them in the truck.
  9. I guess it's all about your relationship with the dealer. This 2020 was the 4th truck I bought from a guy I've known for 35 years. Called and told him what is was looking for, poked around on the internet, and in a couple of hours he called back with some numbers. I had a Satin Steel Grey picked out and headed my way until the red one popped up. Quick swap no issues. Once the truck got in I looked it over and paper work was done in less than an hour. Do Vroom, Carvana or the like have the ability to service or warranty your vehicle ? I want a relationship with a dealer that treats me fairly and I feel buying from them gives me an advantage when issues crop up. It's the old school way of doing things and in the end it works a hell of a lot better.
  10. Mitziauto or something like that..coming from California. Look at the wiring harness. That has China written all over it. I tried some of the "inexpensive" (cheap) Silverado nameplates off of Ebay. I knew better at $24.95 for a set of 3 but said what the heck. Also cheap China knock offs. Threw them away. It wasn't worth the time to return them.
  11. Drove to the hospital for a scheduled test and when I shut the truck off in the parking lot I got notification of an update. Then the radio didn't shut off when I opened the door. I cancelled the update until I got back home in my driveway just in case... The update took a little over 10 minutes and I have no clue what it included. I have not had any issues with the truck other than the radio staying on before I allowed the second update to complete. This is the third update since I bought the truck new.
  12. I've had them too. That's another reason I don't want one. Different strokes for different folks. Back to the OP's original post, the black panels themselves would not scare me off if the Tangier Orange is what you want.
  13. It's a hole in the sheet metal that lets sun in. We get enough of that through the windshield and windows down here. I would pay extra not to have one. GM is having issues sealing the vertical glass on the rear windshield. No way I would trust a sunroof.
  14. The black extensions, bumper, grill, and cab spoiler I could handle. They can be painted to match. The sunroof would be the deal breaker for me.
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