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  1. Bedrug Horrible Idea???

    Link to the Bedrug you have ??? Just another stubborn old goat curious about your form fitting spun plastic padded carpet.......on the fence about what to put on the bed floor if I install a hard tri-fold tonneau cover.
  2. Downsized from a full size?

    I just up-sized from a 2016 RCSB WT to a 2018 Crew Cab LT. Both 5.3, 6 speed, 3.42 rear, 2 wheel drive, stock 17" tires and wheels. Loved the RCSB for playing and handling, but it rode like a truck and had basically only had room for two. Turning radius was great and you could bump the throttle and cut that circle down smaller if you wanted to. Crew Cab rides like the living room couch, is quieter, and at 1,500 miles fuel economy is 1 MPG better than the RCSB that had 38,500 Miles on it when traded in. There is also another living room couch between the 2 full doors behind the front 2 doors giving us room for whatever we need to haul people wise. At 23.5 inches longer than the RCSB parking and turning are a little bit of a challenge but nothing to serious. My truck is a nature freak and sleeps under the stars so garage issues are not a problem. If you look at the 6, 8, and soon 10 speed transmissions on these trucks the purpose seems to be to keep the engine in a very small RPM range for fuel efficiency just like diesel trucks. Jacking your truck up and putting bigger tires on it have put you out of the designed power band GM has spend millions of dollars trying to find and perfect. Depending on your tires size, 4.11 or 4.86 gears would probably be your best bet to restore power if you can stomach that expense. If you raise a Colorado and put bigger tires on it your fuel economy and power will be disappointing too unless you re-gear.
  3. You've documented on a public forum that your truck has brake issues and continue to drive it hoping maybe it won't happen again. If it were my truck it would be at the dealer to be fixed and I'd be stacking miles on their loaner. No start. No problem. Wonky transmission. It'll still move. Wonky brakes. No way I'm driving it. A year and a half ago I hit something in the road that cut the left rear brake flex hose in half while I was travelling 70 MPH. The redundant safety of the dual master cylinder allowed me to get the truck stopped. $150.00 dollars for the repair including labor, $150.00 dollars for the new seat cover.... Even at today ridiculous prices, I 'm still worth more than any truck.
  4. Got me shaking my head too. They don't have a pinion seal and yoke, but they do have a complete rear end. Maybe they are worried about pinion bearing pre-load after new yolk installation... Corporate logic ?? I hope this is the beginning and end of your issues with the truck !!
  5. If you are buying these speakers from Crutchfield and they show to fit your truck they will probably come with adapter harnesses that will be plug and play from your truck harness to the speakers and a set of adapters so they will bolt in. If you are not sure what comes with the speakers call their toll free number and talk with someone at Crutchfield.
  6. Factory round. Personal preference. Don't like the flats or chrome and the steps on the N-Fabs were in the wrong place on my last truck. Search your local Craigslist and Facebook marketplace. Mine came off of a week old truck. Paid $200.00. Better than the $795.00 the dealer wanted.
  7. Ski 2018, If you find a console and want to do the swap before surgery shoot me a PM. We can make it happen. I've gotten enough help from others on this forum it's time for me to pay it forward. It's really kind of a fun swap seeing the before and after. I've done mine twice now so yours would be a piece of cake !! I work in Mobile close to I-65 off of Halls Mill Road so getting together wouldn't be a problem. I'll shoot a couple of pictures of mine and send them to you in the next couple of days. I've got a friend that had calcium deposits form in the palm of his hands close to where his fingers join. There is a name for it but I don't know what it is. He waited too long to do have the surgery done and now he is permanently disabled. It's easy for those of us that don't have these issues to tell you to go ahead and get it done. If you could see his hands I don't think you would hesitate to schedule surgery now. Best of luck with your hands, and the search for a console !!
  8. Fellow LA Silverado owner here. If you can stomach the cost of the factory console it's really an easy swap with Phil Gamboa's harness. All plug and play and everything works as it should. I took my time this go around and had the jump seat out and the console in in less than 2 hours. Both of the seats can stay bolted in place. I've got mine set up with the moveable cup holder and 2018 wireless charging module and it really is more convenient than the jump seat for me. I probably have about 50 pounds of "important" stuff in it ! My opinion is that it is really worth it. I had it in my 2016 Regular Cab and took it out when I traded it in on my 2018 Crew Cab. I really missed the console for the week I drove the 2018 Crew Cab without it. I'd be willing to provide tools, help, and/or moral support if you decide to do the swap. You can't be that far from me. Another must have for me is the Driver Assist handle. Worth all $50.00 to keep from grabbing the steering wheel getting in and out. I am still trying to decide which way to go on the bed issue. Thinking about a tri-fold hard cover but can't decide which one. Too many choices....
  9. I think the Millenial design teams have been doing too many drugs, playing too many video games, and getting too many participation trophies. Hopefully the real world will teach them what failure is.
  10. I haven't installed the DL3 mirrors yet but it looks like the 3" spot might block the top turn signal LED. When I install the DL3 mirrors if the 3" spot is too big I'll get a smaller spot to keep from blocking the turn signal. The distortion around the edges of the factory spot made it useless to me.
  11. Decided to keep this one that I had on my 2016 RCSB. I've had enough of a lot of things !!! That big gold plastic bow tie was too much so It's gone. Front bow tie is now silver. Still debating about debadging the rest of the truck.
  12. Covered the distorted flush mount factory convex mirror in the driver's mirror with a proper 3" stick on convex mirror. Stuck one on the passenger side too !! Got rid of that huge blind spot on the right side you could loose a full size truck in !! Best 8 bucks I've spent in a long time !!
  13. I just threw up a little. Unfortunately some things you just can't un-see. This is about the fugliest thing I have ever seen. Why ???
  14. CAB SWAP

    Do you have a friend with a crew cab ? If so put them side by side and spend some time going back and forth under them with a tape measure and an open mind. You may see something very quickly that would show that the swap can or cannot be done because of differences in the position of the rise of the rear of the frame. If it rises directly behind the double cab there won’t be enough room for the crew cab without major modifications. Concern yourself with the physical differences in frame and body. Interior stuff like seats and carpeting is easy . Best of luck !!
  15. Also ready for ALL of the Chevy commercials with the bearded guy in the skinny slacks, and ALL Progressive and Geico Insurance commercials to go away. But since I am so far out of their target demographics my only choices are DVR or the mute button !!

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