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  1. Swapped the console upper trim with fixed cup holders to the upper trim for movable cup holders. Why did GM decide that the fixed cup holder blocking a fairly good chunk of storage space was a good idea in the newer trucks ??
  2. See the 2 blank tabs in the picture ? That's where the HMI would be if my 2016 WT truck had one. RPO code IOB, 7 inch color screen. You also have to get creative if you want to add the full floor console since there is no HMI to plug in to.
  3. Because GM is pissed because they lost a little known law suit where they were trying to charge us a monthly fee to use their proprietary computer technology, ie the BCM. Who knows how much they spent in R & D to make it as difficult as possible to change anything on our trucks ?
  4. Kind of hard to see from this picture but it's the only one I've got. There is quite a bit of wasted space under the front of the full floor console. This is where the Bose subwoofer is placed when that system is installed. There is a guy on Ebay that sells sub enclosures to fit this space and you may be able to contact him and ask for the dimensions. Here's a link to one of his auctions: https://www.ebay.com/itm/2014-to-2018-Chevrolet-Silverado-Crew-Cab-Hidden-Console-Sub-Box-2015-2016-2017/222688939370?hash=item33d94b8d6a:g:-NkAAOSwZlZZ7O6L:rk:4:pf:0
  5. My Dad had the Chevy equivalent (a Monza) with a 305 V-8 for a while as a company car. It had an open differential. if you launched it hard you had to steer a full quarter turn to the right to go straight. Plugs had to be changed out from the bottom on a lift. He got rid of it when the rear lobe of the cam washed off like most 305's did.
  6. Black Interior

    Dealer photo of Cocoa Dune. Dash is still black. Local dealer has a bunch of Summit White 2018 Crew Cabs with Cocoa Dune Interiors left.
  7. I got the Ziplock instead of an HMI with my 2016 RCSB WT !! Such a deal !!
  8. Nate, I bought the main console off of a local Craigslist ad. It was missing side panels and I needed to buy the recommend USB cables. The 4 parts listed below are the only other items I had to buy besides Phil's great Plug and play harness !! 23467516- Black Left Side Panel 22817347-Black Right Side Panel 19119050-Black to Grey Cable for Input (from HMI to front console USB hub) 19303285-Black to Brown Cable for Output (from front console USB hub to USB brown connector) **** NOTE--For my fellow Work Truck owners ONLY !!!***** Since your truck does not have an HMI you have to get creative. The BLACK end of cable 19119050 has to be modified to fit the BLUE USB behind the radio. This is easily done in about 5 minutes with a Dremel tool once you realize you can finish the job instead of sending the cable back and searching out the correct cable that may or may not exist. The BLUE connector on the left in the picture below is what feeds the original jump seat USB hub. It plugs in to the module behind the radio and the other end of it terminates under the passenger seat, next to the 16 or 23 pin connector Phil's harness plugs in to. I modified the BLACK connector on the right (really less than 5 minutes with the Dremel) and it is now plugged in to the BLUE port behind the radio with the GREY end plugged in to the input of the USB hub in the front of the console. The 2 front USB hubs in my console are fully functional including CARPLAY. The two USB hubs inside the console only work for charging. All of the other power ports, 110 outlet, and LED light in the console work as they should.
  9. What if...

    DTB, Could you take that middle finger out of the front of the front fenders ? Run the body line straight down from the hood/fender seam to the existing line on the bottom of the front of the fender, and replace that little chunk of metal with some driving lights ? Thank you so much for removing the Nissan Titan fenders and doors !! Round wheel arches over round tires ? What a novel idea !! Have you done anything with the Tundra/F150 tailgate ? Guess the millenneals have invaded all of the Big Three design studios . All of the trucks are starting to look alike. I miss the days when you could tell the brand of a vehicle without reading the name badge. Yea, I'm an old fart and I don't care for the 2019's at all. And I really don't like texting either.....
  10. Driver Assist Handle

    If it was me I'd pop the bolt covers off, loosen the bolts up a couple of turns, and try a little persuasion. Mine had a gap at the top when I first installed it but I was able to wiggle it around and pull up while tightening the bolts and now there is no gap. I'd try that before wasting half a day at the dealership waiting for them to do the same thing. Even though these trucks are built by robots they are by no means perfect. The bolt mounting pads on the A-pillar may be just a tad off. If need be you can enlarge the mounting holes in the driver assist handle to allow it to slide up that extra 1/16" of an inch.
  11. Some have had luck taking the mirror off and adding foam insulation between the mirror and the sail panel. Rumor is that's why GM moved the mirrors out of the sail panel and down in to the door shell.
  12. Understand that. It's a huge wasted space on the later trucks. Upper trim is easy to replace with on eff off Ebay for about 90 bucks. Add the moveable cupholder form the source of your choice and be done with it. That's what I'll be doing soon.
  13. What don't you like about the 2018 Console ? Upper trim pieces are available in different trim colors if you want to change the look. I got mine locally off of Craigslist so had no choice of options. It has the fixed cup holder and I'll be exploring options to change it to the movable one soon. No matter what for me it beats the heck out of the center jump seat !
  14. Completed center console mod in my RCSB W/T thanks to Phil Gamboa ! See the Center Console Plug and Play harness thread.
  15. Please put me next in line if Phil doesn't buy the cup holder.

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