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  1. Thank you for sharing ! The new consoles are a definite step backwards, from the custom models that don't open to the tiny cup holders for beer can sized drinks.
  2. You got close but didn't go all the way. What about the badge on the lower right hand corner ? It would really be clean without that one too. Not trying to be a wise guy, just wondering why you left that one there. I am considering cleaning up my tailgate too.
  3. Chevyguyy2, If you don't mind please PM me the dimensional drawings. I swapped the full console into my 2018 LT and sure miss it on my 2018 LT. If I can find a 2020 full console at a reasonable price I will be putting it in my 2020. In the meantime your solution looks like my best best. I also miss the power fold, turn signals, and paddle lamps of the DL3 mirrors I put on my 2018. It amazes me that in this day and time when every cheap vehicle sold now has turn signals on the mirrors Chevy chose to skimp on this feature. The "Task Lighting" on the front of the new mirrors baffles me. Thank yo for sharing your solution !
  4. Actually the 2018 was built at the Ft. Wayne plant. Up until yesterday morning when I shredded them I had the papers to prove it.
  5. Looking at my other options, I decided to try again. Fords, Dodges, and Toyotas don't trip my trigger. The new one was built in Mexico. Maybe I'll get lucky !
  6. Actually Thursday, but had my 2018 Crew Cab LT towed to the dealer for the third time and traded for my 2020 Crew Cab LT.
  7. After my 2018 Silverado got towed out of my driveway for the third time in 24,000 miles for a no start condition... I made a change !
  8. All have their opinion. I personally just bought a 2020 LT with 17" wheels. I don't like the hoopie with rubber band tire look and the larger sidewalls on my tires can absorb some of the impact before it gets transferred to the wheels. As an added bonus the 17" wheels are usually the lightest you can get from the factory. Another pet peeve I have the the design of some wheels. A wheel with 6 lugs should have a spoke count that is multiple of 6. 5 and 10 spoke 6 lug wheels are out of whack for me.
  9. 2018 Silverado 1500. 5.3 liter, 3.42 rear end, 6 speed. 58 mile round trip commute which includes everything from stop and go in traffic to 75 MPH on 15 miles of Interstate with stop and go there too (I-10 Bayway over Mobile Bay). On the Chevy app it shows 22.0 MPG lifetime at 23,603 miles. 400 mile average shows 24.3 this morning. I don't bother to hand calculate.
  10. Park the truck in the shade. Wet the front end down. Spray on some Wesley's Bleach White. Let it work for a couple of minutes and the rub it with a wet mircrofiber towel. Make sure to wash all traces of the Westley's off with soapy water. Bugs are highly acidic. Westley's is high alkaline. Westley's neutralizes the acid in the bugs and they come off.
  11. "They " don't make the harnesses. GM corporate and dealerships will tell you it can't be done. The guy that started this post 67 pages ago makes them. One guy, his sideline. He has been generous enough to share his knowledge time after making modifications using his own truck as a test mule. Your only hope is that Phil (HarnessDr.com) and/or Tinkeringfox will get crazy and trade their trucks for a new model and start the experimentation again. Thanks again Phil, all 3 of the harnesses I purchased from you are still going strong !! Seriously thinking about number 4, the dimming mirror upgrade !
  12. Maybe to the paint scheme, but a real big no friggin' way to the oversize wheels and tires. Just no.
  13. Either that or the Butterball messed with their heads !
  14. Maybe the flashing lights will keep the turkeys off of your hood !
  15. Will this take the place of a lighted Bowtie in your grill ?
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