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  1. The G80 in my 2017 will spin both wheels up to about 20 or 25 mph. Then disengage. Then only the passenger side will pull.
  2. My 2017 has the G80. I can not wait to replace it with a Truetrac.
  3. I could not find anyone in my area to reproduce the instrument hoods for me. I am going to try and do it myself. I am using one of the instrument hoods I received from Viktorrocks15 as the template. I will update the forum ASAP
  4. Yes the hood and visor is the same thing. The only reason I referred to it as a instrument hood. That is how it is listed on some of the GM part sites i think if you can get White Auto and Media to get the instrument cluster to work with a diesel. Then I think it will work. The only thing the HUD does is display the information sent to it by the instrument cluster.
  5. Nice truck! What size pulley are you using. I am running almost the same set up. Whipple 4.0 pulley Kooks headers and cat delete wye. I am at 541 RWH How many pounds of boost are you running?
  6. The HUD windshield is being installed. 2017 Tahoe windshield with HUD Lane Departure
  7. I am sending the instrument hood out tomorrow to be covered in brown leather to match the interior. I would like to find someone that can 3D print the instrument hoods. The few people I spoke to about 3D printing said the instrument hood is too large to be printed in one piece. I will have the HUD unit out the dashboard this weekend. I will take as many pictures as I can. The HUD unit has a little bit of vibration when I roll over a pot hole or bump. I think a little support from under the unit will help with the vibration. if anyone has any specific pictures they want me to take? Let me know and I will try to do what I can. As for a how to or step by step tutorial. I will shoot as many pictures as possible with measurements off of landmarks in the dashboard I strongly suggest getting the following item before starting 1)instrument cluster from white auto and media 2) wire harness from pgamboa (A member on this site) 3) dashboard switch and trim 4) heads up display unit 5) instrument hood ( I am working on finding someone to make them for us)
  8. The small cut in the instrument hood is the collision avoidance warning lights. The wires will need to be extended to reach the new location. The seat vibration still works. The only thing not working is the red light bar. After I lengthen the two wires going to the connector it should be in working order. I will update you later. If anyone want more pictures or video of the process? [email protected] i will send what I can to help move your project along. Two great guys on this site helped me. Now it is time for me to do the same.
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