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  1. What part of the MyLink system would need to be removed and sent to White Auto and Media to have video in motion. I sent them my gauge cluster for programming and HUD. I am sure they can do video in motion I am going to show my age by asking this question What does it mean to have the phone jailbreak? I ordered the unit. I will let you know what happens when it comes in next week
  2. Thank You. I am going to order the AUTOMETER system. If it does not work out the way I was hoping. I have an old IPad I can try and mount.
  3. I am looking to purchase the AUTOMETER dashlink gauge system. Is it possible to have the OBD2 port scanner connect with the CHEVY MYLINK system and display on the screen while driving. I would like to avoid adding an IPOD to the dashboard. Any information will be greatly appreciated Thanks
  4. Congratulations. I am going to redo my HUD install now. Do you have a part number on the trim ring or tell us what vehicle it is off of?
  5. Viktorrocks15 Any chance on the new way saving the driver side window defrost piping?
  6. I would go with Viktorrocks15 way of doing it . He is the one who built the first instrument hood for me. Viktorrocks15 keep me informed on how your project is going I may consider redoing my dashboard. Depending on how your turns out.
  7. You should be good. When the HUD is installed. It will come in the HUD unit.
  8. The HUD reflection will show up on the regular windshield. It will be a little blurry and show double information. But it will work. The tint on the lower part of the windshield will solve that problem.
  9. That is the first guy rookie mistake. I cut the hood for the forward collision alert system. The High Country has a separate wire and light for the forward collision alert. Now I know the HUD will do that. That will not be on the future hoods.
  10. I finally found someone to work with me on fabricating the Sierra/Silverado instrument hood. The fabricator set up an appointment with me for early next week. I will let you know how it goes
  11. I will be glad to answer any questions about the HUD or send pictures. If you want to private message me.
  12. The G80 in my 2017 will spin both wheels up to about 20 or 25 mph. Then disengage. Then only the passenger side will pull.
  13. My 2017 has the G80. I can not wait to replace it with a Truetrac.
  14. I could not find anyone in my area to reproduce the instrument hoods for me. I am going to try and do it myself. I am using one of the instrument hoods I received from Viktorrocks15 as the template. I will update the forum ASAP
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