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  1. I know how a diff works mines broken I don't want an issue with it not locking rather have it always locked mini spool or full spool
  2. I don't want slip I hate it being supercharged means it spins like nothing
  3. I have a 2018 that's supercharged and it is now only doing 1 wheel peels been thinking about putting in a full locker rear diff anyone done this
  4. Like how you guys were mentioning how the wheel isn't centered in the wheel well also does it drop it 2" as I've heard or is it less
  5. I'm not really concerned about the load on the bolts I have some fairly heavy duty ones I can use and i see heavy trucks with air ride suspension using bolts for the pivot
  6. Truck is stock height but rear blocks removed was wondering how low the front drops by moving the struts to the bottom of the control arm
  7. Has anyone done the strut from the top to the Bottom and how low does it go
  8. So if I go with a 2" drop shackles and those should be level where are you from
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