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  1. Do you have the book on upgrading a 2003 avalanche  to lux amp with navigation  I am not installing  6 disc cd changer for now. I have a unlocked luck nav unit and a used lux amp.   I have installed  a wire from cluster to  radio   I do not have onstar or xm radio from factory so no vci came in truck. I had to get a harness for back of radio because there is only 1 harness to radio from the factory 

  2. Yes, power sears (also heated and cooling) all seats function has normal
  3. 2014 High Country (5.3)—found this plug a few weeks ago under drivers seat and cannot fine what it plugs into—everything working in truck (or so I thought)— tried to use USB and 12v port inside console and none work—pulled out the USB ports on one side of the console and 12v lighter on other side and neither getting power (checked with both ignition on and off)—checked fuses, all are ok—guessed this plug may have something to do with it so checked it for power and it does get 12v—look under passenger seat and same plug was laying on floor!!! Anyone aware if these plugs are for power to the console and if so where they plug in? Any help appreciated!
  4. A4 is the green w/ white stripe wire in the speedometer cluster--You have to remove the cluster, unplug the harness and tap into it-- http://duramax.onlinedesk.net/navinstall/p...%20wire%202.JPG
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