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  1. Not so far, the odd thing is that it happened intermittently. So I'll keep an eye on it and look for someone with a professional scan tool.
  2. I checked the tranny fluid and it did need some fluid. Not much though
  3. Oh ok, that makes sense. Autozones odb reader looked super cheap. So I guess a garage would have that kind of tool. Im going to ask some buddies in the automotive industry, I may luck out.
  4. The weird thing is there are no codes. Went to autozone and there were no codes to be read.
  5. Hey all, new member here. I just noticed now for the second time that my check engine light flashes only when I'm going up hill and flashes for maybe 10 times and then sure off. It has happened only twice. Does anyone know that it may indicate. Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks!!
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