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  1. 445 Cubic inches from the new Ford Godzilla 7X. https://www.svtperformance.com/forums/threads/big-bore-details-fords-godzilla-7x-v8-engine-plus-a-new-name.1162603/
  2. Sure they will - with 600 foot pounds of torque - the GM crowd will be pouting. https://www.svtperformance.com/forums/threads/monsters-among-us-more-details-emerge-on-fords-new-godzilla-7x-v8-engine.1161574/
  3. Being a joint venture with Navistar - very good possibility that the gas engines will be sourced from a Navistar affilliate - PSI. Bets they use the 8.8L gasser. Anything less than a big block wont cut it - LS/LT can’t compare. https://www.psiengines.com/whatwedo/on-highway-engines/ The 6.0 is an anemic boat anchor - needs a serious replacement.
  4. You forgot CNH. I know the history, I almost bought a first Gen W250 Reg cab cummins March of 1994, but backed out due to a shaky job. Beats the interior of the current/ 19 GM trucks - they are horrid. GM interiors have gone downhill since the bankruptcy 07 gen.
  5. Thats why I am driving a Ram I Dodged buying another GM product for the current/new Gen. My Ram has been an excellent truck, when I replace it, could be another Ram or a Ford truck.
  6. Elon Musk Needs Your Help Designing His Pickup Truck

    Gas is hovering around $5/US gallon for 87 octane here in Southern Ontario - trucks/large SUV’s are selling like hot cakes. Domestic cars are not selling worth a hoot, because they are inferior to the Asian/German cars. - even with high gas prices people are still buying trucks. And if they need a second vehicle, Honda is closing in on 21 consecutive years as the #1 seller in Canada. The truck sales won’t be slumping anytime soon... To hell with musk and his over hyped over priced crap. He lied about the range of his class 8 truck, No supporting him no matter what.
  7. That’s why I bought a Ram, got the Hemi in the exact trim that I wanted. Do not regret it for one bit!
  8. I love the mirror location, always prefered them slightly lower on the door. A squarebody enhancement. Now bring back the SFA.
  9. Fuel Economy For 5.3L & 6.2L With DFM Released

    A huge waste of money for zero return? They need to look at running a dual injected 5.3 without afm/dfm, bets no loss in mpg.
  10. Looks like they copied Ram with folding towing mirrors.
  11. Because it is needed for those of us that travel to the remote North often.
  12. Agreed! They are insanely expensive to replace when they break, a good move on GM’s part.
  13. My 11 left the factory with 265 70 17 on it - look ped much better when I put BFG AT KO on it.

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