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  1. Lol... if the duramax were that impressive, it would in every type of equipment like the Cummins - but it is not.
  2. Before you unloaded the parts cannon did you do a diagnostic scan? Did you use an OEM fuel pump and MAF? The 4.8 is an enemic slug when towing due to GM’s torque management. I had an 04 Sierra 5.3 and traded that off for an 11 Sierra 4.8 - the difference was noticeable, the 5.3 was superior in every way.
  3. Change by miles, not by the sludge monitor. The lifters will love you for it.
  4. I agree - the two rear timing chains and wet belt make it easy for me to say no. the 2.7 GTDI gasser looks appealing though.
  5. WilliamBos

    Lift swap

    Won’t work, the 06 has torsion bars, the 09 has struts.
  6. My Ram had the exact setup that you are looking for - all hemi/cummins 4th gen rams used this set up. The efan was a denso fan, it fit inside the shroud and was up against the rad. all you need to do is wire it in to come on when you turn the ac onl
  7. So its going to be offered in the 1500’s too? No thanks - will wait to see the new 8L+ engine thats coming.
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