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  1. Drove my truck for the second time today after installing a DiabLew tune the other day. Very pleased with the outcome and we don't even have the WOT logs done yet. I am amazed at how well this truck shifts now.
  2. I bet once the machinery on that job site gets moving your truck is all dusty in mear minutes.
  3. How easy was it to adjust? Mines off on the driver's side slightly and I've always wanted to see if I could fix that.
  4. I'd be curious to hear from someone with the ATAK and how it sounds at 70+ mph speeds as the S-Type on mine seems to get louder at those speeds. Maybe that's what you guys refer to as drone? I think the noise would get to me on longer trips if it were any louder at those speeds.
  5. Also appreciate this info. I've had the 87 tune on for years and have liked it but never real happy with the shifts. Was chatting with Lew last week and will be pulling the trigger on his tune as soon I can run my tank of 87 out and put in premium.
  6. Installed a Borla S-Type with the duals out the back. Removing that rusty bolt on the flange clamp at the cat was by far the most difficult part. Really liking the look and sound.
  7. Same year and motor and same result tuning out v4 I see a 1mpg drop. I guess I didnt really pay attention if the trans acted differently. I only get the clunk on real hard accelerations and I currently have v4 on. I may have to try it off again. What exhaust are you thinking of going with?
  8. That is awesome news for LT owner with the 4.2" screens. I didnt think the dealers would re-program these trucks. And compared to aftermarket I'd say a good value. I think I paid as much or more for the aftermarket rearview mirror one a few years back and had to do the entire install myself. I dont have the guide lines either on mine. How is the image quality on the 4.2" screen?
  9. There are a few options, probably the easiest do it yourself option would be a Diablosport intune2 which costs about $360. That'll allow you to add a little HP and turn off the AFM. This is what I use on my 2014 and have been very happy with it, it did improve my shifting too. They also sell a AFM only device but I think its kinda pricey at about $220 for what it does. Range also sells an AFM only device for I think about $180. Take a look at Diablosports site at the intune2. You may be able to find it a little cheaper from other websites or I do see them come up for sale on here sometimes. Bl
  10. I don't have the Blackbear tune but Diablosport and I've done similar to you on many fillups. That 30%-40% ethanol range seems to be the best of both worlds, you get the increased power feel and your fuel economy does not suffer as much. I'm using their 91+ octane tune and always just mix in regular 87 with E85 to try and equal about 91 octane. With E85 said to be about equal to 100 octane and you using 70% 93 octane aren't you then sitting at about 95 octane? I know the ethanol percentage fluctuates in E85 throughout the year to as low as ~70% ethanol so the math gets a little fuzzier in the
  11. I don't understand why Diablosport would say it doesn't change shift pattern at all. Isn't that exactly what the TCM portion of the tune is supposed to do? Why else would we be picking between the firm or hard shift options. And why else would it be holding the gear longer? And I can say that my shifting is better than stock when choosing one of these options. That comment from them just doesn't make sense to me. Maybe someone else can explain.
  12. I dont see many on the roads anymore but you cant go wrong with the look of a RCSB. Welcome.
  13. I have had the intune (non i2) for about 2yrs now. My initial thought when I read your post was I dont think mine does that. But sure enough on my drive home today I purposely drove the slower steady speeds and paid attention and mine acted the same way. From about 25 to 35 it starts at about 1200 and climbs RPM up to about 1700 then shifts, does the same thing again from 35 to 45 before shifting, and again will do it from 45 to 55. It seemed to really want to hold the gear and the higher RPM if you kept the speed steady like you said. I usually dont drive the slower speeds, most always 55mph
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