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  1. My Flowmaster system is 409 stainless. Not as rust resistant as 304 but more resistant than aluminized steel.
  2. Order of my upgrades): K&N filter swap (day 1) Flowmaster Force II stainless cat-back dual exhaust with Super 50 muffler (no flapper) Range AFM Disabler - Removed (trouble codes, no start, battery drain and having to remember to remove it) SCT X4 tuner - discovered it didn't have AFM disable without more $$$ for a custom tune. No 5.3L tune. Windows install issues. Returned for refund Diablosport Intune i3 tuner disabled the V4 mode. NOTE: I have the original single exhaust and a fresh Borla muffler in the garage attic if I decide to chuck it all and return close to stock.
  3. I returned the SCT unit for a full refund of the $399. I forgot to mention one other issue with the SCT X3: It would not install fully on my Windows 10 machine. I had to use my old Windows XP machine. That and the tune shortcomings really soured me on SCT products. I ordered the DiabloSport Intune i3. It arrived Friday. Today, I installed the software on my (Windows 10) notebook computer and made sure the device had its latest updates. Then, I got acquainted with the unit while it was plugged into the OBD 2 port of the Silverado. Once I figured out the navigation and got around the 'clunkiness' of the handheld unit (the touch screen is not as responsive as my iPhone), I found the option to toggle AFM/DOD On/Off. Selected Off, confirmed it and it updated the ECM and TCM programming on the Silverado. Took the truck for a spin and it now stays in V8 mode full-time. The $200 Range AFM OBD2 module is now an artifact in the center drawer of my desk. The DiabloSport Intune i3 is well worth the $379 price (free shipping). And, I have yet to lay down the 87-octane performance tune from the Diablo. Wish I had trusted and researched the Diablo and other tuner products back in 2016 when I was an AFM novice. It will be nice to no longer have to deal with the AFM throwing trouble codes, draining the battery and essentially being a nuisance (having to remember to remove it from the port). Full-time V8 mode!!! I found the promised land! YAY!!!
  4. I returned the SCT X4 tuner for a full refund. The one I had received was not for my application (2014 Silverado 5.3L). Have ordered a Diablsport intune I3 (50-state). I plan to disable AFM and then toy with the 87-octane tune and shift point firmness available out of the box. Not planning to buy a tune map. Hoping to permanently retire the Range AFM unit.
  5. A/C stopped blowing cold two months ago. I finally took it to the dealer as it had an outstanding recall update (power steering control loss) and it was due for an oil/filter (I can do it, but 2 birds/1 stone). $1,200 later, I have a new GM warranted A/C condenser (and a fresh oil/filter). 24 month/unlimited miles warranty. I am reading now the 2014-2017's have weak A/C compressors, condensers and lines (many failures from 2015-2017). Surprised.
  6. Tell me more about this Superchips tuner. Is there a model or part number specific to the 2014 Silverado 5.3L?
  7. After getting the two quotes from the tuner ($165 and $325) and offer from the seller of $70 for a device with the AFM-disable ($470 total), I am just returning the SCT X4 and performing more/better research on solutions. For now, I will just run the Range AFM when I get sick of driving around in M5 until I find the best, reasonable solution.
  8. When I bought my 2014 High Country in 2016, the first two 'upgrades' were a K&N air filter and a Flowmaster Force II Dual cat-back exhaust. K&N because everything I drive has K&N. Flowmaster because I wanted the sound of dual exhaust. I had no idea that I would then have to address the AFM drone with the Flowmaster system. It was silent on the stock exhaust since it had the 'valve' after the muffler. But the truck was too QUIET for my taste. From there, I started my quest to address the AFM drone. I realized that the only way to eliminate the drone with the Flowmaster system was to keep the engine in V8 mode. First, I tried selecting M5 whenever I put the truck in gear. That got tiresome... I wanted to use 6th gear! Then I happened upon the Range AFM disabler. $200 later and I figured I had the answer.... for all of 1 week. Then, the trouble codes, no-starts and battery drain became issues. I had to remove the Range every so often. Then, sometimes, it would go a whole week before it had an issue. Usually, the truck just wouldn't start. Or, it wouldn't start and it would flash a message about the brake system having an issue, or the trailer brake having an issue. So, I removed it, drove in M5, drove in D and tolerated the drone or put the Range back in. Never happy. Last week, I ordered the SCT X4 tuner thinking it could drop a 'tune' into my computer to remove the AFM. It can... with a catch. You have to buy a separate tune!!! So, I spend $400 for the device to find out that, for another $165 (or $325 if I want all of the other good tweaks), I can get a tune that turns AFM mode OFF. So, I currently have a new $400 paper weight. I failed to mention that somewhere along the way, I spent $250 on that GM Performance Borla muffler. I have my (cut) OEM exhaust on a shelf in the garage with the flapper valve. That GM Borla muffler is looking better every day... for $250 installed!!! I miss my 2003 Silverado that never had AFM. It had the K&N and a nice single outlet Borla exhaust. But, it was showing its age with transmission issues and an obsolete and aging sound system.
  9. I need to use youtube more. I found a link for the 2014 Silverado on first try I have also bookmarked the link for the Blue Ox components. Looks like an expensive proposition. For now, I will continue to just tow my motorcycle on my 8x5' exposed trailer (wired for 12v). Thanks for sharing this info!
  10. I bought the Range AFM disabler after I swapped in a Flowmaster Force II dual system. Without the in-pipe flap, the 4-cyl drone is awful. I tried the Range several times. Each time, I removed it after it threw codes or the truck refused to start. The last time, I was lucky to clear codes when I removed it after the truck would not start (it would start immediately once I removed it). I think the Range AFM disabler has flaws that are not worth the aggravation. For now, if I want it in 8cyl, I use M5 transmission setting. I still have the OEM single exhaust and bought the good Borla muffler. So, I may reinstall the stock system (has the flap/valve after the stock muffler) with the better Borla muffler and let the system flip between 4 and 8 (no more drone).
  11. Flat-tow instructions I am finding from GM are vague and difficult to follow. On the 4x4 dial on my gauge, I have AUTO, 2HI, 4HI and 4LO (no NEUTRAL). I am guessing that '2-speed transfer case' refers to the 4HI and 4LO options. Of course, I can select Neutral on the gear selector on the column. Most of the instructions speak to putting the transfer case in Neutral. Is that the same as setting the transmission in Neutral? I am asking as I have a converted Greyhound for an RV and am interested in flat-towing the silverado behind it. I will have rearview monitor to keep an eye on things. Anticipating purchase of a complete Blue Ox 10,000lb tow bar kit with brake and light controls also. Any help appreciated.
  12. I'll watch it closely on mine once I install. Longest I normally leave my truck sit is over the weekend (if I don't have anything going on). Battery is now 4 years old (sold new to orig owner late 2013 and I bought in Apr '16) and in FL, that is about due for replacement (sun/heat).
  13. My Flowmaster Force II (P/N 817666, 1-in, 2-out) with Super 50 is LOUD but better than living with STOCK. I find it funny that Flowmaster suggest Force II for a 'milder' tone than the Thunder exhaust. I think my Force II sounds JUST like the thunder video on YouTube. Go figure. After 10 months of ownership, I drive in M5 to disable v4 and keep the truck in V8 mode so I can hear all 8 cylinders as GOD intended (well, Chevy GOD anyway). I leave it in D for highway but the truck rarely sees highway. I avg 18-20mpg city which beats my 2003 4.8L overall average mileage easily. I am waiting for a Range AFM delete that will allow me to leave in Drive/M6 full-time; improving mileage, enjoying the NOISE and no V4 drone. At least I can hear my truck even if it is too LOUD. IF I can't live with the Super 50 system, I have a fresh Borla Touring muffler on the shelf with my orig exhaust and will have it installed in place of the orig muffler but WITHOUT that flapper valve. I hope to keep the Range device. The Borla touring muffler is familiar as I had it in a 1-in/1-out system on my 2003 and LOVED it for its growl under full throttle but very easy on the ears sound otherwise. Considering the total cost of this experiment, I could have paid the $1,200 for the 1-in/2-out Borla system to begin with. But, experience is the best teacher...
  14. 2, 5-gallon jugs of Mobil 1 0W-20 @ Walmart with the premium Fram synthetic filter. Under $60 before taxes. I 'heard' 8 qt was the new 'full'. That was after I just put 8 qt in with my change as I figured it was right at full. Watching and seeing that I have LESS 'consumption' this time (my first change). I suspect either dealer or PO (purchased GM Certified used in April '16) did not fill properly. Hoping anyway...
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