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  1. Interesting you see / feel no real difference. About a week ago I was chatting up a guy in a 2500 while getting e85 and he agreed that his bone stock truck feels like a completely different vehicle when he runs e85!
  2. If anyone else is considering this, cold starts now have a VERY extended cranking time. I'm looking into it. I'll update if I figure it out. Otherwise all is good. I made the adjustments from the tune shared above and that shaved another tenth in the quarter mile. The truck just feels nicer to drive.
  3. I have 2 12" alpine baseline subs. Cheap and get the job done. Also no, sorry. I was half asleep when I wrote that out. I used the speaker outputs on the Bose amp, for high level inputs on my amp. This is the only picture of how I back probed the plug. This was also the wrong plug I think. I tapped the rears at first and then realized the stock amp filters all of the bass out of the rears, so then I tapped the fronts.
  4. Nope! Ive added it to my list for the weekend. I appreciate it! I hardly take any trips longer than 10 minutes. I foresee all the benefits.
  5. I added subs to my new truck last week. It was pretty easy. I have a 15 Denali with bose. For the amp remote wire, i tapped the 12V outlet on the back side of the center console. Its on basically all of the same times that the radio is. For audio, I back probed the amp plug for the front speaker outputs. I used the high level inputs on my amp. I do not know what the colors were, or which plug it was. If my memory serves me right, it was the plug on the driver side of the am, with the thickest wires in it. You will have to google the wire colors for the front speakers. DO NOT USE the rear speak
  6. Hey Grumpy, I noticed somewhere you mentioned you are in northern IL. Im due west of Rockford. It gets fairly cold as you know and this winter is supposed to be rough. You think I should have no issues flipping the pill on my 15'? Its a 6L80. Unknown what the maint history is at 101k miles.
  7. I would be very interested in looking those over if you don't mind. I do in fact have the 6l80 trans due to having a Denali with the 5.3. I will post my stock file as well as the file that i made the changes to run Ethanol. I appreciating you helping me with this! Alec Sierra stock tune no ccm no changes.hpt Alec Sierra stock tune + E85.hpt
  8. I did. I purchased HP tuners. All I did for the time being was enable the sensor, the corresponding MIL codes and filled in the alcohol afr table. I didn't want to do anything outside of OEM parameters. This was purely to show what the power gains on the stock GM tune is with ethanol. "I can easily just post a few tunes I've made here." What do you mean by this?
  9. No idea yet. Haven't thought about it. +20whp on the stock tune will do it for a while. I will probably mess around with it for a little while. I need to see what tuners in Chicago are good with Gen V trucks.
  10. Except you would think theirs is at the crank and with 80% ethanol. The stock calibration has the max ethanol percent at 80, so I assume they even underrated it!
  11. I CANNOT EXPLAIN HOW EXCITED I AM! Okay, in all seriousness, i will let the two attached sheets speak for themselves. +19.75WHP and 34.63FT-LBS of torque on fuel alone. No other adjustments or modifications were made. I however had to add the sensor a different way, using compression fittings as the way in the video did not work. Edit, this was on 77% ethanol. Pump was on 87 octane. 2015 CHEVROLET K15 SILVERADO 4WD 4.pdf 2015 CHEVROLET K15 SILVERADO 4WD com.pdf
  12. I really appreciate you breaking down how that actually works with the percentages, between the two table!
  13. Correct. Next test will be as if it were factory. No other adjustments. I'm in northern IL and have 2 ethanol plants local to me. We have 1 station that's VERY consistently 80-87%. My cousin has 2 drums of vp e98. I considered that, but I want real world results that will apply to most people. My very limited understanding is the GM tuning doesn't apply the most aggressive timing table until the content sensor sees greater than 80% ethanol.
  14. The third dyno I will. The dynos I posted today are bone stock. Fram air filter, full exhaust, 87 octane. Brand new maf, 45 miles on it. 100k on the truck. Probably original plugs.
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