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  1. rear brake pad upgrade

    I just ordered PowerStop z36 kit for front and back and also got the parking brake shoes and spring kit and every hardware needed that didnt come with the kit. Over the weekend my right rear INNER pad decided to go metal to metal, the Outer pad still had plenty of life left. I should have checked these before it was too late but being busy and all, things get overlooked. Anyways. i had to drive like that for a day and a half, was away at my sons hockey tournament and its been raining on and off. When i got home and saw my right rear aftermarket wheel was all RUST!! Ahhh, all that metal dust started to rust. Took me a good hour to clean 99% of the rust and i replaced the right rear pads so i can drive it until my brake kit comes in the mail. I will have to use iron remover to really get all that rust off the cracks and corners of the wheel asap. lesson learned, do periodic look over at pads. Sound like my caliper wasnt sliding freely, which is why o ordered new sliders to make sure.
  2. Download the MY GM app, you can get the PDF version of the manual. Comes in handy.
  3. After you turn the setting on, they will start working but you wont see the lights come on so it will look like they arent working with remote start. They also dont get hot with one cycle of remote start, i do 2 cycles. Unfortunately the steering wheel doesn't heat up with remote start if you have that option.
  4. Man, on a 2017 you need new injector already? You should contact GM and complain. My 2011 BMW x5 needs #6. Dealer quoted $1400. Getting it done elsewhere for $700. Hope its not that expensive for you.
  5. Is MPG savings a reasoning as well? Because a large SUV wont get any better MPG than the truck.
  6. I just went back and looked at both side by side, youre right the lines and all look the same. Just LED lights vs Halogen looks like is the only difference. So perhaps a grill swap will be possible.
  7. I dont think a simple grill swap will get the LT to High country look. Entire front end is different.. lights, grill, bumper, hood, fenders, inner structure perhaps for mounting.
  8. Silverado HD revealed

    Here is a nice photoshop of how it should have looked like. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  9. Yeah wheel and tire and a lift/level makes a difference. Good thing is gas prices are on the decline lately
  10. rest looks nice but man, looks like it got punched in there face with a flat shovel!!
  11. I do the same in heavy traffic. It makes changing lanes better. Also the 5 blink per hit is nice vs the 3.
  12. Its a pretty well known fact that 6.2 gets better mpg than 5.3 My average weekly is around 16mpg, i spend on avg $300/m on 87 octane just commute and errands. Thinking of getting a civic to put around town lol
  13. I went to a local chain store, asked the guy with 30 years of welding experience to work on it VS anyone else. 100 bucks in labor, bought my own Carven TR muffler and tip. All in I'm at 235. Sounds great, and not too loud. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  14. If it was $5 a month to just start and unlock, i would pay but $15 a month is a joke. Starting before leaving work was the only time i used it anyways. Mine expired.
  15. WTB: 6" OEM Double Cab Side Steps

    did you check your local craigslist? There are bunch around me, most people take them off for aftermarket ones. I sold mine for $85 and they were in decent shape. 80 - 150 is going rate around me.

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