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  1. You probably hit a snow bank or something while parking it and it got pushed back and snapped. Remove it or few screws from the bottom may fix it. New ones are under $100 online.
  2. When my TC shattered to pieces in my 2014 SLT i got the entire trans rebuilt with better parts by a local transmission show. Gears were fine but rest of it was replaced. Shift kit, thermostat delete kit, better beefier TC and so on. Runs great but i'd have to look at my receipt to see what brand TC was used.
  3. Ozer

    Bye all

    Da Heck!!! Whyyyy You helped me with few issues so thanks for that.
  4. Here are couple more pics. First is on a pitch dark back road with just the fogs on. I may raise them up a bit and angle to the sides. Second is just my high beams, they go crazy far Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  5. Don't use Eco mode ever. It's a waste, should be called Vallet mode lol I use city +3 or sport. You will figure out how to use it properly and what works for your driving style. Sport plus was waaay too touchy and I kept getting check engine lights in that mode. Have a code reader handy in case you get any lights. You'd want to be able to delete the code asap. On mine, throttle is useless if a throttle positioning code is thrown. Start slow and feel the difference between the settings and also see where the RPM rests when you're in park. Some higher modes on mine kept the RPMs high around 2k vs 500s. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  6. If your truck is new or low miles i would get one. Dealer has to prove that the mod caused the warranty needing service to deny it. For example if you have a catch can and your Head light or something electrical goes, then cant say oh you have a CC so no warranty.
  7. One of the things that solves this or makes it easier is throttle signal modifier like Pedal Commander or Sprint Booster if you dont want to go the route of full tuning. I have PC and i love it. Mine is an older unit and was giving issues with throttle code being throw. I sent it back and they are going to update it, was told some of the units had this issue. And i do get slightly better MPG since i dont have to mash the pedal to get going.
  8. Here are some pics. Definitely more usable light. I just pointed then down all the way, I'm sure I can adjust then more but time isn't always on my side lol Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  9. Why you gotta call the guy an idiot, you never throw something on the passenger side and then pick it up later when you are done driving? Geez... Thats why Weather tech floor liner is there lol I either do that or use the door pockets to throw out gum wrappers or receipts and such. Im sure nobody throws a half eaten rotisserie chicken on the passenger side floor while driving.
  10. Is it possible to cover part of the trans cooler to limit cooling on colder months? I need to see where it is and see if its possible. Or i may just leave it be, it runs fine lol
  11. Summer im around 145F average Winter so far I'm around 112F avg I don't really take short trips, usually avg of 30 mins to work.
  12. 2014 SLT 5.3 6spd @ 128k at 120k it needed a fresh transmission rebuilt due to the TC shattering. Besides that nothing major.
  13. What about the opposite? I did the thermostat mod and my temp are anywhere from 92-112 now that its cold out. Is this bad?
  14. I will at some point and update. We just got lots of snow last night so hard to do it now. I also had different LED bulbs in mine, last being a super bright headlight style bulb but it was just blinding and no useful light for me to see. Then i got these, even though they arent adjusted down yet, i can see better on the sides so they do work.
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