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  1. Common issue with these are the wires coming loose, so the first thing you should check is to make sure all plug wires are connected. Mine had one that looked connected but it was barely on there. Push them in good and see if that fixes it. Don't forget to check the coil plugs, push them in. If still having issues, check for a misfire code. Do you get the check engine light on? at 80k miles you may want to do a complete spark plug and wire change anyways, its called for at 100k. Or you can go one by one and take each plug out and inspect. This is time = money comes to play. If you have time, just check. Or since you are already there might as well change them out. After all that if you are still having issues, a coil may be the problem but hard to tell w/o a check engine light/code. Now, in my case after replacing all plugs/wires/coils i still had a skip going going uphill,partial throttle. It ended up being the torque converter slipping, it felt like a misfire. Not to scare you but these trans are known for that. You are under 100k to the warranty should cover the replacement if you can prove or have the dealer realize its the TQ. Start with the simple checks and report back.
  2. You will have better chance on craigslist or facebook marketplace. You may even get a trade offer for what you are looking for.
  3. I have this setup, AirAide tube with stock filter housing and a drop in K&N. Its louder with the K&N for sure but im not sure if there is any improvements tp power or MPG. Like said above, stock system is true cold air, you may just want to drop in a K&N filter and be done.
  4. My 2014 used to do it, ended up being a ground issue. Older battery also can cause this, voltage drops and causes all sorts of gremlins. Being its a 2018 i wouldn't think its the battery but cant be sure.
  5. I disabled AFM while ago, the truck just runs so much better, not worth keeping it on for those few mpg gains. With it on, my transmission was so confused, kept clunking. In V8 mode it doesnt do any of that. Also run premium fuel for few tanks along with sea-foam or Techron cleaner. I used many many other brands and didn't see any difference with them. One last thing, when you are running these cleaners dont be afraid to get on it and redline the truck few times to get those injectors firing nonstop.
  6. i have aftermarket 20" now, i sold the snowflake 20s my truck came with. I recently got denali 22s locally for a great price so im about to put them on soon, we'll see how that goes. If the ride is harsh i may just sell them and the 20s and just get 18s for all year driving. Im sure 18s ride a lot better.
  7. I had this same thing happen, not sure what fixed it but im leaning towards the SEAFOAM fuel treatments i used. I narrowed it down to a clogged injector but a scan of the injectors and plugs/coils showed that everything was working as it should in real time. Use the seafoam treatment 2 bottles per tank, that may fix a clogged injector. Knock on wood, i haven't had an issue after that, i still use it every few tanks.
  8. Been doing my own changes for ever. I just use a long skinny funnel and never had an issue, no spills or anything. Skinny funnel fits in there well and i just dump the oil in.
  9. whats a 5 mile app? never mind, found it
  10. If you get them to work, those LED bulbs will blind the crap out of people. I had them in stock housing, no usable light, just for looks. Morimoto fogs work great but they are $200.
  11. If you drive long ways, they are going to look like a black circle, just like any other tire when traveling lol Go for tread wear and MPG vs looks. With MT tires your mpg is going to drop and noise will increase as well.
  12. Ozer


    All this prep and cleanliness and caution to stay home if sick and so on should be practiced year around. Then we wont have these big outbreaks as much. But sadly after this blows over, people will go back to their habits and not washing hands, going to places when sick and so on..
  13. I had my trans flushed at 88k miles, as a maintenance item. Trans was running great. Fast forward to 120k miles and the entire thing went boom! Had to get a new rebuild done. I blame the flush. Pan drop and filter change is better than just a flush.
  14. Its loosing ground contact most likely. Read few posts above on what i wrote. That fixed my issues, i had the same things happen.
  15. Have you guys checked your spark plug wires to make sure they are on there? Use dielectric grease while you pull them out. Back driver one was almost unplugged on mine before, i thinks its sort of common for them to get loose. Anytime there is a rough idle, its good practice to check the plugs and wires.
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