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  1. Yes, at top notch which I think is just about 2 inches Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  2. I m leveled on 33" with aftermarket 20s and the throttle lag was killing me. I got a Pedal Commander and have been using it for few months. Doesnt add any power but makes the truck sooooo much more enjoyable to drive. Instant throttle available depending on your settings. Im in sport mode and its quite touchy. Making highway overtaking a lot easier as well.
  3. Rubbed more stock, rubbed some after level but then again I'm not sure about the layer design of the control arms. Mine is 2014 Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  4. 2014 SLT I ran that size in Cooper Discoverer ATs for 3 weeks before getting my Billstein shocks put on and leveled. It does rub at full lock up and when you go in reverse but only thing that rubs against is the fender lining. Mine still rubbed a bit after the level. I trimmed them down soon after.
  5. I got my trans rebuilt and they did the thermostat delete mod. Now normal traffic back and forth to work im at 140s. Highest i got on a mid 80s hot day was 179.
  6. Use a Fuel app like Simply Auto of Fuelly to hand calculate and keep track. You can see charts and all sorts of data (simply auto)
  7. Pressing the button each time is the only way to turn off. Im sure its doable with a tune but if you arent going that route, no other way.
  8. $20 Exhaust Fix 2019 5.3 z71

    The helicopter noise is more noticeable when you have an aftermarket muffler vs stock.
  9. Its been a week, truck is running great. Trans is feeling strong and doesnt skip a beat. Even on a mid 80s hot day going home with traffic i got 170 max. Normal temps are at most 145 on average. I also used a bottle of Techron fuel injector cleaner and i swear no more misfires. I was surprised it worked. I will be using it every 5k miles going forward.
  10. Catch Can

    Get the bigger can and if they have a drain valve, its even better. Mine doesn't have one, im thinking of adding one by drilling and tapping. Works great, catches a lot of "liquid"
  11. How many miles? I recently did new plugs wires and coils chasing multiple misfires. I think what fixed my issue was the Techron Fuel injector cleaner i used. But since i have new plugs and all, i have been getting way better MPG. Im leveled and on 33" in V8 mode only and i got 18mpg on my last tank. Before changing all this i was getting 14-15mpg per tank. (same gas station and 87)
  12. *Sees title, comes in to expect a truck wrapped around a pole, him escaping with few broken bones... instead this hahaha
  13. I had bought the XP tuner from AutoAnything and it has the tire function along with many other functions AND it has tunes for 87, 91 and 93. It was like $200 range. But i dont see that on the site anymore so it may not be available anymore.
  14. UPDATE: Got the truck back yesterday and its all fixed. Fresh rebuild on the transmission with better clutch pack, shift kit and a better TC. The guy who rebuilt it is very knowledgeable and performed the updates and fixes that these 6L80 trans need. He did the thermostat delete as well. Truck shifts nice and no issues anymore. Hoping this will be the last time this trans is touched on this truck for the remainder of its life (besides oil changes) Friends and Family discount of $2700 out the door. #ThanksForNothingGM
  15. Pay for them to drop the pan and loo for metal shavings on the magnet. It will cost you 2 hr labor. If they find shavings, that may get you a new TC or trans. Worth a try.

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