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  1. Denali Grille on SLT

    Looks great! Will your stock grill fit 2014+ models?
  2. Not sure about your question but i seen the low profile in-channel ones, they fit flush to the window vs traditional ones. What brand are those anyone know? They almost look flat. Should look into those, looks way better.
  3. Battery life

    In upstate NY my original lasted 4yr and it just wouldn't crank towards the end. Get one to make sure you are good for the winter, you will need one soon anyways.
  4. Sound good thanks, i actually just found the post that showed that.
  5. Can anyone show me what wire and where to tap into for the outside side step lights? I thought there was a write up - couldn't find it.
  6. So the purpose of the aero skins is to protect from rocks? Being that it doesn't have a lift on the back that would deflect bugs up and over the windshield. Sound like version 2 does, which i would think be the purpose of getting one. They look nice and form fitting though
  7. An article said $1000-$2000 for this extra coverage.
  8. Quotes for exhaust

    I just bought the Carven TR muffler and will be replacing my stock muffler but their full cat back SS system for $550 is amazing and they sound sooooo good on the 5.3/6.2 engines. If you want a bat out of hell sound then get the R muffler, otherwise the TR is progressive so it gets louder the harder you push the pedal. https://www.carvenexhaust.com/products/chevy-gmc/2014-2014-silverado-sierra-cat-back-kit-progressive-series.html The price is cheaper at other sellers, search around for the best price.
  9. Nitto Ridge Grappler

    I put 33" Cooper AT3s 275/60/20 before my front level and they only rubbed on full lock turning. With a 2" front level they still rub a bit but its just the inner fender lining. Dont get stock size, just level the front and get 33"
  10. If you go aftermarket 18s with max tire (after a front level) looks so much better. I sold stock 20s and bought aftermarket 20s because i already had put on brand new 33" tires. If i do it again i would do 18s with big wider tires for looks mainly. And 18s are cheaper. Post your wheels on your local craigslist for straight up trade with stock 20s, you may get some hits.
  11. Dealer will tell you or whoever that little gnomes crawled in and got stuck between the valves and bent them if that's what it takes to shift the blame and not pay for work. The bent rods guy got screwed by the dealer sounds like, muffler shop is just being overly self protecting and saying they wont do it. If you really want this shop to do the delete, just sign the form. You will not have to go back to them for anything resulting from a muffler delete.
  12. Its like asking whats your favorite color lol You will get lots of answers. I just use whatever 0w-20 is on sale with rebates. Usually Mobil 1 and Valvoline and always use Mobil 1 extended filter around 15-20% oil life left. Has been working good for me, i dont tow and just use it daily back and forth to work.
  13. Hahaha sounds like that guy who got his muffler deleted was trying to find anyone who could pay for his repairs. Question: Isnt a muffler part of the annual emissions? Im in NY, i should find this out
  14. Similar mine just got a free rotation from Dunn Tire (part of my tire purchase deal) and i was fine, after the rotation 70 - 80 i get a noticeable vibration where there wasn't any before. Ill have to go back and have them check tire balance.

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