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  1. Features I never touch

    Yes, every time i get a carwash i disable TC and Stabilitrak - makes for a fun entrance to the road leaving the car wash, IF there is no traffic coming of course and if the bed is empty.
  2. Painted bumpers get rock chipped fairly fast so if you can get it matched i say do vinyl wrap. If painting it, soon after the paint is cured get it wrapped in clear 3M to protect it for a long time. Yo can always remove and re wrap with 3M clear if any damage occurs.
  3. You need hooks or just for looks? I have hooks and thinking about removing them and installing cube LED lights in the place. Just not that important on the list to do it yet and lack of time
  4. Bike racks

    Dang! 13 bikes? Got a pic of this all loaded? Would love to see it just for amusement purposes.
  5. İm not sure,im not a chemist or a scientist but its even simpler than that. Wash Spray and Rinse. No elbow grease required, except when washing. Hey, it works thats all i know. İ will update this in the future when i noticed it not working anymore Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  6. If your truck is parked and unlocked, you open the door and hit the lock button to say lock your doors w/o the key the chime will be heard and then about 10 seconds later the doors will actually lock. I found this by accident when i was leaving and noticed my doors unlocked, keys in the house and i tried locking it and closing the door but i heard the chime and nothing happened so i figured it wasnt working. As i was launching my OnStar app to lock the doors the horn sounded and doors locked. Not sure what will happen if you left your keys inside the truck
  7. Just a heads up, if you leave this on more than 5 seconds, it could start to stain and etch in. The following day I discovered that my aftermarket powder coated running boards have a matte finish on it now with some stains. İ guess i didn't rinse them off and the dripping from the panels caused the staining. Just make sure to rinse your wheels and everything when doing this. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  8. Usually couple good hits with my fist resolves the issue for a bit Ill have to try this
  9. İts like ceramic coating, creates a super slick later than keeps dirt and water from sticking. İt rained the next day after I did this and while my tannoeu cover had water on it, none of the body panels had any water on it. Just keeps things cleaner. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  10. I had bought the coating and iron remover but haven't had 3hr to properly wash and apply this. Today was the day! After getting a car wash, i came home and started hand washing the truck panel by panel, rubbing anything that needed rubbing off. Then i sprayed the iron remover and let stay and work for few minutes. You can see its working even though i couldn't see anything on the surface. Then I washed this off and while the panel is wet, spray the Nano Coating on and with in 5 seconds hose it off. İt does it's reaction with water and the coating is on there. Simple process, just need to do it panel at a time and do proper steps before the coating. Here are some pics.. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  11. Perhaps look into extending the warranty out? I mean 32k is still new. Im in 108k in my SLT with no issues, knock on wood
  12. I have a 2014 with 108k miles on it. I just turned off AFM about 10k miles ago just because installed a tune and turning off AFM was an option i can pick in there. You will be fine, comes in handy if you do highway traveling long distances. You can always get a $200 tuner and just turn it off.
  13. im pretty sure it will come with a hitch, its a truck!
  14. Yeah mine dropped as well after i installed mine. I also added a level, new wheels and 33" tires and tuned the v4 off. I should put my stock back on and see what happens.
  15. Thats like saying i stopped going to the grocery store because some of the items in there are crap!! Amazon doesnt make and sell everything, they are just a store that sell things from a lot of other stores. Most of the time you can see which seller is selling the item. Sadly, in this dan and age you are going to have a tough time finding non chineese made items and crap.

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