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  1. You need to blast GM on Facebook, twitter and so on, tell them the short version of the story and YOU WILL get a call back soon. Every big company has a team that monitors social media and looks out for negative experience. Their job is to make things right. Trust me!
  2. This is what i did, front level with 275/60/20 cooper AT3 tires. I only rub the inner fender liner little bit when backing up and turning. I t can be fixed by zip tying the liner but i just didnt care to.
  3. Yeah i dont care what warranty says... a 4yr old trucks factory sealed rear window should not be leaking. As said before call CS and exp;ain. Take your complaint to Chevys Twitter and facebook pages. Youd be surprised how fast they will try to get the issue fixed. No company wants bad press out there. I was able to get a $1500+ repair paid in full this way on my BMW X5 with 138k miles. Well over the warranty coverage.
  4. Most useful truck mods?

    You are new so start reading posts on this forum, you will learn lots and see what others have done. The questions you are asking have been covered plenty of time and can be found just by reading. Start here: https://www.autoanything.com/truck/chevy/silverado/96A3A115A2690A2018.aspx Lots of things for your truck. Also look at sticky forum topics on top of each forum. Good luck.
  5. Most useful truck mods?

    ^ This isn't a debate about whether a catch can works or is snake oil.. I have one, it captures oily residue that otherwise goes into the intake. I use top tier gas and still get it, its just the design of the engine. 2018 truck, i think he should put one on now but that's his call.
  6. Most useful truck mods?

  7. Most useful truck mods?

    Skip the seat covers, why cover beautiful leather seats with a cover? The guy you sell the truck to after years will appreciate it Unless you use the truck for work and constantly get in and out with dirty clothes.. you should be fine. Just clean them periodically and leather conditioner on them. 1- do the throttle shim DIY 2- get full liners like you said. I use my year around 3- Get a catch can, Elite is pretty good. Big debate on this but when you see what it catches you will want that out of your intake.
  8. I havent but my brother works at a good body shop and he told me they have literally put a truck piece by piece onto another new frame. They do it often. Sounds like lots of work but if the trucks value is more than the damage, it may have to be the way to go for insurance.
  9. The "Catch Can" Explained

    I live in Upstate NY, cold half of the year lol No issues with freezing or clogging. Moisture mixed with oil whats in the can will have heck of a time freezing i would think. Unless you park it for a week in the below freezing cold. Mine has been working great, no issues in any climate.
  10. Shock Noise

    Similarly, my front left has a clunk noise over uneven surfaces after my Bilstein 5100 shock install. Did you check any other part around there like end links and such? Check the shock again, make sure its on there correctly.
  11. 107k on 2014 5.3 sierra. Catch can installed around 103k, just prior to that got the GM induction cleaning. Turned off V4 mode around 105k miles range.
  12. Looks like you have the space to put in 2 cubes per side, that would look nice. One on the outer end pointed outwards and one on the inner side pointed down the road. You can even do flood pattern with one and spot pattern with the 2nd one. Look for 2" cube lights, you will have to make a custom bracket/bazel perhaps? https://www.amazon.com/Tuff-Stuff-Lights-Back-Up-Lumens/dp/B00WLDE86Q/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1527681205&sr=8-6&keywords=2"+cube+led+spot&dpID=41ZUigrnOpL&preST=_SX300_QL70_&dpSrc=srch
  13. Watched a youtube video of the zone install, seems like wayyy too much work to get 1.5" list so im going to pass on it.
  14. i have the bilstein 5100 with front at max height. Looks pretty leveled. Can i list both ends up by 2 more inches with blocks? Will that affect anything? I just want couple more inches of lift for looks. I know an alignment will be needed at the very least and adjusting my headligths again.
  15. Get a underwash dolly thing from ebay or amazon that you hook up to a garden hose and it sprays pressurized water upwards. Then you can move it around to get the frame and under parts rinsed vs crawling under there. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Ryobi-11-Pressure-Washer-Water-Broom-Nozzle-Cleaning-Deck-Patio-Faster-3300-PSI/273195690743?epid=10011031143&hash=item3f9bbb6af7:g:3YwAAOSwcJ1a7cV1

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